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  1. Those jerseys are made even better by the amazing goal Strome scored
  2. http://kingstonfrontenacs.com/article/frontenacs-unveil-special-theme-jersey-for-pride-night-on-january-26-2018 The Kingston Frontenacs will be hosting Pride Night on January 26th they unveiled theses special jerseys which look really good.
  3. Buffalo won the design aspect hands down
  4. https://imgur.com/a/YUYwp There's the link to all the current wallpapers more to come by request
  5. On a related topic if anyone could inform me on how to attach images to a post that would be great!
  6. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, Thats right. Last year I made ugly christmas sweater themed wallpapers for various sports teams. I'm opening it again. If you have and requests please let me know. I will also post all the ones from last year so there won't be any duplicates.
  7. Those big aviator visors need to be brought back. Too bad we'll never get to see the mask Hasek is wearing ever agin. Classics
  8. They didn't have the patch until the second week of the season. My guess is it was a mandated thing and was rushed in.
  9. Not sure if other teams around the League are doing this, but the Kingston Frontenacs are wearing a 100th anniversary Memorial Cup patch on their right sleeve much like the NHL is doing for its 100th anniversary.
  10. The first time I ever heard of canned water it really baffled me. It makes a lot of sense thought.
  11. The award for most creative can design goes to...
  12. Molson Canadian cans have always had a nice look to them. Especially lately with the retro look.
  13. I'm more disappointed about what they did to the road uni. The all black collar and insert was a really nice look. Sad that it's gone.
  14. All I can see when I look at them.
  15. Huh. Never noticed that before.
  16. Bruins practice jerseys appear to have a black square around sleeve numbers.
  17. A new uniform system and Pittsburgh still can't match their helmet number to their player numbers on the back.
  18. That Montreal one looks really odd without white.
  19. The only other on on the site is a Boston one and it's just black with the yellow and white stripes. No shoulder yoke.
  20. It's basically a recoloured Bruins jersey
  21. Found this on the hockey section of the Adidas site. A youth Jets jersey with some interesting striping. Obviously the Jets won't be changing their striping pattern any tome soon.
  22. These do say Reebok on the fronts so I'd say it's safe to assume that they're just for training camp. The Kingston Frontenacs wear practice jerseys with the old spoked K logo on theirs.
  23. The collars have grown on me. I wasn't a fan of them when I first saw them but seeing them at the Rookie Showcase when the players had full gear on they don't look half bad.
  24. I really like the change it's really subtle but it makes a big difference.