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  1. The Volt Hawks uni feels so right because it's so NBA. I LOVE it. Yeah, it's a bit garish but personally I have a special place in my heart for the jerseys on the craziest of all time list. Don't try to back it down with the full throwback, they're probably gonna go full volt sometime anyway and that is definitely the way to do it. Great, official-looking concept. Love the C's script (agree it's overdue to get court action.) Love the deep green, & Love the idea behind the newspaper clippings, but it might be trying too hard. Replace that with the parquet pattern and you're golden, even if its not as original as your idea anymore. Really good work on this series so far.
  2. Anyone else think the lettering looks Brandiose-y? The hidden helmet is imo much more convincing in the full word mark with the d tail forming the eye slit than in that hideous secondary. That's like an early sketch you make when you're just tooling around with ideas, who approved that? Certainly doesn't make me want to eat pizza, downgrade I guess. Both stink.
  3. I wish the New England Patriots looked like the Boston Patriots. Or the Chiefs.
  4. I personally don't understand any praise Warren's logo is getting. It's a name with a line under it with colors that don't project strength whatsoever. "You can tell I mean business by my definitely unique dark blue and my is that white light blue." Although that is one heck of a place to hold a rally, didn't show the backdrop on tv but its pretty striking. I like the buntings. I actually buy in to Kamala's "warm rwb palette" justification, but that doesn't mean it has to be good. Candidates have beaten us over the head with REDWHITEANDBLUE for so long that any other colors seem like a nice change of pace or a bold new step, when in a vacuum... they suck. Amy. Makes sense.
  5. The team I've been sitting on since I started this series...More like Green Monstah...
  6. Thank you!! It kinda writes itself. You've been such a great follower, sorry for the big post gaps. Very glad to hear it! Wikipedia says it's a loose nickname, but probably just for this reason. Nice eye there! Then I've done my job. Super fantastic to hear! Hopefully you'll like the teams-a-comin' as well! Thx Kitt As a Red Sox fan, no thanks. Give in to the Oreos, you know you want to...
  7. Simpler shapes and thicker lines. More interesting colors might help as well. Not a bad start!
  8. I've realized that I am this series and this series is me and I have to stop abandoning it, so expect more frequent updates. (and more food stay tuned!)
  9. Mmkay, need a hat with the NE monogram the day before tomorrow.
  10. Thanks, Chrome! Appreciate it, would love to see more of those fauxbacks in WC games. Yeah, I can totally see that, thing is I actually really wanted to make a "State of Hockey" script design the crest, but that would've left both sweaters pretty much logo-less and that didn't seem right to me. I also wanted to just use the North Stars logo, but that's probably would probably be illegal for the Wild to use. They're a pickle. Thanks, again I don't disagree, looking at it again from afar it is an odd blank in the middle of the t. The thing is, horns never look that way, when mounted or on a living bull, so when I tried it it looks a little unnatural for the horns to be white in the middle. Thank you for the feedback! Wow. That's all I can say about how awesome that is to hear. Wow. Thanks Avi! Oh, man thank you Zeus! I honestly don't even know where to find those. Glad you guys seem to have liked it! Thank you! Maybe I'll start work on a St. Louis 2020 ASG concept, not sure yet though.
  11. Not a fan, at all actually, the old wasn't perfect but it was definitely more unique and ehhh, quirky. Loved the way the old app icon just put the S in the middle of the hashtag-a-majig, and captured all the colors simply, it was pretty smart. This one's just nothing. People have also said it looks like a windmill shaking water off and I agree.
  12. Actually really like the idea to branch out from the blah RW&B, more candidates should do the same, but, idk probably just me, but it just kinda seems weird for her to pick pink for some reason. Being a female candidate isn't really a unique thing anymore, she doesn't have to draw attention to it by choosing the most stereotypical color for women out there. Like I doubt Cory Booker's gonna use black or brown as his color to be like "By the way, did I mention I'm black?" because it's not exceptional anymore, esp. in the diverse Democrat field, and that's a great thing. Feels kinda like a step backward, maybe?
  13. So we learned at this year's NHL Winter Classic that the 2020 Winter Classic will be hosted by the Dallas Stars and held at Cotton Bowl Stadium on new year's day of the new decade. We don't know who they're playing yet however, once we do I'm sure concepts will really start rollin' so I wanted to be one of the first. I selected their opponent as the Minnesota Wild, because right now they're the most popular choice, the backstory's great, and it just... has to happen. Come on, who wouldn't wanna watch two enemy fanbases bicker over history as they stir a cup of cocoa with their last candy cane? I know I would. Plus they're the closest thing the Stars have to a rival rn. Anyway, as usual, the WC branding in my concept is neutral, no team colors. The shape is based off of a mounted animal head plaque, like you'd see on a hunter's wall, only with a freakishly large deer head attached to the front of it. Mounted animal heads, although a tad barbaric, are a symbol of hard-fought victory in the winter, no place more than in Texas, making it a good metaphor for the WC game. The rest of the logo serves as that trophy, in a way, symbolizing two teams hunting a win. The top part part of the badge is shaped like the top of Cotton Bowl stadium's facade and the t part of the "Winter" is a pair of mounted bull horns (nod to the Texas Longhorns) spearing a puck . Making the "Winter" part of the logo icy white and blue just seemed wrong for Dallas, who's not known for its frigid winters, so I opted for cream. The bright orange? I... don't really even know, I just like the boldness of it (TEXAS!!!) and I admit, w/ a touch of shame, I got most of my inspiration from Texas Roadhouse's decor. It's just such concentrated Texas-ness. I hope it works! Dallas' Unis are inspired by the old Dallas Texans and Minny's are kinda... playing North Stars dress-up. The striping's the same from their 60's years. They couldn't get away with any more, but they gotta get a nod in there for spiciness. Thank you so much for watching, let me know what you think, C&C always!
  14. Jeep. The logo is the car is the logo, iconic.
  15. I... I...can't believe I'm just stumbling across this. This is the most successful Concept thread in the history of this site and it couldn't deserve it more. The best raw, sports design content I've ever laid eyes on. Soul food. You sir are a legend. Titans logo looks excellent.