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  1. You know a team has a great set if SFGiants58 doesn’t really do much to change it! To be honest, the brown cap with the gold bill looks gorgeous, but I don’t see the need to use it with anything other than the home white pants. I also love the “insignia” brown alternate, it’s much better without the white outline.
  2. Much better. While the last shade of sky blue for the Brewers just looked too strong, this new shade works beautifully as both a softball top and full-road alternate. While I would have preferred you stuck with the original lighter powder shade, this does not look bad either. I also think the double outlines for the Rangers are an improvement. Also, self-care is good! I’m glad to hear, I support it.
  3. Good to see you're back! I’ll get right into my opinions on your designs: I love the main Rangers set, as you said yourself the double-outlines are something they can really own. The retro alt in particular is beautiful. I’m not as keen on PT. II, mostly because I feel like the slate & brick need some separation from each other, as they are both somewhat dark shades. You did this particularly well with your Project 32 iteration. Following the template of the main red & royal set, I would utilize sand to separate the two colors on the main home & away, as well as using white to separate the sand from the main wordmark color on both of the color alternates. Once again, the retro alternate is fantastic, however. For the Brewers, the condensed “W,” the updated BiG, and the royal pinstripes are all nice touches. However, I’m not a fan of the use of your sky blue in this set; it stands out more than the royal blue does, and in my opinion doesn’t merit use as a home alt or for accents on the navy, considering how little it is used on the main home & away. Like @Carolingian Steamroller, I think there are too many shades of blue at play, with the powder-tinted away and full-on powder away being added to the mix, not to mention the royal pinstripes. If it were me, I would drop the sky blue, either in its entirety or replacing it back with royal and reserving it to an accent on the logos and such. I would also make the away uniform a regular gray, while keeping the powder blue as an alternate option. Right now those two uniforms are just too similar to justify the need for both of them. All in all, great work as always! Hope you’re doing well!
  4. Here's a version with red replacing navy, which I'm not a big fan of, as well as a version with gold outlines around the regular logo & numbers. Ah I've got you! Here's a look: I've gotta be honest, I'm glad they didn't go with this. Thanks for your input! If only! I appreciate it.
  5. Here's a royal blue Braves fauxback, as well as a navy version: Thank you! I completely agree, I wish the Marlins would use their unique blue more, and that they went with pink instead of red. I might as well show the rest of the Marlins set: Here's a look!
  6. And now we move on to the last division, the NL East! Here's how I would've handled the new Braves navy alt, to better resemble the iconic cap. I honestly could recolor the entire Marlins set to make an improvement, but to me having a blue alternate was the most essential. The Mets home uniform is pretty much perfect, so I tried the black and pink scheme that never was. The Phils go the obvious route back to maroon, with a dash of powder. There wasn't really much to do with the Nationals' mediocre (in my opinion) home uniform, so I just switched out red for gold to give them their World Series celebratory jersey. That's about all I've got for the main jerseys, thanks for following along on this mini-series! I'll be posting some bonus recolorings in the coming days, as well as taking any requests you guys have.
  7. Haha, thank you! I think as much as I like the powder blue, it's probably best they left it out of the main set (after all, it leaves more room for throwbacks). I'll be able to show you the Braves in royal blue after I post the main sets in the NL East! Thanks. I don't like the double patches either, but it's just one of those things I don't have the ability to remove without it looking weird. I appreciate the support! Thank you both! In my opinion, both aesthetically and financially, navy was the right move for the Brewers at this point in the franchise. It clearly seems to me that their end goal was to combine all of their past looks into one cohesive set, and I think navy helps honor the Motre Bame and Miller Park sets well in that regard. The NL East should be up later today!
  8. Thanks! As an added bonus, here is the current Brewers uniform if they hopped in on the powder blue trend! I understand where you're coming from. This series is just for the fun of ideas, predicated on a requirement that every team change somehow. I would never suggest the Red Sox actually switch to green, or the Cardinals switch to purple, but it's fun to at least try & see what it would look like. If you have any other suggestions of what you'd like to see me do, feel free to let me know. As another powder blue bonus, here's what I would've done with the Jays' alternate.
  9. Next up in the NL East we have the New York Mets! This is a style of jersey I've wanted to try for the Mets for a long time, the coloring of the logo, wordmark, and numbers is inspired by the Port St. Lucie Mets, and the striping follows suit. The socks further the motif of keeping the blue and orange separate. Let us know what you think!
  10. I realized I forgot to change the title of the thread before, but here now is the NL Central! Chicago Cubs: City Edition. Here is one of the smallest tweaks that makes one of the biggest differences: the Reds drop black. This is what the Brewers would have looked like if they went all the way back to royal blue. A black Pirates alternate without white outlines gives it a Raiders-like intimidation factor which I love. There's not much to do with the Cardinals' decidedly perfect home jerseys, so I just switched out the navy for dark purple try & give them a more unique scheme. Any comments or suggestions about the NL so far would be great!
  11. This is what the Rays should have done from the start back in 2008.
  12. Moving on to the National League, starting again with the West! The Diamondbacks flip the colors around on the wordmark, and embrace turquoise full-time in place of sand. The Rockies make the move most of us here would have wanted from the beginning, the purple is embraced and takes the place of black in the wordmark and logo. The Dodgers are another team with a perfect home uniform, so about all there is to do is to reverse the colors and make a home blue alternate. Now that the Padres are back in brown, I won't be doing anything to go back away from that! I just changed the background color to brown in place of navy. The Giants lose the unnecessary gold drop-shadow and thus receive a slightly cleaner look. C+C is appreciated as always, thanks for checking this out.
  13. And now we have the AL East! The Orioles flip the wordmark colors around on their orange alternate to differentiate from the Giants, and to better match the home cap. The Red Sox go with the oft-suggested switch from navy to forest green. There's not much you can do to mess with the iconic Yankees home pinstripes, so here it is: road pinstripes. The Rays switching to columbia blue piping does wonders to improve their dated uniform set. The Jays uniforms are perfect as-is, so here's a navy jersey that would presumably kept to Spring Training games and BP. Let me know what you think!
  14. Apologies for the late reply, but I finally figured out a way to have the gold as the accent color on the powder blue jersey, so here's a look at both of them: I also figured out how to add a white outline to the Royals patch on the blue alternate, and I think it looks much better: I'd love to hear what you think.
  15. Are you referring to the powder blue jersey keeping the gold accents? As for the Royals sleeve logo, I agree, I’ll try to figure out a way to accomplish that.
  16. Thank you! I agree, the Tigers are one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to move the Twins script without it looking really rough. In my opinion, switching gold and light blue would only work if I switch the navy & the red in the wordmark, so here's a look: Thank you, here's a look at a powder blue fauxback, similar to the jersey the team is wearing in the upcoming year: A blue alternate jersey is a good idea, so here are a couple options: Thank you all for your suggestions!
  17. Moving on to the AL Central! The White Sox have a pretty much perfect home uniform as-is, so I did just about the only thing I could: a 1950's fauxback. Another small tweak, but this is how I think the Indians red alt should have been handled. The Tigers just infuse a little bit of orange into their classic home set. The Royals add a little bit more gold by using it in the striping and the swoosh, eliminating their unnecessary alternate home jersey. The Twins do what I wish they'd done from the beginning, and they lighten the gold from a near burnt-orange to a more off-white/sand shade. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  18. Thanks! I’d give you the template if I could, but there’s actually no template involved... I just used the image’s from Nike’s release of the home uniforms, as linked in the original post.
  19. Thank you! I agree, the M's would be much improved if they just emphasized teal a little bit more than they do now. Thanks! Here's the Rangers jersey with a front number: Here's a look, I quite like it! Here's navy in place of athletic gold, I took the liberty of making the piping silver to match the halos. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  20. Next up we have the Dodgers! Inspired by @Victormrey's Nike x Aeroswift Series, we decided to employ an "Aero Blue" for the Dodgers, with the raglan sleeves and drop-shadow styles bringing a 60's aesthetic to the look, reflecting on their early years in Los Angeles. Let us know what you think!
  21. Hello, With Nike's recent release of images of the 2020 home uniforms for Major League Baseball, I decided to experiment with Paint.NET for the first time (thanks to @Victormrey), and see what I could possibly do to fix some of the uniforms across MLB with simple color changes. I adjusted what I could for each of the 30 clubs, resulting in what I think is an improved home uniform for some teams, or a new alternate option for others. After I show my one favorite design for each team, I'd be open to taking requests of things you all would like to see. Without further ado, we'll start off today with the AL West: The Astros flip the colors of the wordmark on their orange alternate. The Angels get a refreshed home uniform that is heavy with an angelic athletic gold. Kelly green makes its glorious return for the A's. The Mariners get a refreshed teal-heavy wordmark, along with teal piping for that extra "pop." The Rangers remove their double-outline on the homes for a cleaner script look. That's what I've got for now, I'd love to hear what you think! The AL Central will be up next.
  22. Wow. That’s rough. Somehow I never noticed Cleveland using two different shades of navy. You could honestly argue if any team should switch to a more purple-ish navy, it’s them because of this.
  23. Alright, moving on to the next team in the order, the Los Angeles Lakers: Overall, I love the Lakers' new uniform update. Not much changes in the main set. The Lakers are the one exception where, although the white uniform is the Association, the gold Icon uniform will be the main home uniform, save for Sunday games. The Statement and City Edition purples will be the main aways. Speaking of the Statement Edition, it will probably be the most controversial uniform in this set. I tried to incorporate black, but in a more tasteful way than the team actually did. I can't think of an example where black, white, and two other colors can work, and this was no exception. Instead, since gold works as such a great shadow color on the white uniform, since the colors are close together, I basically did the opposite with this Statement uniform, with purple acting as the base, and black the shadow. This takes advantage of the two shades being in close proximity, and prevents the problem of the white & gold blending, since that is the most common "problem" with the purple Lakers uniforms. As a compensation, as much as I enjoy the idea of the Lakers' "Lore Series" designs (save for last year's Magic Johnson uniform), I decided to go a much simpler route, and have a "throwback" as an extra purple option for the team that has a more "classic" feel. If it matters, I guess this could be the Kareem Abdul Jabbar edition in the Lore Series for the Lakers. I'd love to hear what you think about the Lakers, and the Raptors as well, if possible!
  24. Take the sleeves off of that and I think it’s a nice uniform in a vacuum. I’d prefer it be navy though.
  25. I don't think I'd want to drop the "North" alternate for the purposes of this series, since the City Editions are intended to be different. Here's a look at a black version of the main set though with the "Toronto" wordmark from the City Edition (which I never noticed wasn't actually used on the uniforms back in the 90's): What do you think?