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  1. Not crazy about the shoulder stripe, but I take it that that was inspired by the Jaguar stretched across concept that they never came out with so I give you props for that. Honestly this style of Jaguars concept is perfect, they should just stick with their old uniforms and leave it. I think the fact that they got criticized for their uniforms being too busy, caused them to make them as bland as humanly possible 

  2. 21 hours ago, dmhtfld said:

    Here is the update. I added a block font, grey jersey and white pants.










    This is really similar to a concept I came up with on team builder! It look so good! I wish they had done this as their update! Is it possible to get a blue jersey white pants picture? 

  3. 43 minutes ago, Whitefoot said:

    You just offended every resident of Las Vegas by playing into the stereotype of the "Las Vegas Strip". It's kind of like basing an Orlando concept completely on Disney stuff. It is an easy trap to fall into, but notice how the Golden Knights were able to avoid the trap. The western outlaw theme is great (just don't reuse failed team logos). You could also use a mob theme, or atomic testing theme, or air force theme. There is a lot more to Las Vegas than the fake touristy stuff.

    I agree. For the longest time ive always wondered what the name and color scheme for the team should be, and every name I seemed to come up with just never fit. Everything just felt like a middle school aged competitive travel team name. I think it's so much harder to do a las Vegas MLB concept than at first glance. So I agree, its all about not going too over the top with your color scheme and logo. The colors can be a little bit brighter, but not too loud. Baseball is a sport of subtlety, and it shows in the uniforms. Plus the neon pink and neon yellow would look very dated after a couple of years, its why uniforms like the Atlanta Hawks and Seattle Seahawks will look worse and worse as time goes on. Now I don't think you need NO las Vegas themed things in your logo, but it should be a lot more understated. Something just very small and subtle, that lets you know it's a Vegas team, with banging it over your head or jamming it down your throat. Perhaps like a pair of dice, or an ace or a club logo. That's why I say, its so darn hard to strike a perfect balance with the name, logo, color scheme etc. That actually would feel like a major league team. Also think, this team will either be in the AL WEST or NL WEST. So you have to see this team playing the dodgers, giants, Angels, rangers etc. Would it look like a real MLB game? Or like one of those teams scrimmaging a minor league team? Again, not trying to bash your concept at all, its just so difficult to do a Vegas MLB team that feels real, and that it could actually exist

  4. 16 hours ago, Dan O'Mac said:

    I'm not a fan of the M logo. There just isn't enough contrast in the two oranges on the M.

    Secondly, what you've put out is very reminiscent of something the New York Mets would wear, a team in the same division. The design itself isn't an issue though, so I'd maybe go with some different colors. I would love the teal to return, personally.

    I have to agree unfortunately, every time the Mets and the marlins would play each other, (18 times a year, or at least it used to be) it would get very confusing to tell who's who 

  5. On 2/12/2017 at 1:27 PM, JoeDGemma said:

    Up first is the Arizona Cardinals. For this uniform, I decided to combine the look of the late 90s–Mid 2000s uni with current day elements. I've removed the outline from the numbers, while maintaining the existing typeface for numbers and name. The sleeves remain plain red as they did in the 2000's with the TV numbers being placed on the shoulders. Underneath, a subtle rubber texture of cardinal wings that is seen when hit by the light. Think Jacksonville's shoulder texture. Facemask updated to be Cardinal red and pants have been given a classic two stripe treatment. Atlanta Falcons are up next.





    I do really like these, I especially love the red face mask. I think it's a must for any Cardinals concept. Only suggestions, maybe add a small secondary logo on the sleeves, perhaps the Arizona flag, or some other alternate logo (if it even exists) currently they feel a touch empty and it might make them pop just a bit more. Also I'd like to see what the away uniforms looked like with white pants and red socks

  6. On 2/12/2017 at 1:39 PM, JoeDGemma said:

    Atlanta is up next. As one of the few who love the falcons current set, I didn't want to do much to overhaul their system, but adapt it to current Nike templates and remove some of the 2000's clutter. For this concept I removed the drop shadow from the numbers while maintaining the same typeface. The Falcons word mark has been removed from the chest, and the shoulder piping has been completely eliminated. The grey outline on the helmet logo has been eliminated. New pants striping to be thicker to match the shapes seen in the logo. Away numbers changed from Red/Black to Black/Red to make up for the contrast lost when removing the shadow. All black alternate has returned only to be worn once or twice a season. Matte helmet.







    Overall I think your concepts are good so far, however I don't love the Falcons ones as much, I think mainly because I generally don't like when the sleeves are a different color, it reminds me of the current mess the Falcons have, plus I guess I still have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to black pants and teams that INSIST on wearing the black leggings look (Saints and Ravens) my suggestion would make the entire jerseys all one color for ATL and have the road unis be all white. But again that's just my personal preference, all of this is subjective lol 

  7. Overall I think it's a good start, however, the Browns style castrated striping on the pants bugs me, I think it would look a lot better if it was extended down and up the entire pant leg. Also I think striping on the helmet could work too, but without stripes definitely works too, it simplifies the look a  bit 

  8. I like the simplicity of it, however I can't quite get over the fact that its kind of Seattle Supersonics-y. Perhaps make the sun rays a little more intricate and possibly change the font just to make it stand out more from their logo