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  1. Those playoff logos are nice. Will they be sewn onto each team's jersey throughout each round of the playffs, or are they just for decorations? And why isn't the league using this beauty instead of that dreary new logo for the awards show? What a travesty...
  2. UnderDogX, I got that cup image from a vector version of the NHL's Cup Crazy logo. Maybe it's still on brandsoftheworld.com. RC, like I said, I only designed sigs for those teams with realistic playoff shots. So if you look in the West, Anaheim and San Jose are one and three points out respectively, with three and four games in hand, respectively. To me, they have legitamate playoff shots, hence 10 Western sigs. In the East, however, only Atlanta has a realistic playoff shot, in my opinion, since they are only once point out. The Leafs and Islanders are five points out, with no games in hand, therefore are pretty much toast in the East; hence nine Eastern sigs. I certainly hope that clarified everything. Thanks to all the rest for the praise! 'Ppreciate it!
  3. I decided to whip up some playoff sigs, based on the newly-released 2006 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Logo. However, only available are the sigs for teams with actual, REALISTIC playoff hopes, as of last night's matches. Sorry, Leaf Nation! Here are samples of the top 5 teams in the league: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DO THE RIGHT THING AND HOST THESE IMAGES ONTO YOUR OWN IMAGE-HOSTING ACCOUNTS, PLEASE! And now for the rest: Eastern Conference: 1. Carolina Hurricanes 2. Ottawa Senators 3. New York Rangers 4. Buffalo Sabres 5. Philadelphia Flyers 6. New Jersey Devils 7. Tampa Bay Lightning 8. Montréal Canadiens ------------------------------ 9. Atlanta Thrashers Western Conference 1. Detroit Red Wings 2. Dallas Stars 3. Calgary Flames 4. Nashville Predators 5. Colorado Avalanche 6. Edmonton Oilers 7. Los Angeles Kings 8. Vancouver Canucks ------------------------------ 9. Anaheim Mighty Ducks 10. San Jose Sharks Hope you enjoy!
  4. Where's the Copperplate? Smartass.
  5. I've also noticed on my heavy-duty Mead Five-Star binder that the Five Star mark is copperplate, as well as The Score's new 'logo' for their Operation: Slapshot reports. This is quite the eye-opening thread.
  6. Just purchased an Iginla one today at lunch. I guessed I lucked out, because everytime I go, they're all sold out. But Jiggy was the only one I wanted, so I'm happy. It even comes with a nifty stand.
  7. eddie010

    My new sig

    Howabout some sort of line(s) separating both pictures; red, gold and black on the CGY side, and red and white on the DET side. Kinda get what I'm trying to suggest here?
  8. You know, I just really hope that my Blue Jays will not end up like the Pittsburgh Penguins, even though they bare scary similarities. Seriously, where is Molina's money coming from? And what happens to Zaun now? Wasn't he a solid enough catcher?
  9. Hail Hail! I'd buy those hoops in a heartbeat! Terrific job keeping traditionalists happy with only very slight hints of black. I'd love to see what the socks would look like (please, give them hoops, too; none of that Nike bull with either the swoosh or the crest on it). As for the away kit, I would have made the crest the same colors as the top, like what Celtic usually does; the outline and text in forest green, the fill in yellow. And have you tried HQFL.dk? Excellent library or vector football logos. It's just that the Celtic crest you used looks a little sketchy. Maybe it's just me? Also, where do you get all these number fonts you've used? I'd love to have those resources.
  10. Very nice concept. Even more interesting is your pro vent mesh panel ideas. (Aren't those little eye-catching tags with all that manufacturer's B.S. that come with the jersey just so cool?!) Did Arsenal officially establish that they would use that specific Emirates logo next year, or are you merely fantasizing?
  11. Yep. Still hurts thinking about it. Worse than any loss to the Leafs in the playoffs. -ing Friesen.
  12. I must admit the navy version looks sexy. As does their neat splash on their home page.
  13. Wouldn't that be terrific? I can't even find the 2005 Guide yet...
  14. Hmm. You don't say? I swear the only poles I've seen them in are the original ones, covering the entire jersey. But thanks for the info! (P.S. Great site, btw)
  15. The 67's have brought back their old traditional home whites for this season, although the killer puck is still used as a third. I noticed that yesterday at the CHL Top Prospects game, when a super-fan of the 67's was sporting the same jersey. Not having been to a 67's game so far this season, I didn't know if it was a new jersey, or something of the past (pre-Memorial Cup).