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  1. Duane Kuiper is class as it gets. I've met him personally and he's truly a good guy. Hopefully he gets through this.
  2. A combination of a team from long ago and Cy Young's middle name: Cleveland TrueBlues
  3. They'll just sell the Lynx. I still think the NBA would prefer an expansion team in Seattle with a fat expansion fee.
  4. Shouldn't the lobster be dressed as a leprechaun?
  5. I bet a large chunk of Raiders season ticket holders still reside in California.
  6. Maybe that creepy slimeball Sheldon Aldeson can help the A's build a new domed stadium in the desert. Oh wait, he's dead.
  7. Fun little game there between the Lakers & Warriors. My Blazers still won't win the title.
  8. Gramps LaRussa needs to GTFO.
  9. Vegas is rapidly becoming the sports hub of hubs. Already has the NFL, NHL & WNBA. Cramming in the Pac-12, NBA, MLB & possibly MLS in the next few years. With Super Bowls, All-Star Games & Wrestlemania to come.
  10. Personally I think Fisher will end up selling the A's to Warriors owner Joe Lacob and a bunch of his rich buddies. They'll build a new ballpark at the Coliseum site and try to revitalize the area around it. A soccer specific stadium for the Oakland Roots might be included in a revitalized complex.
  11. Getting John Fisher to sell the club would be the best option. There are few groups with deep pockets in the Bay Area that would buy the team in a instant and build their own ballpark.
  12. The Rays only exist because MLB didn't want to be sued for denying the Giants relocation to St. Pete. They basically said here's an expansion team, now shut the hell up.
  13. If you love them or loath them. Cowboys do equal ratings.
  14. San Jose would be the ultimate option but that won't happen ever.
  15. 5 years from now we'll still be talking about the A's threatening to leave Oakland.
  16. Even as a Giants fan, I love the Vin Man. Respect Forever.
  17. Kroenke: "I own an MLS club? Well fancy that!"
  18. A fun fact I borrowed from someone else: In Patrick Marleau's rookie season he was teammates with Bernie Nicholls. In Nicholls rookie season he was teammates with Jim Rutherford. In Rutherford's rookie season he was teammates with Gordie Howe.
  19. Paul Brown retires and appoints Bill Johnson as his successor instead of Bill Walsh. Sorry coach, you chose the wrong Bill.
  20. NFC West should be quite entertaining this coming season with the Seahawks, Niners and vastly improved Cardinals. Rams about to be flushed.
  21. I guess Daniel Snyder & The Shanahans don't despise each other that much.
  22. Of course the Raiders draft the fastest guy in the draft (Ruggs). Al Davis lives!!!!
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