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  1. Sorry but that is just hideous.
  2. yeah i dont have photoshop so that is my paint made template. Decent enough. I always htought you got a better view at the jersey if you saw it in action.
  3. ANd Calgary is disgustingly bad. And why did they censor out s h o t ?
  4. Love the new Pitts jersey. One of the best yet. The 250 is kind of stupid but it'll only be for a season. Doesnt ruin the jersey or anything it's just there. Love everything else. If the Oilers had a jersey like that I'd be delgihted, expect judgin gby the leaked screen it lookjs like they gotthe Florida treatment.
  5. Please do OilerS: Hemsky 83 Stoll 16 Roloson 35 Torres 14 Souray 44
  6. first set vintage set third logo set 4th set
  7. White jersey looks sharp. I don't like the black jersey as much as it's too plain. I don';t liek that alot of teams are mimicking the Sabre's front numbers.
  8. Kevin Lowe has said that the new Oiler jerseys will have the same colours. Also, the pants will have striping similiar to the vintage jerseys. No news on logo.
  9. Loved all of them except for the Kings. Don't like the colour scheme of the Old kings I like the new colours better. Other than that I'd liek to see the others use these.
  10. They look awesome except for the last one. I dont like the brown one.
  11. I think the organization should use these. It's sharp and clever.
  12. Unbelievable, great job on every part of this design. One of my favourites.