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  1. MLS basically still does that, but with 7 teams from each conference this season. I really hope they stay away from divisions once they're done expanding around 32. If they absolutely must have divisions I really hope they go for 4 divisions of 8 rather than 8 of 4. Eight divisions is too many for one league. And the less influence geographic grouping has on playoff qualification and seeding the better.
  2. Leagues in other countries play a perfectly balanced home and away schedule. MLS now has too many teams and too much travel to do that (remember most of these leagues are playing in countries smaller than Texas and only have 16-20 teams). The unbalanced regular season is the reason for playoffs.
  3. And this is why I would much rather see 4 divisions of 8 rather than 8 divisions of 4 if/when MLB expands to 32.
  4. Good grief. I wish USSF would step in and set up a D2 and D3 league to stabilize the situation instead of letting all this drama and instability go on. D2 for more ambitious clubs, D3 for smaller clubs and reserve teams. That way club owners and leaders and focus on running and developing their clubs instead of worrying about what the landscape might look like next year.
  5. Thinks aren't looking great for NASL. http://www.si.com/planet-futbol/2016/09/21/nasl-shakeup-ottawa-fury-tampa-bay-rowdies-usl-bill-peterson
  6. I would imagine maybe add a round to 32 or find a way to make 24 work, and then shorten the series to best of 3 for at least the first few rounds, then maybe 5 in the semis and 7 in the finals.
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