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  1. Great feedback on the numbers! I know some of them are a little funky looking, but that's the challenge in trying to make them unique. I'll upload some tweaks to those in the coming week along with some other things I'm playing around with.
  2. The goal with the numbers was to try and keep a bit of consistency with the current word mark, while giving a more traditional foundation. Although they aren't fully traditional numbers, I think it's a substantial upgrade from the alarm clock numbers.... Then again, probably anything would be an upgrade from those. Might end up tweaking these a bit over time, so suggestions welcome as always! Numerical Font
  3. Here is my version of an update to the Bucs uniforms. A direction that combines traditional and modern concepts that embraces the historical Bucs looks with some adjustments that are consistent with the current branding. No more glowing alarm clock numbers, pewter shoulders or over-sized logos. Hope you enjoy!, Nate Red Combos White Combos Alternates (In compliance with NFL helmet rule)
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars early season 2016
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars late season 2016
  6. Will likely only see it after the USF season ends. But I agree!
  7. Here's a look at some of the grass textures so far.
  8. That's something I will absolutely be looking into once I get all of the current fields established.
  9. Compared to the 2016 version:
  10. Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of content uploaded to the page over the last few months. I just recently made a move and have been pretty busy with the new job and all of that. Anyway, I'd like to keep doing this for the 2017 season. Everyone's comments, contributions and insight have been great! Cool to hear from all of you guys who share a similar interest. So with the 2017 fields, I'd like to not only get all 32 teams onto the page, but I'd also like to begin experimenting with texture instead of just raw RGB colors. Here is a sample of what's to come (from me at least) for 2017! - Nate
  11. Dallas Cowboys Divisional Round
  12. Oakland Raiders - MLB season (Oakland Athletics) - Black fill end zones with black trim on field numbers, 20/50 yard lines & 2-point conversion hash
  13. Just a heads up to anyone who is interested, I will be posting the template to these fields once I find that I'm not making as many updates to it anymore. If I'm going to release the template, I want it to be as good as it can be for everyone else. Thanks for everyone's feedback and content!
  14. Houston Texans field wild card weekend
  15. Philadelphia Eagles 1. No fill end zones with slightly faded college hash marks 2. No fill end zones with heavily faded college hash marks, black-trimmed field numbers, black-outlined 20s & 50 3. Black fill end zones with pink trimmed script, heavily faded college hash marks, black-trimmed field numbers, black-outlined 20s & 50, pink trimmed logo 4. Black fill end zones with black-trimmed numbers, black-outlined 20s & 50 5. No fill end zones with black-trimmed numbers, black-outlined 20s & 50
  16. Giants field MetLife Neutral field Jets field
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