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  1. Not really about "design" or the logo itself, but where would you rank the quarterback numbers? Based on aesthetics, success, and just the quintessential quarterback number. What's your favorite number to see on the jersey of a quarterback?
  2. I really want to name a team the Brooklyn Kings. Anybody get it?
  3. Ronald Reagan and Hockey are like my two favorite things, so this makes me really excited.
  4. The maturity on this thread is shocking. I would think that every other answer would be... well, you know. Anyway, I don't play sports, but if I did, I've always liked 12, because it's both the month and the day. I like 24 for the same reason. I like 44 because 12X12=144 and 44 is the end of that. Also, because Miles Wood. Yes, Miles Wood is one of my favorite players. Also the 4 part of 144 I like. Also a Devil great, who was my favorite player when I was very young. 14 is the number from the 1st two digits, so I like that and also Adam Henrique is responsible for one of my favorite sports moments ever. I like 30 (pretty self-explanatory, considering my other picks), I like 26 and 27 (same). I've come to really appreciate 13, for the future best player to ever come from a non-Big Six country. I also like the way 63 looks on Jesper Bratt. Those are my picks.
  5. Any other Americans have favorite CHL teams? My favorites are Halifax in the Q, Mississauga in the OHL, and Spokane in the WHL. Yes, you could probably guess which NHL team I'm a fan of. Also, in the cases of Halifax and Mississauga, I really like their uniforms, and my grandmother was born in Newfoundland, so I like Halifax for being a Maritime team. Also, Spokane is a US team, although, if we're talking about US teams, I actually like Everett's uniforms better.
  6. NHL Metropolitan: Columbus Blue Jackets- I like their uniforms, I like Panarin, I like Jones, I like Werenski, I like Jenner, I like Dubois, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that their initials of the team name are BJ (My dad pointed that one out). NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles- I like Carson Wentz, I like Napoleon... er, uh, Nick Foles, and I used to have a lot of my medical issues dealt with in Philadelphia and that city treated me really well and I love that city AL East: Toronto Blue Jays- I like the city of Toronto, I really like their stadium, I like Josh Donaldson NBA Atlantic- Philadelphia 76ers- Joel Embiid is my literal favorite person in all of sports. I like Simmons. I love Philadelphia, I like their uniforms. The Process rivals Joel Embiid's Twitter for the greatest trolling in NBA history. AI's "Practice" is another one of my favorite things. Honestly I love this team in so many ways. Premier League- Everton- Honestly, I just love Liverpool. The Beatles are from there and it brought in the most Irish refugees from the Famine.
  7. Has anyone thought of the idea of an "Inhabitable Antarctica" league? The idea is that you imagine that by some physical difference, Antarctica is inhabitable. Either create cities or make the modern research stations the cities. The thing I'm concerned about is that one might need a full alternate history for this. If someone wants to take this on, I can even provide you with that. I can even provide the cities and the names. I can provide everything but the logos and jerseys. I don't know what sport, but probably hockey because I think Antarctica would be inhabitable, but still somewhat cold. (I imagine most of it would be like Canada, with cold winters and temperate summers.) I'm envisioning a unified former British colony, like USA, Canada, and Australia (because the British conquered everything).
  8. I just finished looking through that thread that was where everyone posted a fictional college, the Sportslogos College Athletic Association. While that was brilliant, it is dead. I intend to restart it under a different name. Same format, Name, nickname, location, colors, logo, fun facts, background under, but no rule on the metro cities. I have an idea so I'll start. It's visually a little rushed plus it's in paint. I'll work on it. Name: Julio Lobo University (Universidad de Julio Lobo) Nickname: Reyes (Kings) Location: Miami, FL Colors: Red and Blue of the Cuban flag and royal Purple. https://imgur.com/n9yqkTS In this timeline, Cuban sugar mogul Julio Lobo's fateful October 11, 1960 meeting with Ernesto "Che" Guevara results in Lobo fleeing to Miami, but he found a way to get his money through. Lobo, ever the philanthropist, founded Universidad de Julio Lobo in 1963. It was, and continues to be mostly for business, as Lobo was a great businessman. There is also a large agricultural component, again connected to the founding by Lobo, a sugar mogul. Sports came soon. Lobo being from Latin America, soccer and baseball were obviously first, but they were quickly followed by football, basketball, tennis, golf, and any other sport I may be missing, except ice hockey. There's field hockey, but it's Miami. No ice hockey. Lacrosse recently came in newer. The teams were named Los Reyes as a reference to Lobo's nickname, "El Rey de Azucar de Havana" (The Sugar King of Havana). They generally started going more by the English names in the 1980s, but the Spanish names are the official names. As it is a newer school, they are somewhat light on traditions, but that does not stop the student body of around 20,000 from packing Estadio Montalvo (another rich Cuban family Lobo married into) on Saturdays for the football games.
  9. I actually like what you tried to do. I like the colors, but the stripe on the bottom, I don't know what it is, but it just looks really awkward. Maybe add some blue to make it pop a little more and to go better with the "sea" part of the Seabirds theme. Not even a lot. Changing the bird head might also work. Not bad but can be better. Where subtle blue can go is in the eye instead of the red. Maybe the collar too, but I actually really like the sand color. It's different.
  10. I fully expect this to be the greatest thing to ever happen to this website. I'm not saying it will be, but based on what it is, it seems like it.
  11. Hi! I'm new to the forums. This is my fictional professional basketball league, the Premier League of North American basketball. It's a 40 team league with an Eastern Conference table and a Western Conference table, and the winners of each table play a series for the championship. I'm not good at drawing, by hand or digitally, so I was hoping that any of you incredibly talented people would make logos and/or jerseys for me. I put in the team colors for the teams. Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to undertake this project! EASTERN CONFERENCE: Montreal Musketeers- blue, gold Toronto Tories- Red, white Boston Massacre- red, white, green New York Empire- silver, black New York Subways- black, orange, purple Detroit Motor- Red, black, blue Philadelphia Framers- tan (the color of the paper the Constitution is written on) and black Washington Commanders- red, white, blue Baltimore Bombardment- Blue, white Cincinnati Centurions- red, gold Charleston Swamp Foxes- red, brown Atlanta Travelers- red, black Carolina Kings- purple, Carolina blue Miami Missiles- red, blue, brown Tampa Tortoises- Blue, green Kentucky Colonels- purple, white San Juan Leones- red, yellow, blue Chicago Outfit- Black, white Nashville Mountaineers-Black, green, gray Santo Domingo Draques- red, blue WESTERN CONFERENCE: St. Louis Crusaders- yellow, white, Minnesota Marauders- Orange, yellow New Orleans Hickory- Brown, green Kansas City Stallions- black, blue Dallas Colts- Brown, gold Houston Apollos- Orange, black Monterrey Vaqueros- brown, black Denver High- green, white Calgary Bighorns- green, gold, brown Arizona Scorpions- red, black Vancouver Beavers- brown, blue Seattle Emeralds- Green, white Oregon Trail- green, blue San Francisco Cables- red, white Las Vegas Blackjacks- black, red Los Angeles Osos- brown, black Los Angeles Dominions- silver, gold San Diego Gauchos- Celeste blue, white Honolulu Islanders- blue, tan Anchorage Wild Salmon- salmon, black, green
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