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  1. 1. What kind of ball is this? 2. Are the salaries you mentioned per year or total?
  2. What league do you think is better?
  3. Here we now have the New Orleans Nighthounds! My personal favorite (along with Boston), gives a fun and vibrant Arena Football-like feel to it which is one of the reasons it will host the Gold Bowl this year. (hint hint)
  4. Here is the schedule: (April 11 - Week 1: Montreal Maples vs. Omaha Wrath, OKC Crusaders vs. NOLA Nighthounds, Boston Devils vs. Orlando Panthers Week 2: OKC Crusaders vs. Boston Devils, Orlando Panthers vs. Montreal Maples, NOLA Nighthounds vs. Omaha Wrath Week 3: Bye Week (OKC, OMA) Boston Devils vs. Montreal Maples, NOLA Nighthounds vs. Orlando Panthers Week 4: Bye Week (BOS, NOLA) OKC Crusaders vs. Orlando Panthers, Montreal Maples vs. Omaha Wrath Week 5: Bye Week (ORL, MON) Boston Devils vs. NOLA Nighthounds, Omaha Wrath vs. OKC Crusaders Week 6: NOLA Nighthounds vs. Montreal Maples, Boston Devils vs. Omaha Wrath, Orlando Panthers vs. OKC Crusaders Week 7: League-Wide Bye Week Week 8: NOLA Nighthounds vs. Boston Devils, Omaha Wrath vs. Orlando Panthers, Montreal Maples vs. OKC Crusaders Week 9: Orlando Panthers vs. Boston Devils, Omaha Wrath vs. OKC Crusaders, NOLA Nighthounds vs. Montreal Maples Week 10: Montreal Maples vs. Omaha Wrath, Boston Devils vs. NOLA Nighthounds, Orlando Panthers vs. OKC Crusaders
  5. I'll try to get the helmets out... (the uniform designer doesn't have helmets)
  6. I'll try to pump out the logos , and the Panthers will become apart of the storyline.
  7. Now we have the Boston Devils! Certainly the toughest and roughest team on turf, the cross-league rivalry between them and the NFL's New England Patriots, mostly consists of Pats, Bills, Giants, and Jets practice squad members.
  8. This is probably a bad time (really, really bad time) to mention it, but here's the story of the EFL... The Elite Football League (EFL) is a fictional (obviously) spring minor-tier American Football league that consists of six teams, the Orlando Panthers, Montréal Maples, New Orleans Nighthounds, Omaha Wrath, and Boston Devils. These teams are divided in two divisions, Pacific and Atlantic. In 2005, WWE chairman Vince McMahon had a bright idea for a pro football league. 4 years prior, he and Dick Ebersol create the abomination called the Xtra Fun League (XFL), it was notable for future (or prior for Maddox) NFL players Rod "He Hate Me" Smart of the Las Vegas Outlaws and Tommy Maddox of the Los Angeles Xtreme. Other than that it was a failure... no, I mean FAILURE. Vince learned from these mistakes and fixed some things: - No nicknamed jerseys - Don't put up a blimp - Keep gas in the tank - Enforce the rules (including "fair catch rule") - Don't compete with the NFL (please) - Don't go in the locker rooms - Don't bash the NFL using former NFL players - No "scramble", coin flips are fine, Jose. In about 4 years they had the six teams and the Elite Football League was founded. In 2 years they had locations, seasonal awards, and rosters... they were ready to begin play. Now we wait.
  9. I mean 00-99, with the exceptions of retired numbers (like college)
  10. Welcome to our first Eastern Division Team, the Montreal Maples!Fans will most likely be starving for this football team in Canada, as the only Canadian American Football team (so far), we have our EFL statician, Joe Woodland, predicts this will be the most viewed team in the EFL
  11. This is my very first attempt at a fictional football league, I'm calling it the Elite Football League (EFL), I don't have rosters yet, but I have the team names and uniforms. The biggest separator between the EFL and the NFL is that there are zero jersey number restrictions. Founded: 2009 Inaugural Season: 2011 Atlantic Division: ------------------- Orlando Panthers Montreal Maples Boston Devils Pacific Division: ------------------ Omaha Wrath Oklahoma City Crusaders New Orleans Nighthounds