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    NBA, Cars (WEC, GT3, V8 Supercars)
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    Any of the Cavs current set, certain Sonics logos, Seattle Sounders FC main
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A longtime Seattle SuperSonics supporter (NBA Live 05 introduced me to them, they looked the best...) and a Cleveland Cavaliers supporter since '13 (before LeBron came back, and it was just Kyrie, TT and Dion Waiters. Choice was again due to how the team looked...). I'm very proud of the Cavs' winning the 2016 NBA Championship, but my proudest moment will hopefully be the day my Sonics hit the hardwood again.

Because of the Sonics, I find myself in love with Seattle, and tend to follow very loosely some of the other sports teams there (Sounders, Seahawks, Storm). Other sports teams I find myself affiliated through family and just general liking include; Liverpool, Everton, the Blue Jays and Indians.

I have a passing interest in AFL, I support the Adelaide Crows. I also have a huge passion for cars, I love V8 Supercars, GT3, WEC and Stadium SuperTrucks in terms of race catagories.