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  1. Replicas are shipping in a week... USA Hockey has a lot of detailed pics of them here. I guess they are swapping the gold winning years on the replicas...
  2. Except for this is the real deal... Reminds me a little of the Atlanta logo with the rounded logo.
  3. Braves beat writer just tweeted me "think similar to creme throwback they wore at L.A. in '11"
  4. Here's a first look at the Jets inaugural season patch:
  5. Full updates on the AU uniforms can be found on He's got pics of the jersey stars as well.
  6. If they had to keep the team in America, it would have been something like this:
  7. I'll have to dig through old work emails to see if I kept it. It was the jersey that the owners were leaning towards before scrapping the alternates altogether. The crest was the Thrashers' main logo (which really popped on a black jersey) and was less-busy than most other jerseys. As far as I know of, no actual jersey was made....just computer-image designs. I can assure you that if you find the pic, I will make sure that the jersey is created.
  8. The Braves just tweeted that players selected to the All-Star teams would be wearing gold stars on their hats and uniforms beginning Tuesday. I think this is a pretty goofy idea, but it will be interesting to see if the placement is the same for all teams or if some get creative. Here is the hat that will be worn by the braves. Braves All-Star hat
  9. It's probably safe to say it now, especially since the team's no longer here.... Atlanta's proposed new alternate jersey was going to While it was a decent looking jersey (better than the red alternate jersey), it was a definite BFBS. Any chance we will ever see pics of it or can you give us more description? Atlanta had announced at the end of the season that they would have no third for the upcoming season (if they had remained in Atlanta).
  10. Not surprised the numbers are so similar to Anaheim's. Those two teams were the guinea pigs for sublitwill, and now lots of teams are using it. I still think it is cheap looking, and hated when Atlanta swapped to it last year.
  11. It looks like the Kings have officially ditched the purple. I have added the link to their hat at the top. Since the hats feature the primary logos, it is safe to assume that the purple/silver/black crown has been retired. I've also added the Panthers hat, and they have kept the old leaping panther. The Lightning now have a hat featuring the new bolt, while many stores are selling one with the old.
  12. The Stars and Oilers hats have been found. That leaves just 3 left, unless Winnipeg is ready to debut a logo by the draft. The Kings TeamLA store says they will be unveiled on the 15th, which seems odd knowing that the finals could go that long. Glad I ordered a Thrashers one already as it will most likely be their last new piece of merchandise.