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  1. Gold- 4 Silver- 2 Bronze- 5 Honorable Mentions- 7,11,15,21
  2. #44 is Tennessee #37 is likely LSU #43 might be Iowa? #23 and #72, might be Notre Dame? #85 might also be Notre Dame
  3. He has a reported 2-year/$54 million contract. The Warriors might be the new dream team, but I think he should've stayed with the Thunder, that team has a lot of potential.
  4. Jake Arrieta as an Oriole (On team from 2010-13). He looks weird without his beard.
  5. Both look great! Only critique: as @B-mer said, on the away for the Bulldogs, the fleur-de-lis could be changed to gold. I would definitely buy the Rockies jersey if it was real.
  6. So my choices are: 1999 Stanley Cup (Stars v. Sabres) 1985 AFC Championship Game (Dolphins v. Patriots) 97th Grey Cup (2009) (Montreal v. Saskatchewan) 2003 NLCS (Marlins v. Cubs)
  7. If you're taking requests, then I'd like to see the Nordiques and the Flames. California is awesome, just I think it would be better if the green was lighten slightly. St. Louis is great, but it looks like the jersey belongs in the 90's due to the striping on the jerseys.
  8. Whalers are PERFECT, just make the whale on the top of the jersey to be blue With the Nords, the fleur-de-lis could still be on there, but could just be on the shoulders/sleeves and the pants, remove from the sides of the jerseys and move the fleur-de-lis on the sleeves to the shoulders All in all great work!
  9. IMO, the Thrashers had some of the ugliest uniforms in the NHL (color-scheme-wise). This is definitely an improvement over the original. Great work!
  10. YES!!! The PDC will be back! Just have to wait...