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  1. Here's the other mask I designed. This one is for Berlin's goalie, Vehanen. How about these two?
  2. Hi everyone! I've been messing around with goalie mask lately and ended up with two designs so far that I think look ok. I know some angels and stuff are not 100% perfect yet but as I couldn't find a psd template I had to use jpegs from someone who sells plain masks ? So here goes the first one. This is for Jonathan "Boots" Boutin who plays for my local DEL team, the Augsburger Panther in Germamy. I used the Team logo on one side. The banners of former team legends + a shadow silhouette of one of them - Paul Ambros - who sadly passed away - on the other and the stadium logo on the backplate. So what do you guys think?
  3. The Swamp Rabbits are up next. I wanted them to look similar to the Rangers and Wolf Pack without being a plain copy. What do you guys think?
  4. thanks for the feedback everyone. I tried to apply the suggested changes. Wasn't sure if I should change the socks too... but I think it would have turned out too dark. Let me know if this is better now:
  5. The Komets are the next team. The main set is inspired by the current warm up jersey of my local team of Augsburg in the DEL. As they are a bit out of the box I wanted to have a more solid 3rd to go with it. Let's hear some feedback on these
  6. Back to active ECHL teams how does erveryone like this set for the Florida Everblades?
  7. I wanted to give the new guys a try and I kinda like how this one turned out. I wasn't a big fan of red being part of their colour scheme but I gotta say it really fits in there. My only issue with their identity so far is that the knight looks more like a spartan
  8. Okay I haven't posted on this topic for a while but I have a new design for the Hurricanes. I also got a Vegas design following up in the next couple of days. Lets's hear some feedback!
  9. Thanks! For the jerseys I wanted to go a completely different way. The Detroit rip-offs didn't really work well with their logo. I think more blue works better for them..
  10. I thought the deal with Owensboro fell through? Also I started working on this series while they were still an ECHL team so I thought I'd keep them in for this series
  11. Alright so I've been workin on this today. I wanted not to do it too different from their original look. Just trying to improve their old look. Let me know what you think.
  12. Next up are the Evansville Icemen. I think their alt logo works very well for a main set and I tried to build a matching design around it. For the alt I wanted a simple design as the logo is already very detailed
  13. Hi! Sorry for the late answer. Yeah I agree that logo does not work at all. And the Red Wings rip off jerseys didn't help either. I'll give them a shot at the weekend
  14. Chest stripe for the Cowboys? Yay or nay?