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  1. I love the logo update. Amazing work. I think yellow outlines around the numbers and text are a step back, the yellow and white probably shouldnt be touching. Overall awesome work on the NFC North, I can't wait to see what comes next (my vote is for NFC South).
  2. I love the idea of the Browns identity being literally two Browns. The logo would work for around the stadium and such. Not sure about that little orange rectangle coming out from Paul’s right.
  3. Just wanted to say this is an amazing Photoshop job. Look at the lighting on the browned over part of the sleeve stripes, its magnificent.
  4. Love the idea and color balance, the away jersey looks especially good.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I may go back and make a more classy, expressive stingers logo once I'm done with the first four teams in the expansion. Next up, the London Monarchs (No Relation): The Monarchs bring a slight soccer-style to the AFC East, with stripes that go down the shoulders and the TV numbers on the pants legs. C+C always welcome!
  6. Next up, the Salt Lake City Stingers (NFC West): The beehive is Utah's state emblem, so I went with a hive logo rather than a more MiLBish Bee. Note: In the NFL, yellow jerseys can be used for both home and away purposes. The Stingers would stick to the yellow jersey whenever possible, and only go with the white or gray option when up against a yellow or orange-shirted team.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Here's the updated lobologo.
  8. I have 8 expansion teams which would probably be too many for the NFL. That said, I'll only be able to get 1 or 2 more completed before the school year begins and ill have to set this aside for a while.
  9. When these uniforms were unveiled I was underwhelmed, but I have to say these look surprisingly sharp on the field.
  10. Are you referring to the bump on its throat or the "triangles" section lower down?
  11. Good point! Here's a possible solution. For the rust elements, an inline stripe that echoes the number font.
  12. These Panthers tweaks definitely cement their place as the best looking team in the ugly NFC South.
  13. I thought I'd share a few NFL Expansion team concepts I've completed to practice design. First up, the Mexico City Lobos: Featuring a unique Turquoise, Maroon, and Rust color scheme, and a name that will prove popular in both English and Spanish, the lobos will bring some South of the border flair to the NFC South. C+C Appreciated.
  14. I wonder why the NFL considers the Packers Inaugural season 1919, before the NFL was founded, but does not count the Bears (1919) or Cardinals (1898) pre-NFL years.
  15. You’re 100% right, the old cardinal looks better. Great update.