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  1. The Gordon Hayward injury last year. Simply looked gruesome.
  2. I feel like the Raiders should at least play their divisional games in California, afterwards they could play some games in international markets such as London,Mexico City, Toronto, and somewhere else in Europe or Asia, but this is Mark Davis choice, not mine.
  3. This logo doesn't really say "movies" to me. It looks like it would work better for a computer chip processor or a biotech company.
  4. If you could, put the shield on the collar, fix the dimensions,and color the Nike logo one color. Anyways this series has great potential and I'll look forward to the next concepts.
  5. This looks good. Only problem is that the beak looks a little like a fingernail.
  6. the cyan/teal reminds me of a pair of those old school 3D Glasses.
  7. Tulane built a new stadium a couple years ago named Yulman Stadium and it has about 30,000 seats.
  8. I'm honestly unsure, perhaps he wanted to switch things up.
  9. In this forum, your'e supposed to make the concept, not have other people do it.
  10. Where in Georgia are they exactly playing?
  11. To be honest, i thought you were doing NFL by Big Baller Brand and forgot to realize you were BBB.
  12. I admit, the Patriots Dynasty is pretty awe inspiring, i'm just tired of them and their raucous fan base. perhaps one of the reasons the Bulls dynasty had more respect in it's time is that people were consistently thrilled with their action because basketball is a faster paced game. Also, Bulls fans weren't noted to be extremely toxic and annoying other fans, which in the case of the Patriots may have been amplified with social media.
  13. Could the same be applied to the Bulls Dynasty of the 90s?
  14. "UFL" Perhaps Ultimate Football League?
  15. What if the 2011 NFL Lockout led to a cancellation of the entire season?
  16. What If the Broncos didn't get Peyton Manning? How would Tebow's career pan out?
  17. I will be your age by the time they are there. I ought a save up a ton of money to get to LA.
  18. If we can count Arenas here, I will just throw in the Izod Center in here. It was closed in 2015. Now its used for bands to rehearse in. But its future is uncertain, and the arena is likely to be torn down for a hotel/casino.
  19. I did not knew if you wanted the Minnesota outlined filled in or what color you wanted the outline to be, but here you go.
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