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  1. NYCFC never has any problem with putting the standalone NYC on training gear, so why can't they ever do it on the kits themselves? It's so annoying how they have such a great monogram and then don't use it where it counts.
  2. ND is considered P5, but I wouldn't say BYU is. If they were during their undefeated run they would've been top 10, maybe even top 5 before losing to Coastal, instead of where they actually were in the mid teens.
  3. They mentioned UMKC quite a bit in their press release, I wonder if Chicago State's trying for the Summit League like they did. However, there's pretty much no reason for the Summit (or any other D1 conference, for that matter) to take them. They bring nothing to the table, other than a big market that doesn't care about them. With Chicago State gone, Seattle is now the only geographic outlier in the conference. I wouldn't be that surprised if they eventually move to the WCC or Big West.
  4. Wasn't New Orleans the top choice for the Grizzlies when they were moving, but the Hornets beat them there? I think I remember reading something about that. If that happens, it's more likely Memphis is the odd one out among the NO-OKC-MEM trio, as the New Orleans Grizzlies would still go to Oklahoma City after Katrina, which sets the stage for the successful Sonics audition. Team 30 is probably Louisville or something. Or maybe it's Memphis, and the league looks exactly like it does now, just with a couple of different team names.
  5. This is wrong. Marshall got rid of the contrasting sleeve caps at the start of the season, as you can see here.
  6. The problem with Las Vegas is that everyone is coming in at once. It's quite the jump to go from no teams to three in such a short amount of time, and we have no indication of whether they can even support the two they already have once the excitement that comes with having a new team (or, in this case, new teams) dies down. The NBA also doesn't have the advantage of being the first to come - they'll be the league trying to catch up and carve their own niche in a city that's already made space for hockey and football. However, that's about it in the negatives column, at least in the league's eyes. Shiny new arena, growing market, destination city that players will want to go to, and lots of money to be made all around. There's no doubt in my mind they're the second city, along with Seattle.
  7. San Jose in 2015: Blue and black San Jose in 2021: Black and blue Columbus in 2015: Yellow and black Columbus in 2021: Black and yellow Houston in 2015: Orange and white Houston in 2021: Black and orange Atlanta in 2017: Red and black Atlanta in 2021: Black and red Montreal in 2015: Blue and white Montreal in 2020 (since 2021 is TBD still): Black and blue That's 5 teams that made the move to black since 2015, two of them adding it entirely (instead of just switching the balance around). That's not even taking into account the teams that have black away kits despite not having black in their color scheme (Seattle, Kansas City, NYRB). Then finally there's DC, who have been wearing black since the beginning, LAFC, and Miami, who can't seem to decide whether they're a pink team or black team. All in all that's a lot of black in the league. It's why I'm so disappointed Austin went with stripes instead of using their beautiful shade of green for the whole shirt.
  8. On paper, this combo shouldn't work at all. But it does, and it does wonderfully. Sure, some elements of the uniform haven't aged the greatest over the years, but I still think this set should never change (as long as they can commit to only wearing blue socks with black pants).
  9. I don't think I'd have a problem with bone if they hadn't put white on the uniform as well. Like come on, I don't have to get a degree in design to know that white and off-white touching is a very bad idea. So why did these people think it was fine? It's the most baffling decision of them all, and that's saying something when there are gradients involved.
  10. I hope the Browns go with either brown or white pants in Kansas City. Orange might make it a bit hard to watch.
  11. Completely ignoring the logo, what the hell is that? Might be one of the worst looking cars I've ever seen.
  12. Magic basketball was fun for a few seasons but now we're back in Painville where we belong. Fultz and Isaac will probably never be the same players again, and without them we're clearly nothing. May as well tank to draw the next winner of the Orlando Magic Injury Lottery presented by AdventHealth.
  13. There is now an ad for some sort of "wholesome nutrition" (whatever that means) that makes it so until it goes away (there's no X) your screen is completely locked, you can't do anything but scroll (and click the ad, of course). It's like those mobile ads that take over the whole screen for a bit, but for PC. It's been getting bad for a while, but this is the first one to actually be site-breaking.
  14. The only thing the Panthers need to do is make sure that they always wear blue socks with the black pants. Otherwise it's just about perfect.
  15. With white (or red) shorts, that might've been acceptable. Not good by any means, but at least not "ditch it after 1 year and never speak of it again" levels of awful.
  16. Is anyone else having problems getting rid of the top screen ads? I'll click the X, but it just refuses to go away. Usually if I spam click it'll eventually close, but still. Gets pretty annoying.
  17. Florida offered 2 in Gainesville and 1 in the Citrus Bowl, and were turned down because UCF only does home and homes. It's not like they don't schedule P5 opponents, and lol at your assumption that they're not trying to schedule tough ones. When they scheduled Stanford in 2014, Stanford's combined record in the last 4 seasons was 46-8, finishing 3 seasons in the top 10 and the fourth at #11. By the time they actually played in 2019? 4-8, their first losing season since 2008. If that's not trying to schedule tough teams (and it just not working out by the time the game is actually played), I don't know what is. There's other examples, too - GT had recently gone 11-3 and won the Orange Bowl, Pitt had been ranked 2 of the last 3 seasons, UNC was coming off of an 11-3 and 8-5 season. I guess it's UCF's fault for not being able to see into the future and know that all of those teams would be bad when they played.
  18. The Magic just can't help themselves with putting the comet ball on the front of the jersey replacing the wordmark, huh. I like the callback to the Heart and Hustle uniforms in the side panels, but come on. There's nothing else that would've been a better idea?
  19. That takes the Chevy comparisons and turns them up to 11. And either way I think the white background looks better.
  20. The Rays should've brought back the Brevard County Manatees... I miss them. We always went to a game or two every year.
  21. I don't think basketball counts, because every uniform has the same color shirt/shorts (and when the Hawks tried changing that a few years ago they quickly stopped mix and matching when it looked awful).
  22. Not sure if anything will come of this, but this is interesting. Boise State might be trying to force their way out of the Mountain West again, at least if they listed to the coach. The conferences they looked (are looking?) at are the WCC and Big West, probably with football becoming an independent or joining the American.
  23. I don't either. I meant FCS when I said that they might be looking at bringing football back.
  24. WAC making moves, possibly to bring back football. This puts the Big Sky at 10 and Southland at 9 - Big Sky will be fine but the Southland might be in trouble if some of the other rumored moves (like UCA to ASun) are true.