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  1. Imagine thinking that having the wrong shade of blue on the helmet is a good design choice.
  2. The bevels make the swords look more like swords.
  3. I like Vandy's gray uniforms. They shoehorned gray into their primary uniforms, so having a gray uniform isn't completely out of left field. It would make sense that a team called the COMMODORES would have a uniform themed after a naval battleship. The 82 rivets is a nice touch to honor Turner Cockrell.
  4. It is a reference to the NCAA sanctions.
  5. Most of the Vicis helmets have this problem.
  6. Adidas really killed it with the military appreciation uniforms this year. It's great to see them actually find something that relates to the schools instead of just a templated mess.
  7. There is no such thing as "too much maroon."
  8. With the lack of gold, LSU looked more like TCU.
  9. I like them. It's nice to try something outside of the box once in a while.
  10. Ole Miss looks stupid in all white. Especially against Arkansas who is in W/R/W. This would have been a an elite uniform matchup if Ole Miss had gone traditional navy/white/gray or powder blue/white/gray.
  11. I like that look for Miami, but I wonder how well it will transfer onto green and orange jerseys.
  12. In high school, I had a teammate slice his upper arm open because his arm got caught in an exposed backplate while being tackled at practice.
  13. Maybe the Ravens will wear the purple pants with the black jerseys. I think that would look fantastic.
  14. Oregon's uniforms aren't necessarily bad. They're just not as good as Oregon is capable of making them.
  15. Why should teams that feature no white on their home uniform (like the Raiders, Seahawks, and Lions) be forced to wear white socks? It's an extra unnecessary color.
  16. I kinda like these. I bet if this was a different school other than Notre Dame, they wouldn't receive so much hate.
  17. USF USF should definitely adopt the "SoFlo" color scheme full time, tbh.
  18. I just realized this, but the model put his pants on backwards.
  19. Penn State would look better in white shoes because navy and black are too close to work together. If West Virginia gets crapped on for using black and navy on the same uniform, Penn State should, too. Nebraska actually gets a pass because a throwback looks best when it is historically accurate. White cleats are less distracting for Miami. Y'all hate unnecessary black elements on jerseys, so why should cleats be black for no reason?
  20. Teams without black look stupid with black socks and cleats. Miami looked stupid last year. Texas will look stupid this year.
  21. All of those facemasks stick out like a sore thumb.
  22. The "CFL" template is officially named the Victory Formation template. It's a catalog look mostly used for high schools and lower level colleges.
  23. Those schools aren't successful because they have traditional uniforms. They have traditional uniforms because they are successful. The checkerboard pattern was neat because it wasn't too gaudy and it was relevant to the school. Tennessee's new uniforms are plain and boring.
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