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  1. Love the Cleveland unis, especially the blue one. It's a nice detail to include the Iroquois flag!
  2. Man, I don't usually comment a lot in this forum, but your logos are absolutely amazing!!! As a Spaniard, I'm intrigued about what you have in mind for a Spanish liga
  3. Fantastic work. I LOVE it. Will you do a Spanish league as well?
  4. I'm from Spain, and honestly, I like it. But I would like some kind of shield, like the one on the corner. It reminds me of this kit: I like it, but as I said, I would like to see it on a shield, or something. And I would remove ESPAÑA and all that, maybe just put RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation)... Also, the crowns on top of the towers have to be different, because they are different from king/queen... But it's pretty good!
  5. What about the O in Bowl being the moon?
  6. I'm terrible at creating names from scratch. But, as a homage, you could use Recreativo de Murcia, or Recreativo Levante... Apparently, the team that originated into Real Murcia was founded as R. Levante de Murcia. It's still unknown what that "R" means, but it could be Recreativo, or maybe they put the "R" while waiting to get the title of Real. In conclusion, I would go with Recreativo, and for the colors I would use a green jersey and black pants... Maybe white/red/navy as additional colors. Something like the first uniform here:
  7. As a Real Murcia fan, I thank you for including my team... Looking forward to see it! Aúpa Real Murcia!
  8. The concepts, are great but... You can't put white on a Barcelona uniform, it's like the Lakers wearing green or the Dodgers orange&black. But I have to admit white works great with Barcelona, it's just the Real Madrid thing.