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  1. I don't really have a preference on whichever shade of gold, but it better not be mismatched. Too many sets are worsened because teams have different shaded helmets and jerseys (see Los Angeles Rams, previous Minnesota Vikings). If they were to promote the Color Rush jerseys to their full-time away, they'd have to tweak the helmet as well. I do prefer the striping on the Color Rush set, though.
  2. The helmet is such a massive downgrade. It really brings down the whole set. I'm also not a big fan of the mono-black look. The Falcons desperately need to wear white pants at home.
  3. Sockeyes is my personal favorite name. Amazing hockey pun and ties into local fauna. A win-win imo Metros is okay. I know it has historical context, but it's a little bland for my personal taste. I also have a gut feeling that any look for Metros would look like this, although if anyone has seen any good concepts with that name, please point me in that direction. Kraken is also ok. I haven't found a conclusive answer on what the plural for Kraken is (Kraken/Krakens), and I understand the sentiment that it might sound a little minor league-esque, but it's nowhere near as bad as names like Heat, Wild, Magic, or Jazz. For me, it would really depend on the entire branding package on if I liked the identity or not. Also, keep in mind, the Golden Knights overcame a pretty bad name and came out with a strong identity. Hopefully if the name is Kraken, the team can do the same.
  4. I'm disappointed but not surprised in the slightest. It was only a matter of time. To think one day, instead of having script in the middle of a jersey, we'll likely have an ad is disgusting. A small patch is where it starts.
  5. Looks great so far. I agree the Emperors look a little too similar to the Phillies, but it's still a very cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing uniform set. I also really like the modern take on the NY monogram. Looking forward to seeing where this series goes! Keep up the great work.
  6. One glance at the motherboard comments shows that people can't help themselves but to comment their personal opinions and feelings rather than any commentary on how the uniforms will look. That being said, in an actual comment related to the uniforms, how are they going to fit "Black Lives Matter" on the back of a uniform? I'll admit I'm not the most knowledgeable person on Premier League kits but from what I've looked at, super long surnames general curl in kind of an extreme way. For example: This picture is from 2015 so if they've had a font update this might not apply. But are they going to change the font?? make it smaller?? just do "BLM"?? I have a feeling it might look kind of awkward aesthetically.
  7. My bad, I stand corrected then. I figured it was just a general name, didn't realize it had such a local connection. Just makes the brand better then. They really knocked it out of the park.
  8. I really like these uniforms and the logo package. The name is....dumb, to be frank, but the brand itself is classy enough to overcome to overly silly name.
  9. The Steelers usually wear their Color Rush uniforms for prime-time games, so I agree that Thanksgiving vs. the Ravens is probably the optimal date for them. This is the only night game they have at home this season. I wouldn't be surprised to see the throwbacks either @ Dallas (assuming the Cowboys wear white) or during a divisional game like the Browns or Bengals, both at 1:00pm. Also wouldn't be surprised to see the Ravens wear all-black against the Steelers, as they have had a tendency to so. The Jaguars also wore teal against the Steelers last time they played in Jacksonville. Granted, that was supposed to be a night game coming off both team's successes the previous year, so who knows. Also don't really know what to predict with the Browns, especially since they have their new uniforms.
  10. ~Bear

    New Toucan Sam

    I actually like the new art style rather than the weird psuedo live-action toucan that looks like it belongs in a children's movie from 2005. That being said, there's too much going on in his beak. They should have stayed with the pink/orange/red color scheme rather than going full rainbow.
  11. First of all, I have no idea what look the Rams are going for here. The whole identity is a jumbled mess. That aside, the fact the font is curved doesn't bother me at all really. Maybe font was the wrong choice of words and I should have expanded it to "font implementation" or something because the font itself in a vacuum isn't bad but the designs they paired with it are awful. The gradient on the home is silly and adds nothing at all to the uniform other than making it "trendy" apparently since gradients are in right now. The dark blue ram-horn outline on the away jersey look out of place completely. It's like they stuck plastic numbers on a "football uniform", though the away jersey with the "bone" pants is one of the worst football uniforms I've ever seen.
  12. That font gives the Buc’s alarm clock numbers a run for their money in being completely terrible. Wow. Just wow. Not even surprised.
  13. Surprised no one has mentioned Larry Fitzgerald's TD in Super Bowl 43. Had the Steelers not marched downfield and scored, that catch goes from one of the all-time forgotten plays to an all-time great play. On top of that, if the Cardinals stopped the Steelers, the Santonio Holmes catch also wouldn't have happened, and Ken Whisenhunt becomes a SB-winning coach
  14. 1. I love the new number font. However, I actually kinda miss the middle navy outline on the numbers. It helped the yellow outline to pop more. But, it would look out of place without any other navy so I don't mind it. 2. I'm very happy they decided to keep the yellow facemasks. They work even better with this set. 3. The yellow pants work really well. I prefer the white pants at home, but they look great with the road set. So much better than mono-powder blue. 4. The fact this set still works excellently despite a lack of navy is a testament to the ability to use a simple color palette and still have an amazing uniform set. 5. I really don't mind the lack of TV numbers. With the helmet numbers (which I surprisingly like), TV numbers would be ridiculously redundant. 6. The royal blue set looks good, but the navy set is unneeded. It's NFNS and I've never been a fan of any iteration of a darker Chargers logo surrounded by a lighter highlight, especially on a white helmet. Overall, I love this update. Along with the updated logo, the Chargers continue to knock updates out of the park.
  15. This, which is why I don't mind these too much. The jerseys themselves are already an upgrade since they ditched the ugly shoulder stripe and side paneling. I will say the new shoulder stripe compliments the face mask really well I'm indifferent towards the block font. I don't think the transition really takes anything away from the uniform However, they also kept the double-outline numbers and no silver pants is a travesty. Hopefully they go back and fix this next year because mono-blue will get stale quick. That's the hope I'm going to have here... First off, binge watching Community for the first time right now and just watched this episode. This show is great, and the GIF is 10x funnier knowing the context. Secondly, I agree with the finally paragraph until the last sentence. I do feel like at the end of the day, it's possible that people expect certain seemingly easy upgrades yet are fruitlessly disappointed when designers take their uniforms in another direction. Redesigns are never going to satisfy everyone. This being said, I don't think you can say every team has upgraded. There are some pseudo-modern approaches, such as the Lions or even the Seahawks in my opinion, that are definite or light upgrades. Honestly, the Dolphins total package now is much better than their older uniforms (even if I do miss the dolphin in the helmet a bit). But a majority of the modern stuff Nike has put out seems new just to be new. The Jaguars gradient helmet, for example, was a failure. The Tampa Bay alarm clock numbers were a failure. The Browns pants stripe was a failure. These little details do make a world of difference in the cohesion of the uniform. There are creative striping methods and unique color palettes team could use to create new modern looks that still work and could work years down the line. The problem sometimes the overtly flashy and gaudy isn't the best approach.
  16. I love everything about this so far. I love the presentation especially; the format you used is really effective. One thing with the uniforms: I love the idea and I really don't have any complaints. In reality though, that pants stripe would be nearly impossible to replicate perfectly at such detail. While it looks good up close (and the wooden theme is continued, which I like), from afar it would look pretty muddled and the lesser depth and line work would be lost. IF you were to put this onto a real uniform, you probably would have to, unfortunately, simplify it a little better. You could say the same thing about the helmet stripe although it works a little better since it's at a large scale. But honestly, this is such a small nitpick that is barely worth mentioning. As I said, this is excellent so far. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the other 31 teams. Great job so far!
  17. I’m pleasantly surprised they didn’t mess this up. Good job Browns!
  18. Pretty lateral changes, which isn't the worst thing in the world. A brand like the Colts shouldn't be revamping on a major scale. Not a fan of BFBS of course, but I really like the new font.
  19. Much much better. Did you use a brighter shade of red, too? It seems to pop a lot better. I'm still not crazy about the red drop-shadow on the black jersey, but that just might be personal preference. Really good combination of eras here overall.
  20. Just when I thought these uniforms couldn't get any worse...the helmet is matte. I will never understand why someone thought that was a good idea. How the Falcons were able to downgrade their already-mediocre helmet is beyond me. The away look is better than I gave it credit for before. It looks much better than the previous set due to the all-white socks. I still hate the red dropshadow on the font, though. The pants striping is a huge improvement and the lack of piping everywhere is a much-needed change, but the jersey stripe still isn't perfect. I would like to see the home set with red pants, just to see if it would be any good. The mono-black screams BFBS. However, the font still looks ridiculous with the dropshadows on just about every set, the giant "ATL" is corny, and the chrome facemask looks out of place (I'm not one for wanting every team to have a grey facemask. I think color facemasks can add a lot of pop and help a set feel more cohesive, i.e. Chargers' yellow facemask). I'm not even going to bring up the alternate. What an awful excuse for a football uniform. The Falcons had every opportunity here to use a classic set as a template for a modern update a la the Buccaneers (which did splendid and are easily the best uniform revamp since the Bills). Instead, we have another uniform set that somehow looks dated and too-modern at the same time with the Falcons fixing one thing (the piping) only to lead to more issues (helmet and just awful red jersey). I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm disappointed.
  21. These, to put it bluntly, are disgusting. As @Chawls pointed out, the red jersey can only be worn with black pants. Right there, you've limited the versatility of your package. The shoes have a gradient too? It's appalling. The font isn't bad in a vacuum, but a red drop-shadow on black numbers? It's going to look very muddled from afar. It looks muddled in the picture with the guy in the white jersey. It looks like the red is pretty much the same darker shade. If it was a bright red, it would work (like in the older sets), but not here. I'm dreading seeing the full helmet. An over-sized logo and a chrome face mask. That doesn't instill confidence. The only real upgrade here is the piping is gone and instead we have just a stripe. From what I can see on the awful red jersey, this is going to look awkward. It looks fine on the other jerseys though.
  22. Huge improvement, by far the best redesign of the past few years. I don't think there's really anything I hate about this set. Sure, the logo on the helmet is still a little big, but it didn't bother me that much before. The tweaked color scheme is great, the new alternate logo is, for lack of a better term, badass (which is what one should think of when thinking about pirates). I don't mind the alternate either. For being a monochrome grey look, it's about as good as one could get. The Bucs did a great job here using the old set as a template and adding a bit of a modern flair.
  23. The new Rams logo is so meh to me. They really would have been better off going with the new Ram head as a primary and having the LA monogram as the alternate. Love the new Chargers logo. Near-perfect modernization imo.
  24. A 2-minute fix makes a the logo miles better IMO. I can live with the separated horns and a gradient. At least the gradient makes it look a lot less like a new Chargers logo. If there is a gradient, I don't know how you could take the horn into the other side of the A a la the earlier mock-ups without the logo looking even more awkward.
  25. I actually don't hate it, but it should NOT be a replacement for the primary logo spot. It'd work ok as an alternate, but the current Ram logo is miles ahead of this monogram.