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  1. @Spanna65 I made the leprechaun in the style of Johnny Canuck
  2. Ok, so here's a little background, I go to a high school in Rosemount Minnesota and were called the Irish due to the city being founded by Irish immigrants. Anyway, our school has had the same logo, with different fonts and shaped shamrocks, it's a very simple logo and I feel like the inconsistency in shape and font make it hard to have a solid identity. The school barely uses the logo as they usually use a generic script 'Irish' or 'Rosemount' My goal was to create a logo that can be used for all the schools athletics and be a modern unique Irish logo instead of a Notre Dame rip off. Here's our current logo: Here's my new logos: The Head logo is my more modern version of the old hockey logo from a long time ago, and the full body logo is a leprechaun in the style of Johnny Canuck that I plan on converting into different sports used by the school. Let me know what you guys think!
  3. @Go Red Sox! Good catch I didn't realize that. Here's my update on Eagan, it's still a work in progress and i think I need to work on the eyes but don't know exactly what to do for them Please let me know what you think
  4. I'll be making updates to Eagan soon. For now here are Farmington and Prior Lake Farmington Farmington uses the Clemson paw with 'Tigers' through it, my design is a front facing tiger with a 'F' in the striping pattern, I know that i need to fix up the eye area but don't know exactly how to fix it. Prior Lake This is probably my most basic logo, a simple ship wheel and anchor with 'PL' in it replaces the generic sword flag. (Never understood why they use a sword being the lakers) Let me know what you think! Up next are Lakeville North and South
  5. Next up we've got the Eagan Wildcats and Eastview Lightning. Eagan Old Logo: New Logo: For Eagan I was tired of them never really having their own identity, they use a recolored Kansas State for most sports but also use other cat logos such as a florida panther rip off for hockey, so I decided to make a logo with a fierce cat using their colors and a hidden 'E' for Eagan in the hair. Eastview Old Logo: New Logo: Eastview has one of the worst logos in Minnesota IMO, its way too cluttered and the gradient just ruins it. I tried to make something fairly simple by using 'EV' with a lightning bolt in the negative space. Let me know what you think! Next up (I'm going a little out of order, oh well) are Farmington and Prior Lake
  6. For this thread I'll be posting my own concepts or redesigns of Minnesota High School Logos. I'll be starting with the South Suburban Conference. (I'm still relatively new to designing logos so I'll often base my designs off of other logos just letting everyone know. I'm not trying to steal other peoples work, just using their logos as a base) Apple Valley Old Logo: New Logo: For the Eagles I tried to update their identity from BC rip offs to something unique. Burnsville Old Logo: New Logo: For the Blaze I tried to get rid of the full Script logo while still showing who they are, I modified the Bloomington Blaze logo and changed the colors to match. Let me know what you think next up are Eagan and Eastview
  7. Love the Wetterling 11 and the concept as a whole and agree with @MJWalker45
  8. could you do the Minnesota Wild and Vikings?
  9. Michigan - hockey city classic 2015. I really like the 'M' in the yellow circle look Michigan tech - Great Lakes invitational 2013. Love the look of the Huskies in cream St. Cloud State - Throwback 2009. A unique all around jersey that I think looks good on them. I love the Huskies current jerseys too but think they're just Chicago remakes. Minnesota State Mankato - Alt 2013-14. I dont understand why they discontinued this uniform I think it looked really good on the Mavs. Minnesota Duluth - Home 2011-13. They discontinued it to add their main logo on the home, but IMO this jersey is better Mercyhurst - Current Road. I love this color scheme and I think it looks great on Mercyhurst Princeton - Current Road. I love the Montreal style on them and the logo suits it well, not to mention the colors pop. Also Princeton - Throwback 2013. I like the vintage look and I think that they should bring this back as a permanent 3rd jersey
  10. Gotta say I love this thread, very unique and well executed!
  11. I could see those rangers logos being used in real life, great job!
  12. I understand what you mean, I have always thought though that it'd be nice to see the Wild use the old kelly and gold. And I'm personally not a huge fan of the red and forest.
  13. Minnesota Main Logo: Their current logo recolored to match the North Stars. Alt Logo: Their Alt logo recolored to Viking or North Star colors, and 'the state of hockey' logo recolored Home Uniform: Based on their current alt, stripes changed to 2 colors, 'state of hockey' on shoulders. The old number font is back as well Road Uniform: Based or current road, stripes changed to 2 colors, 'state of hockey' on shoulders. The old number font is back as well Alternate Uniform: A new design, more a special jersey than an alternate. A mix of local legend Prince and the Vikings. Montreal Main Logo: Their current logo, the blue was lightened to their old shade. Alt Logo: Montreal Maroons logo recolored to match the habs current logo. Home Uniform: Their classic home now with their alt logo on the shoulders Road Uniform: A road version of their home Alternate Uniform: The new alt logo on front of a blue jersey with classic striping Let me know what you think! Next are Nashville and New Jersey
  14. Florida Main Logo: The Panthers new logo recolored to old color scheme. Alt Logo: Their current helmet logo, and the state of Florida flag with a panther head in it. Home Uniform: Based on their current home, stripes changed Road Uniform: Based or current road, stripes changed Alternate Uniform: Based off their old blue home with new alt logo on front Los Angeles Main Logo: The Kings current logo recolored to the classic purple and gold. Alt Logo: 'LA' combined from the main logo, 'kings' script from the Sacramento Kings, recolored. Home Uniform: Based on their 1980/81 - 1987/88 road uniform. Road Uniform: Based on their 1980/81 - 1987/88 home uniform, but white base rather than yellow. Alternate Uniform: Based on their current uniforms, the arm stripes are now colored in on a yellow base. Next are Minnesota and Montreal!
  15. Updated Edmonton Numbers lowered and main logo added to shoulders on alternate