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  1. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  2. NY Giants vs. New England Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Washington vs. Miami (Jesus Christ) Houston vs. Kansas City Seattle vs. Cleveland Cincinnati vs. Baltimore New Orleans vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Atlanta vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Denver Dallas vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. LA Chargers Detroit vs. Green Bay
  3. LA Rams vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh New England vs. Washington Buffalo vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. Oakland Minnesota vs. NY Giants Jacksonville vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Denver vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Dallas Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Cleveland vs. San Francisco
  4. Philadelphia vs. Green Bay Cleveland vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. Houston Washington vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Miami Kansas City vs. Detroit New England vs. Buffalo Tampa Bay vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. Denver Minnesota vs. Chicago Dallas vs. New Orleans Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
  5. In general the NFL has a good overall alignment. It’s divisions are pretty balanced both geographically and with rivalries. It’s also nice that the schedule post-realignment is so cyclical. I’d agree the NFC North is the perfect division both geographically and with rivalries. The AFC North is also pretty good with the tale of three Browns teams and the Steelers.
  6. And AB gets cut from the Pats. Wow. Just wow.
  7. The Vikings' new helmet shade looks so much better on TV than before. The darker helmet used to look really muddled next to the brighter uniforms, but now they both work really well together and pop in a non-gaudy way. Really underrated uniform update for this season.
  8. Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Oakland vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. New England Detroit vs. Philadelphia Baltimore vs. Kansas City Miami vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. Indianapolis Denver vs. Green Bay NY Giants vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. Seattle Houston vs. LA Chargers Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco LA Rams vs. Cleveland Chicago vs. Washington
  9. I wouldn't mind a return to creamsicle but I actually prefer the current Buccaneers's logo. I thought the one thing the past rebrand did well was modernizing the 2002 logo without going overboard. The unis on the other hand......bleh
  10. Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Minnesota vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Baltimore Buffalo vs. NY Giants LA Chargers vs. Detroit Dallas vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Houston San Francisco vs. Cincinnati New England vs. Miami Kansas City vs. Oakland Chicago vs. Denver New Orleans vs. LA Rams Philadelphia vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. NY Jets
  11. One of two things will happen: Brown shuts up, puts up the best numbers of his career, and the Pats win another SB or Brown continues to act out and is cut by Week 6
  12. Green Bay vs. Chicago Kansas City vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Tennessee vs. Cleveland Buffalo vs. NY Jets Baltimore vs. Miami Washington vs. Philadelphia LA Rams vs. Carolina Indianapolis vs. LA Chargers Cincinnati vs. Seattle NY Giants vs. Dallas San Francisco vs. Tampa Bay Detroit vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. New England Houston vs. New Orleans Denver vs. Oakland
  13. It looks really good. I like the font choice as well, and kudos on the Madden renderings because they look especially well done. If I had one complaint, it would be the stripe for the mouth is wayyy too long. It needs to be shortened a touch. But, other than that, great job.
  14. Captains is by far the best IMO. Best name and best looking identity.
  15. And here I was thinking the Colts were going to win the Super Bowl this year. Well damn. That's a bombshell. But if he thinks he needs to go then that's his decision and his alone. Good luck to him in future endeavors (no pun intended).
  16. NFL probably has the best. It's the only league without a team with a double-name and doesn't have any really god-awful names. Some names are generic, granted, but a lot of the more generic names have historical reasoning behind them. The worst name in the NFL is probably the Buccaneers because it's so long and wonky, especially with "Tampa Bay" preceding it. The MLB similarly has some generic names with historical significance (naming a team the "Phillies" would not fly today), but it has it's own share of meh names. One that wasn't mentioned in the OP was the Washington Nationals, which I personally dislike because it shares the name of the league they play in. These two are still miles ahead of their counterparts. The NHL also has too many double names and singular names for my liking (Red Wings gets a pass) and the whole idiocy that is the Vegas Golden Knights. I was going to go on a tangent about the Maple Leafs, but apparently they aren't named exactly how I thought. Kudos for grammar I guess. The NBA has the worst names of the Big 4, with a lot of the major reasons pointed out in the OP. One that was not mentioned is arguably the worst modern sports name: the Brooklyn Nets. That's like naming a football team the Endzones or a hockey team the Goals.
  17. The 1996-1997 NFL season was the last time all 4 teams that participated in the previous year's conference championship games (Colts, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers) made it back to the playoffs. Since then, at least 1 team has missed the playoffs the following year.
  18. There is literally nothing redeemable about that uniform. Everything is garbage.
  19. I love the new Chargers look. The yellow facemask makes the uniform so much more vibrant than their previous sets. I have little doubts it will look amazing with the powder blue.
  20. So apparently, Antonio Brown is filing grievance against the NFL because they won't let him wear his helmet, which is outdated for current safety measures. AB has been caught several times trying to wear the helmet in practice (apparently he had it repainted with Raider colors), and now is going so far as to threaten retirement if he doesn't get to wear it. And this is all after the cryotherapy debacle.
  21. POTY But in all seriousness I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns just made their Color Rush unis the primary and then used that as a template for the other jerseys and pants. It really seems like that's the direction ownership wants to move in.
  22. The Fox scorebugs are a big improvement. Great job.
  23. I always preferred the scorebugs that used logos over the team name. It's pretty to look at, which is important. Kudos for using the NFL on CBS logo too. If I had one thing to suggest, it's that the timeouts don't stick out on the Minnesota half, and I imagine they'd be harder to see on other teams that use yellow/gold as a secondary color (Chargers, Steelers).
  24. The Pats jersey needs some navy around the shoulder stripes. Red on grey is always pretty jarring to me.
  25. Puig got ejected after being traded. David Bell got ejected earlier after some borderline pitches called strikes and came running back onto the field half an inning later and started punching on Clint Hurdle. Reds are getting killed but the fans who stayed till the end got their money’s worth.