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  1. Now that I finally have the chance to put my thoughts down: I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that they didn’t go with Spiders. I didn’t realize the similar ending of “-ians” between the old name and the new name until it was mentioned here, so I guess that makes sense in making the transition more subtle and seamless. As for the logos themselves, they’re about as nice as I could have expected. Like @QCS, I can’y really bring myself to hate the G-wing logo as much as others seem to, it’s kind of just “there,” I guess. The rest of the logo set definitely gets better from there though, and the custom number font is also my favorite part. The more teams that have custom number fonts that look good, the better, in my mind. Although I would have been fine with a color scheme change, I’m not surprised nor upset that they kept navy and red. It makes sense and helps it to feel like their is still a thread of continuity for the franchise, which seemed to be one of the primary goals. Even though it seems like these new logos will just transfer over onto the current uniforms, I really hope they try something a little different. If not, they will be susceptible to the same criticisms they have now that their uniforms are just too boring. Now that the logos are out, I’d like to see what Nike is able to do with the uniforms to pair them with. This is great. For this version, I would maybe make the right-side serifs on the “C” perfectly vertical, like they are on the left. I’m not sure if I like the warp on the “C” yet or not, but this definitely looks great regardless.
  2. It was pretty much a mix of both, the shadows didn't really show up in Illustrator as well as they did in Inkscape (I downloaded it just to try it out), but I probably like the flat colors better anyway. The only other suggestion I would have would be to maybe do a triple headspoon piping version (like the Braves' uniform). Once again, I appreciate it!
  3. I used the template in Illustrator (since I'm more familiar with that than Inkscape) to do a Twins home uniform concept, and it turned out pretty great! I love the functionality and ease-of-use of it. I'd love to see more features added, such as maybe a pinstripe version or thicker applications of piping! Great work!
  4. I'm a little late to the party, but I'm excited to see where you go moving forward with this series! Some quick thoughts on a few teams: For the Nets, instead of using a regular gray, I think a great way to distinguish them from the Spurs would be to use an anthracite shade like they did on their original Statement jersey. I wish that jersey would come back instead of the Statement they have now. I also like the straight letters better than I do the arch. The City uniform is perfect. Although I like the Knicks current uniforms more than most, switching to a look inspired by the Statement full-time looks great, as well. For the Cavs, I think dropping the white outline from the City jersey would go a long way. I'd also love to see how it looks in navy. For the Pistons, I like how the striping looks on the Icon, but it doesn't quite look like the Pistons without two big red stripes and the smaller white stripe in the middle. The City jersey is yet again perfect, I love the inclusion of the chrome in the striping. Can't wait to follow this series more going forward!
  5. To be honest, as much as I dislike this year’s ASG uniforms, I think they are a better option than this. If MLB decided to go with this hypothetical format in the future, more than half of the time the teams would all just be dressing up in red & blue versions of themselves (such as the Phillies example). Otherwise, a Dodgers jersey in Giants colors feels borderline sacrilegious.
  6. I *almost* like the leaked jersey better, but this is probably the right move, honestly. It's truly baffling that they didn't go with this as their original away jersey, it would have made the initial reveal look so much better, despite the other flaws still being present. Now if they made this the permanent away jersey, removed the lines in the numbers and the segment in the horn (and warmed up the yellow), this would be a great Rams set to me. I could even tolerate the gradient numbers and the nametags, at that point.
  7. I never would have thought I'd see Orange Park mentioned on this site, having gone to high school in the area. Personally, I find Jacksonville to be quite a bit underrated, but that's mostly due to its proximity to the beach, rather than anything in the city itself. Riverside is pretty nice though, with a great art museum and independent movie theater. As someone who is currently studying at FSU, I don't blame you. There really isn't much there beyond the college campuses and the government buildings.
  8. I agree with this completely. At the most basic, fundamental level, the purpose of a sports uniform is to distinguish one team from the other. That's why complimentary colors often make for great matchups, in my opinion (the Bills-Jets colorblind fiasco notwithstanding). That's also why I don't completely hate certain monochrome looks like others might, because although an all-white against all-color matchup might not be the most aesthetically pleasing matchup, it would undeniably be the easiest matchup to distinguish the two teams. Wisconsin and Nebraska is definitely a unique and difficult situation, but I would say that while it's pretty much universally agreed that neither team should distinguish themselves by changing color, I think they could embrace separate striping patterns in order to distinguish their brands. For example, if I were Nebraska I would embrace a single-stripe look, while if I was in control of Wisconsin I would keep utilizing the two-stripe design.
  9. I get that. I personally slightly prefer navy on a simply aesthetic level as well, the Giants are just part of the reason for that. That’s fair, I was only referring to the home uniforms, really. Funnily enough though, if the Giants ever went with plain blue numbers on the road, they might end up looking too much like the Cowboys
  10. I think my ideal for the Cowboys would be the blue-silver of the left, with the navy of the right. The dark royal looks great, for sure, but it just wouldn’t be my first choice given that the Giants are in the same division.
  11. It's honestly kind of ridiculous how much better a white jersey looks for the Rams already. With that said, the set still isn't perfect, but this would absolutely be a step in the right direction. I don't even mind the yellow and white touching; the yellow stripe is still large enough for it to stand out.
  12. I honestly had never seen this design before today, but I also ended up doing a nearly identical bridge design for a Giants City jersey. I don’t think it’s far-fetched at all to think that Nike came up with this design without seeing either of our ideas, but I do agree with you that it is strange to see Nike use an idea that is not completely original, since at the very least they normally do that. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was at first, but @oldschoolvikings said it: the “fog” design really looks more like snow. There were other, better ways I think they could have implemented the fog motif if they really wanted to, such as gradually lightening the orange, sort of like they did on the wordmark directly above the jocktag. While there have been some NBA City jerseys I’ve really liked, and even some I prefer to primary sets, there’s not a single jersey of these so far that I’d keep in the rotation, if given the opportunity to drop them. Maybe it’s the tradition of baseball that I’ve been more invested in over the years, or maybe it’s the one-by-one rollout, I don’t know. But I really wish MLB went in a different direction than they have.
  13. Honestly, the Lions uniforms are among my favorite of the Nike era, maybe right behind the Vikings and Chargers but just above the Dolphins and Jets, just to give an idea. I quite like the blue pants for them too, it’s a nice option to be worn on the road 3-4 times in a season. I don’t even mind them wearing the blue pants at home once a year. The only change I would absolutely make would be to have the Color Rush be the same standard gray as the main set, thus eliminating the need for that third pair of gray pants. The numbers on the home would be greatly improved by having a white outline replace the anthracite, and the away number outlines would be lightened to the normal gray, as well. I even wouldn’t mind seeing the gray Color Rush jersey with the blue pants, on occasion.
  14. This would be about as best-case of a scenario as it could get. We’ll see if it actually happens.
  15. Even though that was one of my favorite designs I did for that series (I think International Orange would look pretty nice on a jersey), I hope Nike doesn't end up going with something so basic EDIT: I missed that the jersey already did leak above, looks like they did go with something so basic!
  16. It was pretty much an inevitability at this point, but man, did they really pick the worst year to start wearing the All-Star Game jerseys in the actual game. I'd probably prefer the special designs be used in the Home Run Derby, and then regular uniforms for the actual game. Still, I don't mind the idea of having AL and NL jerseys in the game as much as most others do, but the design has to at least be serviceable for that to work. These jerseys, however, are easily the worst ASG jerseys MLB has had in a long while and possibly the worst ever, right up there with Boston's '99 jerseys (in all honesty, these are probably much worse). It's a shame Colorado got handed an ASG at the last minute, because there could have been a pretty great design there had there been proper time.
  17. It would probably need an outline around the numbers for greater contrast.
  18. The sad thing is I thought this could have been legit at first glance.
  19. This one doesn’t do it for me, either. As said before, it is pretty “desolate, dry, and devoid of life” even though the video would have you think that was exactly what they were trying to avoid. The fact that there aren’t sand pants to match makes this set seem even more half-hearted. So far, the only City Connect I’d consider to be worth keeping in the regular rotation would be the White Sox. With that track record, I can’t say I’m optimistic for the future of this program.
  20. One of the centerpiece attractions at the Jacksonville Zoo is the jaguar exhibit, which is supposedly the largest in North America, although I’m not sure if it opened before or after the team was founded. Your overall point still stands though.
  21. Eh, this is a no thanks from me. Although the cap, dark pants, and light blue sleeves improve the overall look a ton, the base idea is still too bland to begin with. High socks also greatly improve the look, although I wish Stance would go away yesterday. Even though the Wrigley sign was originally blue (something I did not know before that image was posted), it probably would have been better to focus on the iconic red that it is now if they wanted to go in that direction. It is interesting overall though to see MLB open up to the idea of dark monochrome uniforms more, it definitely opens up the design possibilities.
  22. In all likelihood, I do imagine this is probably similar to how it actually went down (@andrewharrington, did you help out with the design? If so, kudos to you). I truly don’t think there were any ill intentions with the design (at least, I hope not). Considering the Sox have had that blackletter style in their regular identity for over 30 years now, this new design really doesn’t seem like a stretch from that in the slightest, unlike the Clippers. I know it seems like I’m not really taking any sort of hard stance either way on this, but I really do see the perspectives of both sides, and they both make sense to me. Overall, from a purely aesthetic standpoint though, I’m just glad to see reverse pinstripes make it to the majors, and I really love this new number font, so overall in that sense I’d say it’s a win, personally. I was going to suggest this, as well. “South Side” in the font of that new script would be a perfect combination of those two ideas, and would look quite nice I’m sure.
  23. I should probably clarify that I was speaking from a purely aesthetic perspective in my original review of this uniform. While the Clippers’ City jersey definitely felt exploitative right from the outset, I’ll admit this one didn’t immediately strike me as such, probably because the Sox drew from blackletter iconography they already had in their logo set. I do see where @the admiral and @SFGiants58 are coming from, though. That being said, replacing the wordmark & cap logo with the regular “Sox” mark would probably be both an aesthetic and “social optics” improvement, in my opinion, although it wouldn’t really be a “City Connect” jersey anymore, for whatever that’s worth.
  24. Alright, I honestly love these. I'm so glad to see a team finally adopt the reverse pinstripe look, and the Sox were the perfect choice for it. As was said earlier in the thread, it's a perfect way to maintain the "innovativeness" their brand used to have while sticking close to the classic look. They should switch to this number font full-time tomorrow. I love it, it's easily my favorite part about the uniform. I'm not a huge fan of the minor details like the pattern or the cap logo, and the wordmark is alright, but in the bigger picture, this is easily my favorite of the City Connect jerseys so far, staying close to the recognizable brand while bringing baseball's aesthetics more into the present day.
  25. This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I can’t say i’m a fan of this City Connect uniform for Miami. Honestly, on a purely aesthetic level (i.e., not considering the Red Sox storied history), I like Boston’s set more than this one. Sure, the use of brighter colors is a welcome change, but I haven’t been a fan of the Marlins embracing red since the unveiling of their current set. Moreover, this cap logo is too busy to be discernible from any distance. It’s nice on a conceptual level that the Marlins were able to tap into the city’s Latin American heritage some more, but that was really just something they should have done when they unveiled the regular set by truly embracing their “colores.” I don’t know, this one just doesn’t do it for me, I guess.
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