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  1. Damn, Norwich has such a great kitset this season.
  2. I definitely have to agree. I think a good sponsor can really elevate a kits' looks, especially if the kit is just a plain shirt.
  3. Number 11 on the table is Hertha BSC. I've used a darker shade of blue for the home kit. The away is inspired by the Brazil kits they wore in the 2005/06 season. The third is a kit straight out of the teamwear collection.
  4. The next club is Bayer 04. The club had a rough last season after being a constant Champions League contestant for quite some years. It think they will have a hard time returning to the top 4 so I placed them sixth. I've choosen Kappa as the kit supplier because I think it would suit them really well as Kappa always sponsors one or two Bundesliga Top 7 teams. The home kit is black with a red sash made out of pinstripes. The away kit is white with 3 sublimated horizontal stripes and the third kit is the same design as the home one, just in red and white.
  5. The first club is Wolfsburg. I don't think they will achieve anything big in the coming years and will constantly be in the middle of the table. I've put them on 10th place. Let's talk about the kits now. I really like their home kit this season so i decided to do something similar. While the home kit has the X design the away kit comes with a V design that is similar to the kit that was used in the DFB-cup win in 2015. The third kit is blue with black vertical stripes, a design they already used in the late 2000's.
  6. Bundesliga 2020/2021 Concept by Ninox Hey guys! Through the summer and autumn I was working on this project and now it is finally done. I'm happy to present you my Bundesliga 2020/21 concept. So what will you be able to see? Well, I've created a home, an away, a third and three goalkeeper kits for every club. The clubs we're choosen based on their current situation, team colours and personal preferance. I will also add a league table to show how I see the Bundesliga in 4 years. I hope you'll enjoy this
  7. Damn thanks for the great feedback @FlyingLamprey. Now I normally don't change my kits. But I've decided to do an alternative away and third jersey for Hamburg. The away is a remake of the CL Final kit. The third is light blue with a diamond design. Who is the rival of Hamburg? Yes, Werder. So here is a Werder set: Home: I had this idea for quite a while already. I think the dark green and gold combination looks very classy. Would be better without the sponsor.though. Away. White kit with a diamond pattern. Nothing really special. Third. Werder normally carries over their away kit from past season and uses it as a third kit, so I did the same. The kit is based on last seasons template and the clashing socks are also characteristic for last seasons nike kits. GK: Nikes goalkeeper template in yellow and red.
  8. Thanks kerlon Ajax: Home: The idea to incorporate black into an Ajax kit was on my mind for quite some time already. Ajax fans wouldn't really like it I think. The triple-x on the socks is from the flag of Amsterdam of course. Away: Nothing special. Grey and black with some striking green accents. I really love those green alternative shorts tho. GK: Just the green and yellow versions of the Revigo 17 template.
  9. Hamburger SV Home: Away: Third: GK:
  10. Galatasaray: Home: Away: Third: GK:
  11. Fenerbah├že S.K. Home: Away: Third: GK:
  12. Manchester United: Home: Red shirt with a white v-collar, inspired by the kits of the 50s. White socks are used in european games and black shorts are also available for kit clashes. Away: White shirt with a red collar and red sleeve cufs, inspired by the away kits from the 60s. Red shorts and socks are available for the away game at West Ham. Third: Dark blue kit with the iconic pattern consisting out of Ms. Away at Southampton they wear white shorts to avoid a kit clash. GK: Based on the Revigo 17 template, the goalkeeper kits are solar yellow and black, respectively.
  13. After almost a year I'm again in the mood for some kits Home: Away: Third: GK:
  14. I know that the third clashes with the home kit but Bordeaux always has a dark third kit and it works for them.
  15. The next Puma set: Girondins de Bordeaux: Home: A navy shirt with 1 white V stripe and 5 lighter v stripes. The kit also has a collar like the Arsenal home kit. Away: A white kit with a fading V pattern in pink. Third: Black kit with a grey V stripe and silver logos. GK: Just Pumas goalkeeper template in yellow and blue.