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  1. All things considered, I think Cleveland could've done a much worse job. I share the opinion that "Spiders" would've been a much better name, but Guardians is far from bad and the -dians continuity is nice. As far as the logos and scripts...it's again fine. I prefer this new "C" cap logo to the current boring block C. The script font is fairly similar and not bad. Overall, the whole rebrand really isn't much of a rebrand, but it's still a net positive moving to an inoffensive nickname and slight changes to the C cap logo. Keeping continuity of a storied franchise is important, too. ...and then there's the flying G logo. I don't know who thought this was a good idea, but I hate everything about it. It's not like an absolutely terrible logo on paper but...it just doesn't work. For starters, the G doesn't have the same serifs as the script, which isn't that big of a deal on its own, but it's very noticable when viewing the logo package as a whole. Secondly, the weird 3D angle just doesn't work. It looks so dated and corny. I really think they would've been better off with a statue head as the secondary logo.
  2. As long as the secondary helmet stays only with designated alternate uniforms and follows the same rules as far as how frequent a team can wear them as said alternate uniforms (and safety is up to par), I have no qualms with this change. I do hope they keep the current uniform regulations in place, though. Two alternates is the perfect number and allowing alternates to be worn only 3 times is also the optimal amount. Alternate uniforms are just that and shouldn’t be shoehorned in to act as a “Home 2” jersey imo. Similarly, uniform continuity is important, and it signals brand continuity; the NFL needs to avoid the jumbled mess that the NBA and its plethora of ever-changing uniforms have become.
  3. The Pittsburgh Steelers switched from their classic block-font uniforms to their newer, rounded font in 1997. However, for the 1997 season, the Steelers' away jersey featured player names in all-black font on the away jersey instead of the usual gold names with a black outline. The following season, the Steelers reverted back to the gold-and-black-outline names on the away jersey, which remain to this day.
  4. New CBS package feels like a lateral move at best and honestly that might be pushing it. It just looks so...flat. The push for overt minimalism is played out, in my honest opinion. Not saying there shouldn't be a degree of professionalism, because there should be of course, but the 2009-2012 and the subsequent 2013-2015 packages were both better than what CBS unveiled last night. Uninspiring, especially after FOX had a massive upgrade at last year's Super Bowl.
  5. Glad to finally win one! As always, thank you for hosting. Always fun to do these during the season.
  6. Assuming they keep their logo package the same, I hope they bring back the full-body tiger at midfield. The "B" isn't as bad as it used to be now that they filled in the negative space on the B so the 50 yard-line doesn't run through at an uneven margin, but the tiger was still much better.
  7. Los Angeles vs. Green Bay Baltimore vs. Buffalo Cleveland vs. Kansas City Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans
  8. Indianapolis vs. Buffalo Los Angeles vs. Seattle Tampa Bay vs. Washington Baltimore vs. Tennessee Chicago vs. New Orleans Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
  9. Glad to see everyone agrees how good the Saints look in gold/white/gold. It's by far their best away combination. Also really liked the Jags/Colts match up this week. The Colts uniforms have always been Top 5 in the league for me, but the Jaguars need to wear the teal pants more with the white jersey. I also really liked the Jets all-white look. I haven't paid super close attention to them this year but I do remember not really being sold on their jerseys when they unveiled them before last season. They've grown on me a bit though.
  10. Miami vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Minnesota vs. Detroit Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay NY Jets vs. New England Dallas vs. NY Giants Las Vegas vs. Denver Arizona vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. San Francisco LA Chargers vs. Kansas City New Orleans vs. Carolina Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Chicago Washington vs. Philadelphia
  11. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Tampa Bay vs. Detroit San Francisco vs. Arizona Miami vs. Las Vegas Cleveland vs. NY Jets Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. Kansas City NY Giants vs. Baltimore Cincinnati vs. Houston Chicago vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Washington Denver vs. LA Chargers LA Rams vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas Tennessee vs. Green Bay Buffalo vs. New England
  12. LA Chargers vs. Las Vegas (would have picked them anyway) Buffalo vs. Denver Carolina vs. Green Bay Houston vs. Indianapolis Chicago vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. Dallas New England vs. Miami Seattle vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Baltimore Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. Tennessee NY Jets vs. LA Rams Philadelphia vs. Arizona Kansas City vs. New Orleans Cleveland vs. NY Giants Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati
  13. Cleveland Spiders is by far the best name option. Really unique but in a classy way that still allows for a lot of flexibility in the rest of the branding package.
  14. New England vs. LA Rams Arizona vs. NY Giants Kansas City vs. Miami Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay Denver vs. Carolina Houston vs. Chicago Dallas vs. Cincinnati Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Indianapolis vs. Las Vegas NY Jets vs. Seattle Washington vs. San Francisco New Orleans vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Detroit Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Cleveland
  15. Las Vegas vs. NY Jets Jacksonville vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Miami Detroit vs. Chicago Indianapolis vs. Houston New Orleans vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. Arizona Philadelphia vs. Green Bay New England vs. LA Chargers Denver vs. Kansas City Washington vs. Pittsburgh Buffalo vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. Baltimore
  16. Houston vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Indianapolis NY Giants vs. Cincinnati LA Chargers vs. Buffalo Las Vegas vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Jacksonville Miami vs. NY Jets Arizona vs. New England Carolina vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams New Orleans vs. Denver Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay Chicago vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Philadelphia
  17. Arizona vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Cleveland Detroit vs. Carolina Tennessee vs. Baltimore New England vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. Washington Atlanta vs. New Orleans Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville NY Jets vs. LA Chargers Miami vs. Denver Dallas vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. Indianapolis Kansas City vs. Las Vegas LA Rams vs. Tampa Bay
  18. Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Houston vs. Cleveland Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Washington vs. Detroit Jacksonville vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Las Vegas Buffalo vs. Arizona LA Chargers vs. Miami Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. LA Rams San Francisco vs. New Orleans Baltimore vs. New England Minnesota vs. Chicago
  19. Green Bay vs. San Francisco Denver vs. Atlanta Seattle vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Kansas City Detroit vs. Minnesota Chicago vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Washington Las Vegas vs. LA Chargers Miami vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Dallas New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay New England vs. NY Jets
  20. Atlanta vs. Carolina New England vs. Buffalo Tennessee vs. Cincinnati Las Vegas vs. Cleveland Indianapolis vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Green Bay NY Jets vs. Kansas City LA Rams vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore LA Chargers vs. Denver New Orleans vs. Chicago San Francisco vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Philadelphia Tampa Bay vs. NY Giants
  21. The shade of red is vibrant and pops well, which is good. It looks better than it did in the release photos. That being said, you can't tell me it's a good look. It'd look 1000x better if it was just a full-red jersey w/black pants.
  22. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Atlanta Dallas vs. Washington Buffalo vs. NY Jets Carolina vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. Houston Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Arizona San Francisco vs. New England Kansas City vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. LA Chargers Tampa Bay vs. Las Vegas Chicago vs. LA Rams
  23. Detroit vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Chicago vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Houston vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Philadelphia Denver vs. New England NY Jets vs. Miami Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay LA Rams vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. Dallas
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