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  1. lol ok, maybe by then we'll beat the steelers in super bowls
  2. I wanted it to be something a little more storm-oriented because its in Oklahoma. As far as the logo goes, the only thing that would change is that the blue outline would be black.
  3. i just posted that, they made the mistake of staying in SD and under new management moved to OKC. I kinda made up the whole moving to OKC only because i didnt want 2 teams where lightning was the main logo.
  4. ok lets be real here, the browns have to do good at SOME point. as a browns fan i admit that they do and will suck for a while, but i mean c'mon, its not like it'll be that way forever.
  5. Also to clarify the meanings behind some of the adjustments: Raiders moved to LA after Chargers stayed in San Diego, but the chargers would soon move to Oklahoma and become the OKC Storm. After a while, a high demand for a second bay area team and a third SoCal team brought the Outlaws to Oakland and the Sharks to San Diego. The Storm would switch to NFCE to bring the area a rivalry with the Cowboys. The uneven number of teams per division made it more necessary to realign and readjust the nfl. London was finally added and was geographically closest to AFCE and therefore joined them. Chicago, being Americas 3rd largest city and metro, gained a second team to join AFCN. In the AFCS, financial struggles with the Texans and Titans brought the Texans to highly-demaning San Antonio and the Titans back to Houston to become the Oilers. Not long after that were the new Titans brought back to Tennessee, playing in Memphis. The Jaguars moved to St Louis and became the Stallions. The Buccs moved to Orlando to be more geographically centered in northern Florida, but having only played 2 season as the Orlando Buccaneers, the Buccs moved back to Tampa. Buccs owner gave up partial ownership and became founder and part owner of the new Jacksonville Jaguars. CFL had folded in Canada, and Toronto became a high demanding city for football. NFL added the Toronto Thunderbirds to play with the NFCN. The Mexico City Diablos were added to the NFCW, but due to economic/political issues with the US, the Diablos were forced to be relocated to Las Vegas and were renamed the Devils. I think that covers it all up, I didnt put much time into thinking of this because quite honestly I made it up as typed lol.
  6. Hey guys, im bored again so here is what I envision the NFL looking like in the near future....we'll go with 2050. Each division has 1 additional team with some realignments, relocations, and renames. I tried to make it as realistic and not-too-far-out-there as possible. I also list each team in its predicted standings. AFCN -Cleveland Browns -Pittsburgh Steelers -Chicago Wolves -Cincinnati Bengals -Baltimore Ravens AFCS -San Antonio Texans -Houston Oilers -Tennessee Titans -Indianapolis Colts -Jacksonville Jaguars AFCE -London Monarchs -New York Jets -Miami Dolphins -Buffalo Bills -New England Patriots AFCE -Los Angeles Raiders -Kansas City Chiefs -Denver Broncos -San Diego Sharks -Oakland Outlaws NFCN -Minnesota Vikings -Toronto Thunderbirds -Detroit Lions -Chicago Bears -Green Bay Packers NFCS -Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Atlanta Falcons -New Orleans Saints -St Louis Stallions -Carolina Panthers NFCE -Philadelphia Eagles -Washington Redskins -New York Giants -Oklahoma City Storm -Dallas Cowboys NFCW -Los Angeles Rams -San Francisco 49ers -Las Vegas Devils -Arizona Cardinals -Seattle Seahawks Tell me what yall think of the names, cities, standings, etc.
  7. This thread is dead so heres a reply to make it on the front page
  8. Here is all of the logos of the NTL. Compiling them kind of blurred them out a little. Like I said my drawings suck and I didnt try to put a lot of effort into it so don't judge it in that way. Im open for any criticism or suggestions as far as team names, locations, and rules go; I just might try to make this a real thing. From left to right, up and down, here are the names: New York Emperors, Philadelphia Patriots, Boston Eagles, Rhode Island Reds, Cleveland Bulldogs, Detroit Mustangs, Chicago Falcons, Buffalo Rampage, Washington Senators, Carolina Marlins, Atlanta Hurricanes, Jacksonville Panthers, Tampa Bay Sharks, New Orleans Knights, Miami Pirates, Houston Scorpions, Minneapolis Moose, St Louis Archers, Kansas City Warriors, Oklahoma City Tornadoes, San Antonio Siege, Las Vegas Devils, Arizona Phoenixes, Dallas Outlaws, Denver Grizzlies, Salt Lake City Rams, Boise Celtics, Montana Wolves, Los Angeles Lions, San Diego Tigers, San Francisco Bay Miners, Seattle Vipers.
  9. Here is the Eastern Conference logos. Like I said, I dont wanna take the time to make these good logos so dont judge my drawing skills, just pretend theyre good. Starting left to right: New York Emperors, Philadelphia Patriots, Boston Eagles, Rhode Island Reds, Cleveland Bulldogs, Detroit Mustangs, Chicago Falcons, Buffalo Rampage, Washington Senators, Carolina Marlins, Atlanta Hurricanes, Jacksonville Panthers, Tampa Bay Sharks, New Orleans Knights, Miami Pirates, Houston Scorpions.
  10. Some of the names I have actually came from defunct sports teams (ex. Mustangs, Grizzlies, Senators) and being from Cleveland I liked the name "Bulldogs" from the old NFL team. I am open for change like maybe moving Jacksonville and Rhode Island to the New York area and maybe moving Boise and Montana to bigger western markets such as LA, Sacramento, Portland, etc. I'm not good at drawing and I dont the time and things to make real logos so I will try to make a quick drawing for each of them.
  11. I wanted to bring a pro sport to a semi-large market that doesn't already have a pro sports team. I was open to bringing a team to Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles again, etc., but I thought it be cool to see a small city get one. (Similar to the Green Bay Packers.)
  12. Here is a concept league called the NTL for a sport I thought of called tackleball. I have the full rules below but to summarize it basically the object is to throw the ball into the goal and try not to get tackled (hence the name tackleball.) so its basically a mix of handball, football/rugby and soccer/hockey. I have some logos for the teams in mind but I dont have the time to design them all. If I do design and post them it will only be from a quick sketch and not a legit logo. I have thought of all the teams though so now I will share them with you guys. Tell me what you think of the names and I will see if I can get to the logos. EASTERN CONFERENCE New England Division (NE): -Philadelphia Patriots -New York Emperors -Rhode Island Reds -Boston Eagles Great Lakes Division (N): -Cleveland Bulldogs -Detroit Mustangs -Chicago Falcons -Buffalo Rampage Atlantic Division (E): -Washington Senators -Charlotte Marlins -Atlanta Hurricanes -Jacksonville Panthers Gulf Coast Division (SE): -Tampa Bay Sharks -New Orleans Knights -Miami Pirates -Houston Scorpions WESTERN CONFERENCE Central Division (C): -Kansas City Warriors -Minneapolis Moose -Oklahoma City Tornadoes -St Louis Archers Desert Division (SW): -San Antonio Siege -Las Vegas Devils -Arizona Phoenixes -Dallas Outlaws Mountain Division (NW): -Denver Grizzlies -Montana Wolves (Billings) -Salt Lake City Rams -Boise Celtics Pacific Division (W): -Los Angeles Lions -San Diego Tigers -San Francisco Bay Miners -Seattle Vipers RULES - Object of the game: score as much points as possible by throwing, kicking, or running the ball into the goal. - Players: each team has 10 players on the field: -goalie -2 defensemen -left/right backs -left/right ends -left/right wings -center - Field: the field is the same size as a football field minus the endzones. there are goals on either end, surrounded by a 10 yd radius called the "goal zone" where only goalies, defensemen, and backs can go. 25 yds from either end of the field is a line that seperates the score zone from midfield. The score zone is where players can shoot the ball, and midfield is where tackling is permitted. - Time: There are 4 15-min quarters in the game, plus a 15 min halftime between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. continuous 15 min OT periods may be necessary if the game is tied by the end of regulation. - Kickoff: one team's goalie punts the ball from their goal zone across the field to the other team. The team that kicks or receives is decided by a pregame coin toss. The player who receives the kick is called the "receiver." Receivers are typically goalies, defensemen, or backs. The receiver cannot move from the position where they catch the ball until they pass or punt the ball. - Offense: Any ball carrier can either pass the ball to another player, punt the ball downfield, run with the ball, or shoot the ball. a player can only shoot when they are in the score zone. A ball carrier can be tackled if they are in midfield, so passing and/or punting are essential. If a ball carrier is tackled, they must give up possession by releasing the ball within arms' reach. This will make the ball free and anyone (besides the player who got tackled) can get it. - Scoring: There are different ways of scoring in tackleball: -Shooting: throwing the ball into the goal -Kicking: kicking the ball into the goal -Tucking-and-Running (aka, running): running the ball into the goal without getting tackled. Ball carrier cannot escape goal zone or pass to an outside player once they tuck-and-run. They must be at least half way in with the ball for it to count. Each goal is worth 1 point. When shooting or kicking, the shooter must stay behind the goalzone line. - Defense: The defense can either tackle the ball carrier (only in midfield), intercept a pass/punt, or block any shots, kicks, or runs. A defender cannot tackle an offensemen without the ball. Only goalies, defensemen, and backs can go into their own goal zone (this makes it possible for the offense to score.) If a defender takes a turnover in the score zone or midfield, they can move freely with the ball. However, if a defender takes a turnover in their goal zone, they must stay in the goal zone and pass or punt the ball. - Penalties: when a player gets penalized, they must sit out for however long the penalty requires. This leaves the penalized team short by a player. After a penalty is called, the play results in a turnover. Here are the penalties categorized by minutes: -1 min: •Offsides (when offensemen enter score zone before ball) •Goal Zone Interference (when a player enters goal zone when they are not allowed/ illegal tuck-and-run) •Delay of Game (intentionally throwing ball out of bounds, holding ball on ground) -2 min: •Illegal Tackle (tackling in score zone, tackling not ball carrier) •Illegal Block (blocking anyone that isnt near ball carrier) •Interference (holding, tripping, etc) -5 min: •Facemask (tackling/holding by grabbing helmet) •Unsportsmanlike Conduct (flagrant/intentional interference, illegal tackle, etc) •Fighting (non-instagator) -Ejection •Fighting (instagator) •Arguing with ref *Update: I am working on the logos and when i post them keep in mind im using Adobe Illustrator on my iPhone so it wont look good, so dont judge my drawing skills.