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  1. Gold- 4 Silver- 2 Bronze- 5 Honorable Mentions- 7,11,15,21
  2. If Utah is the one of the most conservative teams in the USFA, I can't wait to see of what is to come. I guess in the USFA I'd be rooting for the Swamp Monsters, as apparently the AFAEC character I created over a year ago is the owner (I had actually forgot about him, guess he seemed to be a decent fit for Florida).
  3. Very interesting offseason in regarding to the USFA. Will you be going further in depth with it, or just occasionally mentioning it? The league seems like a parallel to the USFL but with similar beginnings to the AFL, so it could have a merger with the AFA or not and have it try to compete with AFA and experience the same fate as the USFL did and have Porter Rockwell eventually becoming president?
  4. Now that Cincy has won, I think California has to get over its hump, or at this point, its mountain. The only thing standing in their way is the Guardians, who probably have another title or two to fight for.
  5. My predictions are: Houston cheeses their way past Atlanta Cincinnati finally wins a playoff game California edges out a win vs San Diego Cleveland wins three in a row vs Colorado
  6. Well I guess now that there is both camo and gradients in uniforms we're totally in the 90s now. Both logos could probably stay for the rest of the decade and maybe into the 2010s. Does the runic text at the bottom of the Bighorn's uniforms actually mean anything or are they there just for aesthetics?
  7. Why does the North division have the be so stacked. The Butchers look bad with the three great teams. Well at least they might do well when all three fall off. Speaking of owners, how's the Granger situation going on. I can't remember if either of the two children of Hal Granger are still living and still constantly feuding with each other.
  8. Looks like the Butchers are focusing on their line for support. Best thing I can hope for is that they tank to get the next Rob Connery, but their mediocrity is in the way. Also like the sneaky Colts moving away in the middle of the night reference with the Baltimore team.
  9. Great, both 1959 expansion teams are going to the south. Well at least the Shamrocks are on top again. Let's go two cups in three years boys! For Charlotte/Carolina, maybe go with Aces/Flyers/Pilots or some sort of aviation themed name to honor the first flight at Kitty Hawk, possibly with a double blue color scheme but something different enough to seperate it from the Racers. Maybe add some sort of red? Just throwing out some ideas
  10. The captains look great! Kind of reminds me of the early 90s Jets uniforms (Which, in my opinion, is their one of their best sets).One minor issue I have: I don't like the numbers on the front of the helmet. Maybe move them to the back of the helmet and over the MAC, or move MAC down to the sleeves, but that would ruin the tradition.
  11. Loving the new updates. I can see Edmonton and Toronto in those uniforms lasting until the present day, with some tweaking. Miami's new alt could be promoted to primary, but I don't see those other two alts lasting more than two or three years.
  12. I don't know why but the Sound kind of reminds me of the Coyotes, both in history and in uniform. They both moved from smaller Canadian markets both impacted by the falling price of the Canadian dollar to a non-hockey market. Both have the unique bottom stripe, with the music staff and the kachina stripe. All in all, The uniforms look great for the 90s and we all hope they get vastly redesigned after the 90s are over.
  13. The teams are ranked based on record, no matter if the wild card has a higher record than a division winner. The NFL, as an example, had Houston as a 4 seed at 9-7 while Oakland and Miami had 12-4 and 10-6 records and the 5 and 6 seeds. In the AFA, the Raiders and Dolphins would've been ranked higher and still have to play in the wild card game. Anyway, Cleveland's drought is over, and mostly everyone is hoping that California can still be a contender. I can't wait until Chicago gets out of their mediocrity and either have a bad record and get good draft picks or actually get good. By the looks of it, neither may happen, but I still have hope for the Butchers.