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  1. Just a bloop on the radar. Washingtons coming back from this.
  2. If anyone wants to deal I'm listening. I'm washingtons gm
  3. Feel like a little kid at Christmas. Excited to see what's next. Sign me up.
  4. It would be cool as a jersey for a Yankees night or something like that.
  5. Looks great. Love the retro feel of it. My only minor gripe is that I'm not completely sold on the collar being red, but I'm not sure if it would improve it or not if it were gold. Otherwise, love this alternate.
  6. The last comment was more than a year ago, did you really feel the need to bump this to the first page correcting something from 2012. Dude, it's been more than 4 years. Why would raysox correct it now?
  7. That bruins jersey is absolutely beautiful. coming from a Bruins fan, it is sometimes hard to impress me because of how much I love the current jerseys, except for the yellow socks, but this concept is perfect. I love the retro feel to it and I think it is exactly what they need for an alternate.
  8. moonwalker

    IHL 2017

    Those look fantastic. The colours on the home jersey are balanced perfectly.
  9. I also can't believe Jamie Benn became the star he is from were he was picked
  10. I do like the colour scheme for the trotters, but all I can see with that main logo is the Denver Broncos logo with trump hair.
  11. Is this supposed to be a suggestion or...
  12. *Pulls up chair, interested* This is a good idea. Curious to see what comes next.
  13. These look great. I just realized the courts are from the relocation mode in Nba 2k16.
  14. Get the joke, not laughing
  15. Los Angeles Queens or something along those lines is next I'm guessing?
  16. It's the ducks current jerseys, with the alternate logo, and the submilation and whatever's going on with the yoke. There's nothing really new here.
  17. Logo name and number seem to be too small, bu otherwise, good job
  18. Nail Yakipov as it looks right now was definitely a miss. 2012 wasn't nessecarily a good draft, as it was pretty shallow, but I can't believe Filip Forsberg dropped that far.