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  1. As many predicted, it will be Packers@Bears on Thursday night to open the season. Pats will host the opening Sunday night game (Browns or Chiefs?). Also, looks like 49ers-Rams might open the 2020 season in China. 49ers would lose a home game.
  2. The Dolan cousins. From the Indians to the Knicks. American sports nightmare.
  3. Is it just me or does it seem like North Carolina & Kentucky are always in the same bracket.
  4. Pac-12 has become a dumpster fire when in comes to the major revenue sports football/men's basketball. That article in The Oregonian was an eye opener.
  5. Virginia wins and avoids being banned from the tournament for life.
  6. I'm definitely getting the Hillsboro cap. Love Fresno & Sacramento as well.
  7. I'm pretty much expecting a first round loss to Vegas.
  8. MLS will magically announce that both Sacramento & St. Louis will receive franchises.
  9. God the Pac-12 just sucks at everything.
  10. Admittedly it's a rough start for the Timbers but hopefully they rebound on the back end of the season with a plethora of home matches. Congrats to the Flying Lions on the win.
  11. Looking forward to the Timbers match in Cincinnati this Sunday. Can't wait to see the environment even though I'll be watching on tv and not there live. Timbers continue their 12 match road schedule to start the season as Providence Park is being expanded.
  12. Love that shade of pink. Really hope the home kits are pink with a black kit as an alternate.
  13. I hate to repeat myself but for those interested: Minor League Professional Football will fail in Portland.