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  1. One way to do that is to have navy and blue stripes instead of black and blue stripes. Seriously, how do you mess up the colors?
  2. In defense of Orlando, Minnesota, and Cincinnati, the Euro-style names are the legacy names from the lower leagues. It's not like they were the Orlando Lions, Minnesota Loons, and Cincinnati Lions before joining MLS. IMO things began to go overboard in 2015 (although Orlando City was the first with City and NYCFC was only the third [City] FC) and then went off the rails in 2017. Two new Uniteds in one year was bad, and it hasn't gotten better since. LAFC, FC Cincinnati, Inter Miami (at least it's a new to MLS Euro name), Nashville SC, Austin FC, Charlotte FC, and St Louis City. 5 [City] FCs in what will be 5 years when Charlotte takes the field is insane. The cherry on top of all that is losing Impact and Crew to Club Foot and SC. If the trend continues, expect to see New England FC sometime within the next 3 years.
  3. A's options not named Las Vegas: Portland - ehhhh I don't think they'd build them a stadium San Antonio - 2 teams already in Texas Salt Lake City - too small Vancouver - Canada Nashville/Charlotte - probably the best non-LV options available, but they're not "flashy" cities like LV is I can't see it being anywhere other than Vegas. Sure, they'll "look at other options" (probably Nashville, if I had to guess) in case Nevada isn't willing to fund a 3rd stadium in less than 10 years, but that won't happen. If nothing else, it's kinda funny that the A's and Raiders will once again be together, but in a different city.
  4. They're gonna try and pull something like "SC stands for Soccer Crew" aren't they?
  5. "Forever known as the Crew," they say while teasing a rebrand where they will no longer be known as the Crew.
  6. The march toward every team being [City] FC with a black home and white away continues on.
  7. A few... strange decisions this week, to say the least. Both NYRB and Toronto wearing aways, Dallas in red vs Houston in orange, Colorado in burgundy vs Minnesota in gray, and to top it all off both Portland and Seattle are wearing green. We also have our first (?) ref clash of the season, as they'll be in navy against KC in light blue (with navy hoops) and Austin in black. They couldn't do green because it'd clash with Austin's stripes, they couldn't do light blue because it'd clash with the majority of KC's kit instead of a minority of it, so navy it is. Getting rid of yellow was a terrible decision.
  8. I really like how Stockade looks, especially the home. The third is something I wish Orlando City would do IRL, red is a part of team history and they shouldn't be afraid to use it. The away is the weakest shirt of the three, but it still looks fine. With their historic success and Orlando City theming, I think it'd make the most sense for Stockade to be the downtown club, while Orange County is in the eastern suburbs (which aren't part of Orlando or any other city, it's all unincorporated county land) and then Rovers in either Winter Park (although I doubt a WP team in this universe would use Orlando as the geographic name) or in the southwest near the theme parks (since I remember you had a Disney themed team in the first series). Keep it up, this series is great so far.
  9. I don't love the idea of the play in, I guess I'm fine with it, but it definitely should have an [insert number] games back qualifier like it did in the bubble, or some sort of "minimum record" requirement. I don't want a team that's 19 games under .500 (like the 10th place Hornets from last year) to only have to win 2 games and make the playoffs. I get it, more playoff basketball, but at what point does making the playoffs lose all meaning? Maybe never, especially for teams that would otherwise be continuing a long playoff drought, but it makes an already bloated bracket that frequently features sub-500 teams even bigger. Get off my lawn.
  10. This ad has no X and completely disables the rest of the page until it goes away. This has been happening for a while but now I'm finally fed up enough to screenshot it and post it here.
  11. I've never understood why numbers were restricted in the first place. It's like if left fielders were only allowed to wear 50-59, or if point guards were the only players who could wear 1-19. There was a conversation on here a few days ago about rules that are based entirely on "it's always been that way" and nothing else - this is a prime example of that. There's no other justification.
  12. Reminds me of how Notre Dame finishes their helmets. I like it, although it'd look better with a navy facemask.
  13. FC Cincinnati is worse, because even your kidney stone would easily be able to stop Tesho from scoring. I have no idea how that happened, he's consistently the worst player on the field.