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  1. The numbers on their current jerseys would go great with your wish list set.
  2. Maybe use gold socks for Alt. jersey. The black socks seem out of place.
  3. Looks great. Reminds me of the old North Stars jerseys.
  4. Other than than the good looking King's jerseys, the other team's jerseys have looked good as well. That Arizona jersey should be the teams alt jersey. I think you should do a Penguins series. There should be many great jerseys out of that series.
  5. Looks awesome! Can you do a North Stars combination set?
  6. Awesome! Use blue font with the gold jersey and it's perfect!
  7. The Nordiques too. Except nothing from the Nordiques would make sense on an Avalanche jersey.
  8. I think the second one looks better. I always thought that Chicago's white jersey looked to simple and never had enough color. I like how you made the stripes match on the red jersey also. Tie down collar is also a nice touch.
  9. This is nice. Add a blue shoulder yoke to the gold jersey and it is perfect.
  10. Great series so far! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Preds!
  11. This is nice. I hope this is what they go with.