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  1. As long as they (and hopefully the NFL as well) ditched the toilet seat collar thing that someone thought was cool, I'd be aw-ight with this set.
  2. NFL: 70's MLB: 80's (White Sox are the exception)
  3. the font shown here? (specifically, the name itself):
  4. If the Saints played as well as they looked, give 'em the Lombardi now.
  5. I unconsciously found myself shaking my head with disdain at the yellow face mask on the white helmet. The Chargers look on Thursday was almost nice. I welcome the 'Dan Fouts" royal blue, but the yellow bar on white helmet is smacking of trying too hard and it doesn't mesh.
  6. I believe he's trying to start a new Yankee trend to retire all the nineties in descending order since all the single digit numbers are done with (except #0. What's with that? Is no one allowed to use #0 in baseball or in the Yankee clubhouse? I realize the NFL has banned the use but in baseball?)
  7. This would be outstanding news.
  8. covers like this only encouraged cassette tape piracy.
  9. Detroit vs. Philadelphia 2013 1st half is a gem...
  10. If the NFL Shop was going to make me over pay for jerseys, the least they could was get it right (right, Nike?), Here would be my proposal for the uniforms for my beloved Saints. Road: Retro flair and all-white. Replace the Fleur-de-lis sleeve logo with timeless 70's striping (as much as the current short sleeves permit with tactful flair). White pants with a classic striping down the side. Instead of the aforementioned Fleur-de-lis at the hips, replace with stylized shield. the numbers have a slight '3d' block design. And a tasteful collar replaces Nike's annoying 'spike collar' or 'toilet seat' collar. Home: Sleek black jerseys with TV numbers on the side , replacing the Fleur-de-lis. A thin grey piping accents the shoulders from both sides and run down the side gusset running parallel to a middle gold stripe down the gusset. The theme of the subtly added grey stripe continues as it centers the black stripe down the sides on the gold pants. And a gold trim accents the collar which replaces Nike's collar (see above). Alternative: No blank black leotards on my watch. Hijack the striping from the white pants and slap 'em on. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Helmet: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Always a classy look no matter how many toy with their versions. My only thang is that the Fleur-de-lis needs to be bigger than it is now. I've stretched it here from earhole to almost the middle stripe. Word Mark: Slightly different font from the classic Solemnis and I chopped here and whittled there and voila. Tom Benson and Nike......make it happen!!!!
  11. I agree. This was the perfect look for them. The transition from the sleeve striping of old along with the number outline of the 'Louisiana Sleeve Patch' jerseys
  12. Earl Campbell as a Saint. And I'm a Saints fan. Both him and the world knew he was an Oiler and an Oiler only.