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  1. I'm starting to think maybe "hipster" was the wrong word to use ...
  2. . They've worn them a few times ...... But ... Again .... the Warriors are NOT a City or a Town. They are a . State! .
  3. Yes, that was my point posting it ... that the trend does have exceptions. And that is one WACKY exception .... And sorry, but I can't figure how to change the thread title.......
  4. Cosmic, if your "good" vs "bad" were the only distinction, we'd be stuck with nothing but subjective evaluations. Which is fine, I guess ... but I'd like to think there are some measures of value everyone can agree on. ________________ I guess the "clear trend" I talked about is not exactly an unbroken line ... how's this for some early "industrialized impressionism?" Talking to me on the font size? I'll try ... hard to see what I'm typing though.
  5. Okay, fair enough. But I had hoped to discuss the clear trend away from realistic, respectful depictions of mascots, and toward malformed, mutant-like versions - however artful they may be.. It might be a subtle distinction, but it's a valid one. Not to say which approach is "better," but rather which makes the kind of impressions each of us values in what we decorate ourselves with. Look again ... the older logos are realistic depictions of honored mascots and namesakes, while the new logos are industrialized impressionistic versions. It's as if the mascots themselves aren't good enough anymore ... we need the X-Men versions now. .
  6. Didn't mean to raise a straw man ... honestly wanted to debate old-fashioned vs. modern. There's lots of Broncos and Pats fans that would love to go back.. Well I'll just go with my positions: The one that turned me around, just recently, was surprise! The old Buffalo. I was looking at it for awhile and it impressed me, it's more respectful toward the mascot than the silly blurry new guy. I know it looks hopelessly stuck in that spot, but that's the mascot. And the newer Dolphin. Actually not that Dolphin, there was one in the middle - very similar to the old one, but with a "mean" look on its face. A Mean look?! If they don't want the Dolphin anymore, pick another mascot that's naturally "angry," but don't "invent" a mutant animal. .
  7. . . . . . .. . Everybody and their brother seems to love these kinds of alternates ... but not me. For the Warriors ... first off, they're a STATE team, GOLDEN State. Not a City. It would be like calling the Rangers "The Dallas Rangers." Plus, they're moving from Oakland to San Francisco next year, which to me (admittedly from a distance) raised all kinds of "bad neighborhood" stereotypes. The Nuggets alternate ... ecchh. Crayola blue. Especially bad when they have (imo) two of the all-time awesome alternates:
  8. This is a very philosophical topic obviously, but one I hope to be addressed as a binary choice: I've always been curious how professional (and pro-wannabe) guys look at this. And now very recently, one of these logos caused me to do an about face on how I feel about the difference between Old-fashioned and Modern. What pros and cons do you see for each? From the standpoints of beauty, originality, psychology, whatever. EDIT: I intended to place a "VS." between the groups, but I think you see that. .
  9. Geez, Sparky .... that's frickin gorgeous! And of course all the pro teams here include green ... even the Sonics. At least until those backward Oklahomans sent green south in favor of that imponderable mish-mash of colors. .
  10. All is good stuff ... looks incredible, sparky. Nice! Although the following has zero bearing on those concepts and designs, I've lived here for 15 years now, and this town's identity is not a 'Metropolitan' one .... I think maybe 'Timbers' or something like it might better represent the area's personality. But what do I know? The L.A. Lakers and Utah Jazz have both done pretty well .....
  11. It might be the 4th oldest ballpark, but it underwent MAJOR, and very SUCCESSFUL renovations in the mid-90s. It's a nice park.
  12. This really is a Canadian website ... I mention the word "competition," and a seven+ page thread grinds to a 5-month halt!
  13. GREAT IDEA .... I'm thinking as a competition ... users design all-original logo and uniforms for a team, and everybody votes (various categories).....??
  14. Help me with this one guys ....... is the following IRONY or PARADOX ? You sign up on a Forum dedicated to creative design and colorful logos and uniforms ... you notice a good number of the members are highly skilled and knowledgable in these areas, seem like many are professional draftsmen or graphic designers. B U T .... when you post in a Photoshop thread hoping for a few tips, all you get are crickets. For almost TWO YEARS! IRONY, PARADOX, or a pencil-neck running a thinly-veiled BITCHFEST ? .
  15. I wasn't aware you wanted to burden me ... I charge extra for that I was talking to Shadojoker, I'm pretty sure he knows all that stuff It's only SEEMS vague to you, and maybe a Chiefs fan if one stumbles in here I already DID the research ... StL offense led NFL in both yds+pts 3x straight yrs But hey, don't attack me, I was just being a lil goofy ... every clause in his post raised issues of love (Broncos, Nuggets, Avs, great offense) and hate (Cutler, WalMart, the Chiefs) .............. .