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  1. Strictly speculative on my part, but I feel the Dodgers are going to go with a wordmark based on the Hollywood sign. We'll see.
  2. Yeah, those spring training caps are bad, especially for my two favorite teams, the Angels and the Padres. I go to Arizona every spring to see some games and try to get a couple new caps, because they're always a bit different from the regular caps, but I'm not buying any of these. The only ones that are passable are the Twins and Blue Jays, but that's it. The Clubhouse caps for the Angels and Padres look pretty good, however. I might try to pick those up.
  3. As one who admittedly wasn't as excited about the return to brown as most, I think they look great. I think pinstripes on road jerseys are a bit of overkill for any team, but I can live with that (of course, I realize now that's the road alternate). I definitely wanted to see pinstripes with the homes, and they delivered on that. Some may complain about the brown and gold trim along with the pinstripes, but I think that gives the Padres something unique from the other MLB pinstriped uniforms, so I approve on that. Mainly, it's a set with the right dash of color, and now when you come across a game or highlights, you know it's the Padres. We'll see how they look on the field, but for now, a definite thumbs-up IMO. P.S. Loved owner Ron Fowler in the video presentation when he said that when they took over the club "we didn't really give much thought to the uniforms." Yeah, no kidding, Ron!
  4. I really am liking the Jets' new unis more every time I see them.
  5. Gwynn apparently changed his opinion of the browns after he retired, but at one time he did dislike them. Here's a quote from him in an SI spring-training article in '91. He was definitely happy to see the brown unis gone back then: The 30-year-old Gwynn arrived at the Padres' camp in Yuma, Ariz., last week, three days early and with a smile on his face. He bounced into the clubhouse, admired the Padres" new blue uniforms ("I hated the old brown ones. I hated every one of them"), then spotted manager Greg Riddoch and immediately asked if he could get a coach to throw extra batting practice to him. https://www.si.com/vault/1991/03/11/123770/beginning-again-after-a-nightmarish-1990-the-padres-tony-gwynn-seeks-a-season-of-redemption
  6. My take on the Padres' uniforms is that whether they stay with the blue or go to brown, they need to have a secondary color (preferably athletic gold). I did love the blue and orange uniforms of the '90s. They went downhill, uniform-wise, when ownership decided they just had to go the plain blue-and-white route. I never understood that.
  7. A bit speculative perhaps, but here's a photo of Padres first-round draft pick McKenzie Gore, who signed Saturday and then threw out the ceremonial first pitch wearing the current Padres jersey. I'll put this here, because you just know they'll have a different uniform by the time he makes the majors.
  8. I remember in 1983, there was a rumor that the Pacers would be sold and moved to Anaheim. Living at SoCal at the time, I remember the Pacers had the coin flip with the Rockets coming up that would determine the No. 1 draft pick, which would be Ralph Sampson, and thought it would be cool that Ralph Sampson might be playing for a local team. Of course, the rumor died pretty quickly and the Rockets won the coin flip, anyway.
  9. Actually, the White Sox started their current look in 1991 (though I believe they jumped the gun a bit and actually started wearing those unis in the waning days of the 1990 season). In 1987, they changed to the cursive "C" on the caps, with the cursive "White Sox" on the home jerseys. A pretty uninspired set that didn't last too long.
  10. I don't see why that would be the "wrong" uniform. He played five years in that one, preceded by five years in the Disney unis and four years in the 'CA' uniforms. However ... He made his ML debut in late 1992, the last year of the 1980s era uniforms and ... ... after retiring in 2006, he was honored by the Angels early in 2007 and came out wearing the red alternate, which had been introduced that season and was never worn by Salmon as an active player.
  11. Eh, I don't know. That bear actually looks cross-eyed to me.
  12. Ah, I did not know that. It's been a while since I've been to Visalia.
  13. Actually, the Mudville Nine was the team in Stockton. The Rawhide were previously the Visalia Oaks and, more briefly, the Central Valley Rockies.
  14. Been catching up on this thread and reading the posts about the Padres' uniform possibilities, and wondering what style-challenged person in the MLB office actually thinks a brown-and-white combo is better than brown-and-yellow or another accent color. For the record, I'm against the shift to brown -- I just don't think it's a good color for uniforms in general. However, I am resigned to the fact this could happen, and, in truth, I didn't think the Friday alternates this year looked half-bad. However, you have to have some secondary color to go with it; if it's just going to be brown and white, it's going to look like crap (I'm speaking figuratively, although I can see how that statement could be taken literally).
  15. It was painted green after the stadium remodel and stayed that color during the Edison Field years.
  16. Some columnist on ESPN did a tongue-in-cheek column with name suggestions, and one he came up with was the Flying Elvi. I immediately thought they could get an AHL affiliate in Salt Lake City and call it the Flying Elvi, Utah Chapter. (If you're confused go look up "Honeymoon in Vegas") In all seriousness, I like Las Vegas Knights (without the Black). It's a classy name, and it would be too hackneyed to use a gambing-themed nickname. I also think Scorpions or Bandits would be decent.
  17. Numbers not unusual but used unusally: When he signed with the Rockets as a free agent in the late 70s, Rick Barry couldn't wear his usual 24 because Moses Malone already had it, so he wore "2" and "4," one of the numbers exclusively at home and the other on the road.
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