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  1. So Houston (and a lot of other teams at the time, let's be honest) saw that Bill O'Brien got Penn State to be competitive again after the Sandusky scandal and think he's a genius. What apparently slipped their mind was that Penn State is no SMU. All it would take to get Penn State back is a semi-competent coach. O'Brien is really more or less the luckiest guy on the planet.
  2. Hey Hulk, buddy, you sure taking all those chairs to the head had no effect on you?
  3. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to be the last champions of anything at this rate. You know, we (meaning people from where I'm from) all joked about how we knew the world would end if the Chiefs and Royals ever won another championship. I never thought it would actually come to that. Obviously, I'm joking but not by much.
  4. But seriously, I read more into this story and it's actually going to have a more kid-geared presentation on Nickelodeon along with the normal broadcast on CBS. It's not going to be Spongebob for 3 hours followed by the Houston Texans playing the Cleveland Browns or whatever irrelevant game the NFL would allow to be stuck on a kid's network.
  5. Happened twice. 2010 Seattle Seahawks (7-9). They won their playoff game against the Saints. It was the game that put Arrowhead on notice that there was a competitor for the loudest stadium in the NFL by causing an earthquake. What caused this? The touchdown run that transformed Marshawn Lynch from draft bust to Beast Mode. And the 2014 Carolina Panthers (7-8-1). Beat a sputtering Arizona Cardinals team in a laugher. It's happened and both times, said teams have proven that they belong.
  6. Ohhhhhh! Who's high on coke with ideas that are jokes? Viacom's C Suite!
  7. Fanatics, the MLB Uniform Manufacturer, is making protective masks made out of MLB uniforms.
  8. Now I want an ESPN: The Ocho App more than ever.
  9. My question now is what does Dick Pound have to do with Kaneda?
  10. >The Chiefs wearing black >One of the main colors of their arch-rivals the Las Vegas Raiders I'm going to have to pass. Not just on that but on any potential Oregonization of NFL Uniforms.
  11. More like someone in Lafayette, Louisiana was taking a shower and then wondered why almost every other state has a [State Name] University and a [State Name] State University but Louisiana didn't. Then, they took it from there.
  12. Only if this lasts into August. I'd make the case that if this winds up being endemic before a vaccine is found, it would have more of an effect on the latter parts of those seasons than the earlier parts.
  13. This. If the Chiefs are able to swing him for even a 7th Round Draft Pick, it would be well worth seeing what he can do against NFL talent.
  14. >According to Dick Pound I hope that he thought long and hard about this firm response.
  15. Depends. Are you planning on using SeatGeek in the future when its safe to go to events again? Do you need $115 right now (more a week due to how refunds work)? Those are the questions I'd be asking.