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  1. Yankees just blew a 2-run lead in the 9th to the Red Sox, and then threw 4 wild pitches in the 10th to cough it up. Eesh. Glad I'm on this side of the rivalry right now.
  2. Probably an unpopular opinion, but anyone else kinda bummed the howling coyote is dead? It was a really unique modern look, well-executed & stately, and the shoulder patch kicked butt. Brick red really worked for the desert too. We'll probably never see them again, and that's a shame. They're another helpless victim of the Retro-Trend Machine, which has done a lot of good for the league's looks (CGY, BUF, PIT, etc.) But I think those were all pretty clear upgrades, where as the 'Yotes are a team that had a really nice look going, and are ditching it to chase a fad that's growing staler by the day. I understand jersey sales are important here, but now they'll only have 3 to sell, from 4. Not to mention how well the kachina complemented as an alternate, and I still can't put aside how muddy they look on tv. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Honestly, the Bridge on the sleeves is a no-brainer, and I don't even despise the fog effect limited to that. Love the idea of using the specific shade of "international orange" on them too. Nice subtle idea. The G is such an early in the process, nah that's dumb, cutting room floor idea that it's stunning that it got approved. It is Nike, but still. What is G?! Golden? Gate? or Giants? it can't be all three. Everything would have been an improvement on the chest here, Giants, San Francisco, San Fran, the killer SF monogram, Golden Gate, The City by the Bay, The Bay, flippin' Bridgerton, all an upgrade! What is G?!
  4. I hated the Avs' pants change on both the home and road uniforms when they were rolled out and while the home uniforms have grown on me purely aesthetically speaking, I feel guilty about liking them. There are just so many reasons to dislike the steel blue pants, even if they are/were technically sound. Firstly, the roads are just a mess optically now, and it feels like the pants and jersey are fighting for primary point of focus. That's for sure due to @GFB's point about saturation. Additionally, the Rangers and Blue Jackets, two teams with rather flashy road pants akin to these steel blues, sidestep Colorado's point of focus issues because New York limits the amount of similarly-saturated blue on their jerseys, and Columbus uses navy yes, but more importantly keeps their blue off of the waist. The Av's road unis do pretty much nothing right when it comes to color balance basically. As far as the homes go, I hate how the steel blue pants completely change the attitude of the uniforms. They went from a very dark, serious mood to a bright and almost friendly one. A totally unnecessary change, and a shame too because their uniforms had aged rarely well. @GFB's navy mockup is actually a shockingly good solution, where do I sign on those.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys! I totally see the problem with the lack of contrast between the white and powder blue. They didn't have any outlines to separate the white on the powder blues in the 70's & 80's, but I agree legibility was a concern back then too. Royal blue is a must for an obvious reason, and I wanted a very bold look that shouts at you, in the vein of radical rebrands. Not to say I don't see your points with the Royal & Powder, but the without the electric blue, the mood I was going for is almost lost. Just a few shades milder might make a good difference though. Now this was a huge concern when I got to the monogram, and I agree it does not read very well. The font that I had used for the word mark had a K that looked just like this, except taller. Additionally, multiple styles of blackletter K's read like R's, but not to this degree admittedly. In hindsight I should've separated the top right diamond of the K more from the left top diamond. I got too symmetry happy I guess. Every point you make here is valid. The # font was a tough, tough choice, and I usually hate delicate numbers on sports uniforms. When I tried a blackletter, it looked too redundant, and when I tried a classic block it made the uniforms look too harsh for the mood I was going for. When I got to the font I ended up choosing, I really liked the way it brought out the elegance in the blackletter "Royals", and gave the uniforms a more unique tone. I'd be very much against changing it. Thanks about the argyle pattern, I don't want to overdo it with the diamonds, and I think putting one on the pants stripe would get pretty close to the line. It would be one of those cool little details akin to the chest patch on the Rams jerseys though. Yes I did consider a KC wordmark, pretty heavily actually. The reason I chose against it was because the Royals mark looked so much better on the powder blues, and there is no purely road uni in the set that would demand a city name on the chest. There was just really no need for one. Thank you! Again, I really appreciate all the C&C and agree with a lot of it. (P.S. Let's just say Draw 2 was Amazin')
  6. Hello again, CCSLC! The inspiration for this series comes courtesy of the semi-recent rebranding of the Los Angeles Rams, which I didn't love. However, there was an element of it that I really enjoyed and that was how unique and innovative it tried to be. And although I still hate the centerpiece, I liked that the redesign introduced new ideas and didn't just retread the generic "sporty" design aesthetic. That's the purpose of this series, take teams, no matter how traditional, and rebrand them, well, radically. These aren't serious proposals, just some (hopefully) interesting ideas of how teams could look. Selection of the team is determined by drawing a random name from a hat from the 93 existing NFL, NHL, & MLB teams. Why no NBA? Because I feel the City Jersey Program and each team having like 19 uniforms has bankrupt that league of any more truly interesting/groudbreaking ideas. And it's my series, so. The first random draw produced: Let me know any thoughts/critiques you've got, thanks as always!
  7. Where's the Rite of Spring Playoff Thread?
  8. The Yankees switched from polyester to cotton uniforms for a handful of games in 1994. It went over really well with players at first, with Wade Boggs remarking, "What a fabric, finally we can breathe." Paul O'Neill even claimed he never dreamt a fabric "could be so soft and fluffy." A few games later, the cotton uniforms shrunk and while wearing them, the barely mobile Yankees lost in a blowout. Don Mattingly even split his pants. IIRC, a man named Costanza was to blame for the debacle.
  9. All around super-solid work, unsurprisingly. Some thoughts: POR: The main thing that sticks out to me is the whiskers on the beaver look like an odd mouth. I'd try either distancing them from each other or disconnecting them from the black of the P. Maybe even add an actual mouth. A very nice classic baseball look though, even though I think Portland's a city that could handle a touch of extra zaniness. SA: It's actually incredible how much three fiesta stripes on each sleeve would elevate these uniforms. Completely love the primary logo though, executed perfectly. VSN: Yep, that's pink. Very smart decision, because it keeps it well out of too-safe territory, which is where it would be w/ grey road duds. Get the NOVAS word mark on that home jersey, stat, rn you're wasting a beautiful piece of symmetrical design. Great cap logo. CAR: Terrific in a vacuum, but it bothers me in a big way that they look just like the 2000's Rays. And that close geographically, too. They need a color change, imo. Clever use of the state shape as underline. NSH: Generals sounds good to me. Best logo of the bunch, I think. Good stuff!
  10. This. The only 3 uniforms I personally think should even be in contention for worst NHL Jersey are the one I nominated, the Turdburger, and that Thrashers thing. In my opinion, just about any uniform that does something that none others have done before (within reason), can't qualify as the absolute worst of all time. That's why the flying V isn't a realistic contender, it was unlike anything before or since, and it's still talked about today. It has legend status and kitsch value. The Burger King and Fisherman jerseys are under that same umbrella, they try to be unique and they succeed at it. The Turdburger is an abomination. But trying to be as objective as possible, it does have a few things going for it that the Isles one doesn't. It uses the actual color scheme of its team in a different way that *attempts* to be interesting, and it has a logo on its chest, a nice one. That's it, but that's 2 more than the Isles got. In fact, I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say that the only 2 jerseys in NHL History that don't have one positive attribute are my nominee and the red Thrashers Alt. Is that crazy? Also, that road Oilers jersey is a dark horse and has always been near the top of my worst list, but the logo saves it from true contention imo.
  11. Worn from 2011-2014 by the New York Islanders. It Features BFBS and GFGS, 5 Colors, No Chest Logo, A Lighter Colored Helmet than Jersey, and Weird Diamond-y Things on the Sides. It's the Worst. Prove Me Wrong.
  12. Not sure why I move at such a molasses pace w/ this series, but hello again. Glad to hear it! Yeah, so the jersey striping was honestly the trickiest part of this team. IRL my idea would be to have the trim slightly reflective, to achieve a kind of futuristic glow effect, but that doesn't translate here, so your criticism's more than fair. I almost went with pure California Golden Seals style football stripes for accent, but they never looked quite right solid. Thank you as always Coco! *wink* *finger guns* That's very good, it felt right right away and all the way through. Ha! I see it, I see it. Thanks Brian That's a nice problem to have! My original set only had 4 uniforms, but when I realized none had the wordmark I shoehorned in a 5th. I tried every which way to slap the wordmark on either the home or road, but the H just looked so much better on each. Thank you! A raygun logo was a necessity. I think that would be a problem only if the tail extended a little further. Oof, agree to disagree but I appreciate it! Anyone have opinions on who the next team should be?
  13. Mark, each and every one of these rocks hard. Seriously great stuff, and such a novel, unexplored concept. FOLLOWED. I'd throw these on the pile:
  14. Well, it's been a while. I spent so many months on the Suns and this next entry that they almost feel like real teams to me. I imagine the next club up will take less than 9 months to complete, but who knows I guess I like to take my time with these. Labors of Love, they are. It's a very clean, rewarding feeling to take a crack at scrubbing the baseball world of a team like the next target, the ohmygodpleasestop brand known as the Rocket City... *sigh* Trash... Trash Pandas, there. This is my attempt at providing Rocket City baseball with some dignity, much in the vein of this series, and that starts with removing Rocket City from their moniker. Let me know what you think of this proposal for the Trashies replacements, a little CCSLC C&C always makes my day. Thanks!
  15. Been meaning to comment some feedback on this thread for a while, I've loved following it: LA: I personally like the Kings with black shoulders on their black jersey, but a very solid, clean look for them. Alternate's great. I can't even like the RR ironically, it's that bad. Kudos. 6/10 ANA: See, I almost always prefer teams to keep things traditional with striping, but the Ducks are an exception. I feel like their jerseys should always be a little unusual. So while the H/A look great, it just doesn't feel like the Ducks to me. But WTH do I know, they're sharp and balanced so I'm probably overcriticizing here. Kinda hate the version of the Mighty Duck logo with the oval around it, so just using the one w/out it would make the Alt. jump a few points for me. RR's an upgrade for sure. 6/10 NJ: The perfect New Jersey Devils uniform set. Only reason not a 10 is for lack of creativity on the H/A. But the old look needed no changes, so why should you? Eh, I'm finicky. 9/10 BUF: My favorite so far, truly flawless. Love the H/A shakeup, the Legacy kicks butt as well. I can't express how much I love the Alternate, that just has to be realized. 10/10 MTL: 100% agree, the Habs roads need more blue so a really nice look there. I like the Alt. and Legacy a lot too, smart idea to implement the barber pole and I'm a fan of the sash, real or not. I wonder even if that's not true to the 'original" if the C might look better blue? Just a thought. 8/10 Excellent stuff, keep it coming!
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