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  1. Solution is to copy paste the link and put into an archive site like, or, etc. Denies them clicks (and thus revenue) and freezes the article in that time in case they feel the need to gaslight their audience-I mean, edit the story later on.
  2. I would make the argument that moving away from Las Vegas is them realizing what an impending disaster that would be (which is admittedly a first but they are learning so progress) and head it off at the pass. Probably would be better to have it be at the stadium of the team with the better record, but what do I know? Apparently Jerry Jones owns this facility. Maybe it has something to do with it, maybe it's a coincidence? Probably the latter, but the only way this league survives long-term is to be the NFL's G League and that requires building relationships with the power brokers of the NFL. EDIT: Dundon and Jones discussed relocating the championship during the Combine.
  3. Every sport inflates attendance, though. If anything, it just means that turnstiles/tickets scanned should be the standard for attendance across the board.
  4. Only one game that aired live could be rated this weekend. 354,000 watched the Orlando Apollos and Arizona Hotshots game. But, there was a replay of the Stallions versus Express game that aired after the Apollos-Hotshots game that had 184,000 people watching. At 11 PM EST on a Saturday. So, at least half of the audience stuck around to watch a replay of a minor league football game that they likely knew the score of after watching a minor league football game.
  5. Chiefs probably take a flyer on him for a year. God only knows we need someone intimidating on that side of the ball. Maybe not Burfict's type of intimidating but something.
  6. Not bad for a 7th round draft pick out of Harvard.
  7. I was wondering why the flying CBS would schedule a game for 10:00 AM local time in San Antonio with the Memphis Express coming in on Final Four weekend. (Seriously check the AAF website for the starting time). And now Manziel signs with the Express. Makes sense now and it wouldn't shock me if Manziel was going to be signed whether Mettenberger was knocked out or not (Commanders had waived their right to sign him). Now? Never let a good crisis go to waste.
  8. An undefeated season derailed by a false start penalty with 4 seconds to go deep in Hotshots territory. Whatever the off-field issues the league has, the games on the field don't lack excitement.
  9. Salt Lake might be interesting. Could get some butts in chairs there for the Fleet and Commanders home games.
  10. Number One: Congrats on the move Number Two: I like some of these ideas but the idea of having the Commanders logo be on the back of the helmet reminds me of this story.
  11. Dan Snyder whenever he sees a potential big free agent signing:
  12. Looks like the Fleet's alt jersey going to be white with gray numbers.
  13. I'm going to sound nuts for saying this, but Fargo actually makes more sense than a lot of other aforementioned expansion/relocation candidates so far. Two reasons: The Fargodome and the only competition for winter sports dollars is the Fargo Force (a USHL team) and North Dakota State basketball/hockey in a state that is rapidly growing in population and wealth.
  14. Columbus is further north than Salt Lake. No way that football starting in February is going to fly there unless maybe, maybe, the starting lineup becomes "The Home For Wayward Buckeyes" and only former Buckeyes. And hell, that'll probably fail too.