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  1. That away looks much nicer, I gotta say. I'm a big fan of SD too. Looking good!
  2. These are all looking nice so far. I would say the numbers and name on the Railers away are a little hard to read with that shade of green, however. I'm a big fan of KC, though.
  3. I can't wait to see which team will win this time!
  4. I second this. If they're not ridiculously priced, I'd definitely buy some of these.
  5. I think so too, but man, you are really good at getting these riddles.
  6. This logo looks much slicker, this is a better set. I also dig how the sleeved alts for the Blackout is gray, that looks pretty cool.
  7. Awesome! I'd hate for great designs to be lessened by spelling mistakes.
  8. I hate to be that guy, but on the Trackers logo page it says Montgomry. Everything's looking great, though. Love the sleeved alts and the fauxbacks.
  9. Thedamonman

    IHL 2017

    That was an incredible set. I don't think I have any complaints about a single part of it.