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  1. This might be true! The 2018 Rams and 2019 Browns+Chargers started mixing things up in preparation for a rebrand.
  2. I’m guessing mono white fearsome foursome throwbacks (with the new blue) in 2021, then a yellow alt in 2022.
  3. Our City. Our Fans. Our Battle Cry. (Respect the past embrace the future)
  4. I'm assuming it's their 2012 alternate, but it is grouped in with the new jerseys. Maybe they were planning a fauxback, but decided to wait another year in case the one helmet rule got knocked down.
  5. Quick mock up of a yellow jersey w/ gradients and the new blue.
  6. They did some adjustments with the Colts horseshoe, but the Indy brass decided to stick with the current logo instead. I think he deleted the post, I wish I would’ve screenshotted it.
  7. The previous iterations of these uniforms had the swoosh in the same color as the numbers. In this set, the swoosh is orange on both jerseys. Nike snuck in a little more pop for their logo this time around.
  8. Since the hat in the image is more abstract and not a true representation of the draft cap, I'll guess that the jersey in the image isn't true-to life either.
  9. Players would say the unis are whether they trot out perfect 70's replicas or these puppies:
  10. Creating two futuristic concepts for each team is gonna be tough. That's why I'm excited for this project.
  11. We still can't see the front of the uniforms? What are the odds of a giant 'ATL' above the numbers?
  12. I like it! Very clever use of the fishing rod as the bat.