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  1. Yeah, it really makes me wonder what else is down the line due to either greed or actually being in the red for once (no pun intended). True, still sucks that now Arrowhead is now some corporate field too. Yeah, it started with the ticket gates having sponsors and now this. The naming agreement does last for the rest of Arrowhead’s lease through 2031 but I wonder if they’ll build a new stadium like they’re planning with the Royals and said stadium will just be called GEHA Field. Forget that noise. Hell, forget taxpayer-funded stadiums in general. Renovations are fine but there is no city in this country that should be handing billionaire owners free brand new stadiums. For all the crap I can give Kroenke or Kraft, at least they paid for their own damn stadiums.
  2. It’s less about soccer and more about how a bunch of workers would be sacrificed for what would now amount to nothing. It’s more the breaking point for the workers in the region than anything about soccer. If you look at the demographic situation in the UAE, like Qatar, you’ll find that the natives who are living in luxury are vastly outnumbered by the workers they lord over. And Oman, the immigrant workers are almost the same number as the native Omanis. It’s not going to be pretty in the long run anyway but the breaking point would be sped up by a couple decades. If it starts in one Gulf State, it’ll inevitably spread.
  3. As I said, they have it coming, but the after effects would probably knock the world into a depression due to skyrocketing fossil fuel costs. Especially if it spreads to the other Gulf States. I know this seems like it has nothing to do with the World Cup, but these workers have been abused long before Qatar was “awarded” the World Cup and will continue long afterwards. Take away the World Cup and that will likely be the breaking point for yet another round of chaos in the Middle East.
  4. I stand by what I said. The people in charge of Qatar are degenerate psychopaths (where isn’t that the case, though?) but it is too late to move something of this scale. And if you did move it at this point, revolution would probably be inevitable considering that now 7,000 lives have been lost for what is now no reason. Maybe they have it coming but gas is already too expensive as it is. Qatar falls into chaos and gas is $6.00/gallon. Forget that.
  5. I dunno. Kyler Murray does look promising and they almost made the playoffs last year and would have if they weren’t relying on an AAF starter the last couple of weeks. If the defense can be tightened up, the Cardinals could be a dark horse candidate.
  6. Metlife Stadium is about 10 miles south of Manhattan which is about as far as Arrowhead Stadium is from downtown Kansas City. Yeah it's New Jersey but it's barely New Jersey. Sporting KC is technically in Kansas City, Kansas but that doesn't mean I don't follow them if I'm in Missouri.
  7. That they’re the New York Jets. Sure, we see it as the dumpster fire it is, but others see the potential of being known as the guy who turned a bad team in the biggest market around. Be the King of New York so to speak.
  8. I want to see Mahomes vs Wilson twice a year. Viva Las Vegas! Also, I’m tired of hating the Broncos and pitying the Raiders. I want to hate the Raiders again.
  9. Sounds like Russell is the one who wants out. Apparently neglecting the line for so long has finally caused him to reach his breaking point. Can’t say I blame him. I’d say the Raiders would be the best stop. You know, if only so the Donkeys live in the AFC West Cellar for the next decade.
  10. Doug Pederson grew up in Bellingham, Washington which is a rural town about 90 miles north of Seattle, went to Louisiana-Monroe University which appears to be closer to Little Rock than New Orleans. So, knowing all that, what's in his garage shouldn't be a surprise at all. Not to denigrate his hobbies, of course. Some people like fine wine and opera, some people like to go ride ATVs and hunt deer. To each their own. Just makes sense now.
  11. Was Sid Luckman the last consistently good QB they had?
  12. Why does that bathroom look like a rejected set design for A Clockwork Orange?
  13. The Eagles Deunion Tour claims another player. This time it’s DeSean Jackson.