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  1. I like it! Very clever use of the fishing rod as the bat.
  2. They need to announce the real tweak so we can stop seeing this one "confirmed" every day.
  3. My curiosity got the best of me (Early 00's but with powder instead of navy): Not sure about the helmet, but otherwise a solid look.
  4. The city pattern inside the horn seems like the kind of thing Nike would do to Respect the Past, Embrace the Future™
  5. All that’s needed is a little pewter trim and it might work.
  6. Jeffery

    NBA x Nike Concepts

    I think it would be ideal if we could see a side view + the shorts on this template
  7. Jeffery

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    I really like that pants striping.
  8. I just hope the horn curls all the way in on the actual helmet.
  9. Good point. I’m interested to seeing the fan reaction to the official logo, it may be a bit different.
  10. I'd love to see an NFL or MLB team abandon white entirely in favor of cream. A cream and maroon team would be beyond classy.
  11. If that really was ready to be sold in stores it's probably to late to be killed in a fan revolt.
  12. I'm looking for a vintage Phoenix Cardinals T-Shirt. Anyone know the best place to find one? Ebay doesn't have many options.