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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I agree the points on the ends of the A look good. I tried the other suggestions as well. There's certainly room for improvement in my designs.
  2. Cleaned up the design a bit (updated last post). Take another look and let me know what you think!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I evened it out and added a border. What do you think? /img]
  4. Here is my concept for a secondary Arizona Cardinals logo, though it could just be a generic Arizona Logo. I am trying to incorporate an AZ in the copper star from the flag, but it just doesn't quite look right. I would really appreciate feedback on how to make the logo look more professional or clean.
  5. Jeffery

    NFL rebrand

    I found out my last template had no variation on the pants so I changed it. Thanks for the tip on the pants. I also gave the away jersey white pants on one of those. Any tips for getting a little more traffic/feedback?
  6. Jeffery

    NFL rebrand

    Next up is the Patriots. I kept Flying Elvis because although everyone loves Pat the Patriot, the pats have one four Super Bowls under the former and a grand total of 0 under the latter. For this reason, I kept the uniforms relatively the same, with no drastic changes. My main goal was to get rid of the silver because I wanted to go back to the classic Pats look. Removing the silver from flying Elvis was easy, but know I'm forced with the task of his to differentiate the Texans and patriots color schemes without it. The red white and blue and Pat on the back give it the classic look while the matte helmet and the clean, border less numbers keep it modern.
  7. Jeffery

    NFL rebrand

    I already posted these elsewhere but I decided to make a new thread for this. I know almost every Cardinals concept puta the AZ flag somewhere on the sleeves, but that's because it's awesome, so you'll see it here. I think the late 90's was the best era for cards unis, so I tried to invoke that here. Tell me what you think!
  8. Jeffery

    NFL rebrand

    I've decided to go through all the NFL teams that need an overhaul. I've started with my favorite team, the Arizona Cardinals. While they sport some of the ugliest uniforms in the NFL, they have been most successful in these duds so in keeping the same color scheme. They have had a Cardinal head in profile as their logo since their St Louis days, so I'm keeping that relatively the same as well.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! This is my first time building unis so it's good to hear from the experienced. Sadly I can't edit those because I've lost the files. I'm doing the Titans next. Any suggestions?