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  1. Next I did more of a rename/ rebrand, changing the Raptors back to the old Huskies (the pictures might be a little dark)
  2. I made a couple teams in a my league a while back that I thought I would upload. They might be a little dark, I just used my phone to take pictures. The first one I did was the St. Louis Scouts
  3. Alright I'm going to start out what would be my NL South division. Carolina Mudcats As I said at the beginning of this thread, I would be moving the Rays to Charlotte. With that move I would have the Rays take the name of the minor league Carolina Mud Cats. I have kept the Rays colors and changed the logo. Also, I realize the minor league team breaks up Mud Cats into 2 words, I think it just looks better as one word...not sure if thats a big deal or not. I'm not very good at creating logos so the hat logo is very basic.... I am still looking for some help with logos for the Marlins, my Portland expansion team, and creating a script for the Diamondbacks that would go with the logo I have. If anyone would be willing to help with that, please let me know. Otherwise here is Carolina, let me know what you guys think.
  4. CHICAGO CUBS I tried to keep most everything the same here. I did drop the last name from the home jersey, made some changes to the road jersey, and added the cub face patch to the home and road jerseys. C&C appreciated!
  5. I'm also looking for some help creating a couple logos and a script or two. I have some ideas that I have played around with on paint, but I can't get them to turn out very well. If anyone would be willing to help me out please let me know!
  6. Cincinnati Reds I'm not a huge fan of what they have going on now. I really liked their old look with the pinstripe vests so I tried to recreate that look.
  7. St Louis Cardinals Any C&C appreciated!
  8. I'm going to keep going here with what would be the NL North Milwaukee Brewers My hometown Brewers have quite the identity crisis. I've seen a lot of good concepts on the the boards. I was tempted to use the Navy and Green of the mid 90's, but I think I am in the minority of people who liked those uniforms. Im not so sure about the blue alts, I'll probably try something new with those.
  9. Montreal Expos Thinking of adding a red road alt later... I'm not sure why my colors are turning out so dark, I'm using the exact color from the logos on this site... If anyone knows about that I would appreciate the help!
  10. Theres 3 different templates I'm using. The first already has pinstripes on it, the second is just a regular button down, and the third is a two button pullover.
  11. I went back and made some of the changes you suggested. First, I tried to lighten up the maroon a little bit (to me it still looks a little dark when I upload the pictures). I used the newer "P" hat logo to match the script. I dropped the blue completely. I kept the home alt as that was one I originally liked, but used the "P" logo on this one instead. Hopefully this fixed some of the problems with the first attempt.
  12. Pittsburgh Pirates Nothing too crazy here... I used the old script on the road jersey and tried to reverse the colors to match the numbers, but it didn't turn out very clean. Let me know what you think!
  13. Philadelphia Phillies I wanted to go back to the maroon that they used in the 80s. I feel like the lighter red and blue are kind of over used in MLB. I didn't want to use the powder blue pants, but tried to incorporate it into their jerseys. I had to use a different template on the home uniforms because of the pinstripes. C&C appreciated!
  14. I think I found a template that will be a little bit cleaner. I'm going to go back and try to fix them.
  15. NL EAST New York Mets (Edited) I think this new template turns out a lot cleaner. Hopefully the colors are a little better. As far as the road alts, I think they could work with white pants as a home alt. I may come back and do that but for now, these are my changes. Let me know what you think!
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