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  1. Because the NFL is in the business of seeking handouts not giving them.
  2. Plus, a lot of these small towns were blue-collar factory towns 100 years ago. They aren't anymore and tend to be economically depressed. Thus, the NFL building "museum stadiums" there would quickly become a white elephant that these budget-strapped towns wouldn't be able to pay for.
  3. Anaheim City Council is getting sued over the very secret sale of underpriced land to the Angels. Who would've thunk?
  4. Join the club. Here, have some KC barbecue. Now, your choice, Gates, Arthur Bryant's, Jack Stacks, SLAP or Oklahoma Joe's Joe's KC?
  5. Are they going to referee a game or go on a jog on a 60 degree day?
  6. Going homer here. The Chiefs win it all. Kansas City basically does this:
  7. Lamar Hunt was "inspired" by the 49ers logo. The Chiefs have certainly made enough adjustments since then (red helmets and white pants for one), but yeah, I get what you're saying.
  8. There's a first time for everything. Didn't think I'd see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl either but then I also didn't think I'd see the Royals win a World Series. What's next, Mizzou winning a national championship in a sport that's relevant?
  9. Chiefs-49ers. May the best team win. Hopefully it's mine, but if not, it's nice to at least get to a Super Bowl.
  10. I second Bucfan56. He's clearly an inferior Patrick Mahomes.
  11. First time seeing my team go to the Super Bowl. Gotta say it feels good, man.
  12. Wait, what?! For slapping someone on the backside?! Jesus flipping Zombie Christ.... You know that's what football players do, right?
  13. Why is anyone surprised that New Orleans has a crooked police force that focuses on things that upset sports fans than anything important?
  14. Chiefs over Titans Packers over 49ers Yeah, baby, we're getting a Super Bowl I rematch. And this time, things will be different.
  15. Honestly? People see the whole Black Sox scandal and think its still possible to get players to throw a game but the White Sox largely threw that World Series because Comiskey wasn't paying them jack. The gamblers could pay more money and even that wasn't enough to keep things quiet. With the NFL, we're talking about organizations that when they travel require two chartered planes and that is just essential staff. Do people realize how much money it would take to get players/staff to throw a game? Obviously that's only one side of rigging but even though these players are paid millions, most of them still have competitive pride. Most of them still want to win. Someone would've snitched by now and gotten really wealthy for "uncovering the truth about the NFL" or the NFL has the CIA/Mossad/Mafia on speeddial to make sure no one talks. Occam's Razor says at worst the refs may influence games due to personal biases and that is bad enough without going into loopy conspiracy land.
  16. I think the flip side to the argument you're referring to would be "How would NFL teams look at a player sitting out the BuyCrapNow Bowl even if it is meaningless? Are these players going to sit out regular season games with no meaning when they go pro?" I completely understand why a player would sit out, but I don't think the angle of a GM/Owner is thought of much.
  17. That man gave the Chiefs fits for so many years. Still, an amazing player who should be in Canton very soon.
  18. I want the Montana Bowl. And I want the Chiefs to avenge all the love, anger and sorrow (and money) that the good people have expended on them for the last :censored:ing half of a century. Yes, I curse a lot. You would too if you were a Chiefs fan. And not just some bandwagoner when Mahomes looked like the Undefeated of the Midwest last year, I mean, thinking that a team helmed by Damon Huard can totally beat a Colts team that has a crap defense. Bob Stewart? Nah, he won't make a difference at all! No no no, I was BORN into this fandom! Like, one of my first memories is the mother:censored:ing Lin Elliot game kind of memory. I mean BORN and RAISED. Not even a KU fan. By God, that would dull the pain. No, I mean, MIZ-ZOU. Pain is sustenance at this point. Last edit: I'd be lying if I said this wasn't my mood towards Derrick Henry and the Tennessee so-called Titans right now:
  19. Yeah, at this rate if the XFL lasts 4 full seasons, it would be an accomplishment considering the AFL is the last league aside from the NFL and CFL to last more than 3 full seasons.
  20. Just going to point out this actually happened.
  21. What a win. Just hope the Chiefs didn't blow their load in this game.
  22. This has transitioned from the Chiefs getting blown out to blowing the Texans out really quick. I did not see any of this coming. I'm happy to see this but still.
  23. And the Texans just called their final timeout. With a little less than 4 minutes to go. LMFAO