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  1. Some people can only feel when they hate. And that is sad.
  2. Paul Lukas ( founder) has been a longtime lightning rod in the whole "logo community". If you want to know why, I'd suggest going to his Twitter or reading articles on his site. Beyond that, I have nothing to say on the matter.
  3. Okay, so the $99/year package isn't just for unlimited articles. That is the minimum these assclowns are requiring in order to comment on their articles. What, is Twitter bending over backwards because you can't handle a few trolls not good enough? I'm glad Deadspin fired these hacks. And this goes for anyone who charges $99/year to comment. If you hate comments that much, at least disable them so you can show the world how hypersensitive to criticism you are. It isn't about "triggering the SJWs, owning the SJWs" because its more about narcissism than politics. Let's see how they run the show when it comes time to pay their employees.
  4. Not to downplay it, but 2% of the US population would be 9,000,000 dead. The only age group where it so far has a fatality rate north of 10% are people 80 or older. That's not to downplay anything at all, I'm saying it would be a hell of a jump from 150,000 to 9,000,000 and if the virus had that kind of leap in lethality while still remaining as transmissible, then we're now actually living in a pandemic movie not just perpetually stuck in the first 15 minutes of one.
  5. Just because you may win a war doesn't mean there isn't still an insurgency to stamp out. Besides that point, everyone wants to believe they're the underdog no matter what the circumstances are. As I said, let's see how they do. If they can get blood out of a stone, I'd like to know how they did it.
  6. Actually, focusing on culture over sports would probably be a boon to them at the current moment due to not having a lot of sports. I'll consider giving them money if they write another article about all the weird things people go the ER for. Getting money via subscribers also gives them more editorial independence too. Don't need to adhere to advertiser standards if you don't need advertising after all.
  7. As I said, let's see how they're doing in a year or two. If they fail, they could legit blame it on Xinnie the Flu instead of it more likely being that the people in charge make a six year old look like Warren Buffet when it comes to handling finances.
  8. You know I recall in this thread saying something about people from Deadspin going out and proving that there is still an interest in sports coverage with a progressive take. Looks like they've gone out and done it. Let's see how Deadspin and Defector are doing a year from now. Would be interesting to see it unfold. Tbf, Outkick would probably be a better comparison considering they are the right-wing counterpart to Defector.
  9. Kowtowing to a guy who gets butthurt over being compared to Winnie the Pooh would be a pretty big deal. Or it should be. And saying that we should have mutual respect for a Communist dictatorship doesn't help
  10. That is true, but the whole thing going up is a casus belli for the more traditionalist-minded owners to oust him because of all the other ways he's screwed up the game.
  11. I never thought I'd live to see the day when Gary Bettman is the most competent commissioner in sports. But here we are.
  12. The point at this point is the point itself. I believe this country needs sports at this point. We need something to gather around and be able to talk about without worrying that some bastard with too much time on his hands will ruin your life because reasons. Sports is that thing right now.
  13. If it bleeds, it leads has been a news industry standard since at least William Randolph Hearst. I don't think this issue is going away anytime soon but I do find it ghoulish how some of them are almost reveling in the carnage.
  14. Peak 2020. Well, maybe they end up like another hockey team with a sea creature mascot. That team is in Detroit, right?
  15. Only way I can even see expansion occur in the near future is the CFL collapsing completely. And then it would be limited to 4 expansion slots and that probably gets Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver based on market size with the 4th going to San Antonio as that's the only US market I can see the NFL expanding to. And even that is very unlikely IMO. And, this would necessitate the NFL going to six divisions of six teams each. So, here's my attempt. New AFC East Buffalo New England Miami New York Jets Jacksonville Indianapolis New AFC Central Pittsburgh Cleveland Cincinnati Baltimore Tennessee Houston New AFC West Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Denver Vancouver San Antonio New NFC East Washington Dallas Philadelphia NY Giants Montreal Toronto New NFC Central Green Bay Chicago Detroit Minnesota Tampa Bay Carolina New NFC West Los Angeles Seattle San Francisco Arizona Atlanta New Orleans And now I'm reminded of just how little geographical sense the divisions made pre-2002.