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  1. Also sometimes the number isn't avalible on the team so I choose another one for example Avery wears 0 so Russell would have to move to a double digit number as 5,9 are off limits for rondo and kg and Jonas wears 8 either Jonas or Bradley would move but in this instance I used 8
  2. Yea I put 11 on him but to be it looked ugly and disliked it
  3. Yea I was gonna change it but I actually liked it a lot better
  4. Yea I just started on this site so i had no idea where to put lol
  5. I've tried my had at jersey swapping a few times and I figured why not share them so here's some of my better ones I using apps right now cause my computer hates me but anyways feel free to share some of yours I'd really like to see! Bulter and Griffen to Boston Westbrook To la