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  1. John Dorsey will stock a roster with talent (his last 1st round pick with KC was Mahomes after all), but he’ll leave a hell of a bill after he leaves. Anyway, good for Nassib, now he should go produce now that the burden of hiding his true self has been lifted.
  2. Yeah, good luck calling any team the Bullets right now. It’s a better name than Wizards IMO (sounds like the name of a kids soccer team), but there’s a reason the NBA isn’t jumping on that grenade.
  3. As a Chiefs fan, I'm probably biased, but I don't think a guy who looks like this is having any children we don't know about.
  4. Frank Clark, you complete dumbass. This is what you get a fall guy for. Apparently it was an Uzi.
  5. The Power 5? Yeah, they’ll probably be fine. It’s everyone else that should be concerned IMO. And honestly? Maybe college athletics should be de-emphasized. These are supposed to be institutions of learning at the end of the day even if they have devolved into daycares for young adults bloated off of subsidized student loans.
  6. Patrick Mahomes at least deserves the title of Generational Talent even if the term is thrown around for every first round projected pick that does well in the Underwear Olympics. That term should only be reserved for players that are just dominant in their sport like men among boys.
  7. I liked the Grant Hill-era teal Pistons uniforms.
  8. Yes. And good on her for doing so. They have a lease until 2033 and if they want to renegotiate with the city they need to approach City Hall and try to work something out before threatening to move a racetrack. Was plonking down the Starship Enterprise onto what was a national landmark not enough for them?
  9. I dunno, Mahomes sat every game but the last in his first year and it worked out for him. Wait, who was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs in 2017? Oh. It all makes sense now. Leave it to a mediocre coach to pull some cargo cult crap like that because it worked somewhere he was before.
  10. TIL the galaxybrains in charge of the Bears wanted to relocate to Gary, Indiana back in the 90s. The team is depressing enough, why would you then move to one of the most depressing places in the country? All the intelligence in the Halas-McClaskey family clearly died with George.
  11. So a bland bowl game named after a bland late-night host? Fits perfectly.
  12. Royals lost again. They have the best record in MLB in April, lose 12 games, get their way above .500 by going 13-6 and now they’ve lost 11 of 12. All evens out with them 7 games under .500. What a strange season.
  13. >In Halifax Weren’t they also trying to get a stadium built in Moncton if Halifax failed?
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