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  1. First look at the Kings throwback court
  2. Kings will be bringing back their royal blue uniforms this season. Personally, I always liked these more than the baby blue throwbacks
  3. Really wish they did something new and not just recycled last season's City edition uniforms. Only difference is they moved the Lionball logo to the shorts and used an actual wordmark for the chest.
  4. I can only assume their sponsor requested them to change it up so that their logo could "pop" a bit more. I was wondering if we'd see a similar change on their White uniforms and sure enough.... from tonight Old version from last year was this
  5. Looks like the Kings changed up their sponsorship patch color on their purple uniforms They had this last season and even wore it for preseason this year. This is from their media day set back in September This is what they wore tonight for their season opener
  6. Man, why couldn't they have at least used gold to outline the numbers? They look so bland
  7. I don't hate it or love it. Titans unis were mostly middle of the pack for me and I don't think this change moves them much there. I'm growing on the change to the helmet color but the pants just don't do it for me
  8. Kings debuting their 3rd! court tonight to go with their city uniforms
  9. another day, another uniform getting ripped
  10. Ugh, Nike took the Nuggets best unis(from their current bunch) and made them worse. Why would you remove the rainbow...
  11. http://www.nba.com/live1
  12. Still wish their black uniforms removed the gray trim for purple instead since they already incorporate gray in both the association/icon unis. Court would pop more if that gray was purple. Seems likely the Kings 3rd court will be their throwback baby blue one. Wish they'd incorporate their lionball logo more often tbh and put that as the center court logo or at least on their shorts
  13. Another good look at the back of what the Nike uniforms look like
  14. Yeah, I'd be able to tolerate these a bit more if they removed that 2nd stripe. It just looks out of placed and slapped on there
  15. It's just the new Nike fancy way of saying Home, Road, and Alternate uniforms. Association = Home Icon = Road Community and Athlete-Minded are Alternates
  16. Yep. Update the logo and use a better wordmark. This is a good step in fixing things from their awful rebrand a few years ago.
  17. I'd like to think it's the look from today since the earlier version was taken who knows how long ago for the Nike release. Also, this caption made me laugh and won't help with the "Nuggets new uniforms make them look like the Pacers" narrative http://www.gettyimages.com/license/830475804
  18. Pics from the Kings uniform release a month ago and of today's rookie photoshoot. Not sure if they ditched the garish looking blue on the uni sponsor or if its just the drastic lighting difference causing it. Hoping it's the former.
  19. Well I'm gonna do an about face here. Definitely an improvement....only gripe really is I wish the blue unis said Los Angeles. Clippers wordmark still stinks but hey, baby steps
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