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  1. Well yeah, but Merriam-Webster says the plural can be either Kraken or Krakens, and they're asking how the team intends it anyway.
  2. There's quite a few people on twitter asking if Kraken is singular or plural and I think the rollout should have made it clearer because to me at least, It drastically alters my appreciation for the name. I hope it's singular.
  3. But that's still a plural, talking about a team of moose, isn't this club called the Kraken in a singular sense? Like the team is a singular entity, every player a tentacle or something?
  4. It's good. It's not bad. I very much like the unis, I love the shoulder patch. I'm really torn on whether I prefer the considerably tame S primary, or a likely less professional full Kraken as the main logo. Color scheme definitely needs one of those blues turned green. Is this the first professional sports team to be named after a single organism as apposed to plurals like Bears or abstracts like Heat and Wild? If so that's really cool, and I think the creature itself is awesome and unique enough that it's a smart choice despite the admittedly dumb-sounding name. Also what's with Adidas and the thin red stripes on jerseys?
  5. Ah yes, this is some gooood stuff. As soon as I saw retro design I clicked, and when I saw it was you I got excited. I love your style, as I'm an old-school design guy myself (and a moodboard guy), and you used it to near perfection once again here. The scripts are absurdly good, and the winged R is pure chunky class. The badges, the cute template as well, are also flippin' perfect. There's nothing wrong with it per se, but I'm not feeling the primary personally, esp. as a primary. I much prefer the alternate winged ball as a primary, perhaps with an optional word mark above or below it. Again, its personal taste, it just didn't click for me, but it's not a bad logo whatsoever and I don't expect you to change the nucleus of your concept. But imo the two winged ball, thats your bullseye. GREAT work as usual though @chestnutz and needless to say, moar!
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the Gold!
  7. Buffalo is really terrific in that simple-yet-quirky vintage way, great job there and love the idea here. Atlanta Firecrackers gets my vote. Neat way to hold on to the historical moniker, yet be more appropriate. Same situation as the Cincinnati Reds/Redlegs.
  8. Just making sure, can we not use any names that have been used by only Big 4 teams in the area, or does it also include an extinct, say indoor soccer league team from the 90's, or a semi-pro baseball team, etc.
  9. Thanks everyone for giving me my first medal this year! Always nice to get some hardware.
  10. Does the location include just Prince Edward Island, or that plus Hillcrest Farm Championship Disc Golf Course?
  11. Bruins


    This is great news!!! Quarantine just got a lot more bearable. Good luck everyone!
  12. Good Lord, have you guys been helpful. @Brian in Boston, @the admiral, @Friedrich Stuart Macbeth, @_DietDrPepper_, @mcrosby & @ItsSlothy Thanks a ton for the input. Here's where I'm at with each: Amarillo: I'd never heard of the Gold Sox, but honestly my very first thought for Amarillo was the Yellow Sox, but since yellow means fearful and it sounds like pee-soaked socks, I ditched it quickly. But that's pretty much a perfect suggestion, since it's along what I was thinking and it's got history behind it. Hard to see myself not bringing back the Amarillo Gold Sox. Amarillo Armadillos is special, but doesn't really feel in line with the intention of the series. Binghamton: So Merries/Merrys sounds better and better the more I think about it. Recreation Park Carousel, the most famous in Binghamton, was opened in 1925 and Merries is a really good 1925 baseball name, like @mcrosby said. Rocket City: I'm pretty sure this is gonna be the next team I post. I already have their nickname picked out, but the city name's proving more tricky. Should it be Madison because that where they're set? Or Huntsville because that's actually Rocket City? Or maybe Alabama, Northern Alabama or Madison? I'm leaning towards Huntsville rn.
  13. Wow, so impressed by and grateful for the great response on this! My all time most liked concept, so thank you all, I guess the time spent on it payed off! Thanks so much, guys. Honestly, all very valid critiques. As far as the all-black uniform goes, I really liked the look of the Vandy uni below and it just seemed right for a 1910's styled team. I do agree the # might disappear from a distance though, good call on that. Gold numbers might've been better in hindsight. And with the S, like I said it's supposed to be able to be read as a J too, but I agree that's debatable. A different home and road hat wouldn't make for a cohesive set though imo, so as an homage to the 60's unis, I put the S on both. Would the Sun have been as the cap logo even with it on the sleeve? Thanks Doc! That is one thing I'm not willing to budge on, because grey would look so out of place in a very much intentionally sepia color scheme. I get where you're coming from though, and oh yeah it is Ducks colors isn't it! I didn't even notice. Thanks again, guys! About the sun... I'm kinda glad to hear that. I definitely wanted him to be mildly creepy because those old Men in the Moon, especially the movie version, are majorly creepy. Brownie Stoned though, that's... that's different. Sorry about that. Thanks everyone for the great comments! Awesome to hear you all liked it. I'm debating between new identities for the Rocket City Trash Pandas, Amarillo Sod Poodles, and Binghamton Rumble Ponies next. Which would you like to see?
  14. Well, hello again everyone! Somehow it's been almost a year since I've posted a concept here, and I wanted to come back with something special. For those of you who followed my Little Big League "Brandiosing" of the MLB, this Big Little League is a sister series to that, and it's exact opposite. As I started to want to really focus on making portfolio-worthy concepts, I didn't want to put too much time into a novelty series where I was copying someone else's style. So although that series isn't dead it is on life support unfortunately . (link in my signature if you'd like to check it out btw) But one day I had the idea, what if instead of putting Brandiose into the MLB, I took it out of the MiLB? An un-tackification of Minor League Baseball if you will. This provides an outlet to make fun, unique, non-gaudy minor league concepts where I can showcase my own design style instead of mimic another. The first concept is a new look at Jacksonville baseball, which took me quite a while to finish, but I'm really proud of how it turned out. I'm super excited about the possibilities here, so I hope you enjoy and let me know what team you'd like to see next (along with c&c of course). Thanks guys!
  15. Terrific series so far, man! Kinda hard to pick a favorite honestly, they're all great logos in their own right, but cheeseman V2 hits hard. (Also can I just say how awesome those program covers are? Sweeet.)