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  1. To be fair, nobody actually knows what is going on save Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and the physician monitoring Mahomes. Even a licensed physician that isn't connected to the Chiefs can't really tell you more than what we've all said. It's all a game time decision. Let's see what happens.
  2. Keep in mind that 610 Sports is the official sports station for the Chiefs. I'm going to go on a limb here and say its probably legit. Also, Carrington Harrison is great. Check out his YouTube page as it has snippets from his shows. Nick Wright is also a 610 alum fwiw. Hopefully Mahomes is okay to go next week if he didn't actually suffer a concussion.
  3. Almost makes me wish throwbacks were still an option. Imagine seeing Tom Brady running onto his home field wearing the Bucco Bruce Creamsicles for the Super Bowl.
  4. No, just, no. Not the right time or place.
  5. Relax, I'm :censored:ing with you.
  6. If that happens, the only logical decision is to trade Chad Henne to Houston. They'd probably trade an extra 1st round pick if we threw in some dry beans and said they were magic.
  7. Sit Mahomes. The Chiefs still have all their other playmakers. Win, and you'll likely have Mahomes back by the Super Bowl. Lose and go at it again next year with a Mahomes who isn't risking becoming a vegetable. Frankly, making the AFC Championship Game at least satisfies the base expectation I had all year.
  8. Mahomes likely being out is definitely an equalizer, though. It'll be a hard-fought game, that's for sure. I think a lot of people forget the Chiefs plunked down half a billion dollars on Mahomes going into a season where they're practically guaranteed to bleed red ink. They aren't going to take any bit of this lightly.
  9. Bills vs Chiefs. @DG_ThenNowForever, may the best team win.
  10. Goddammit, Tyreek! Wait, it's a joke. Okay. Whatever. Mahomes is out. That's no good.
  11. We've only had one year and you got to experience 20. Lighten up, Francis.
  12. The owner of the team doesn't necessarily have to be racist if general organizational incompetence is enough to piss away talent like Deshawn Watson.
  13. Hell, even as a Chiefs fan, I wouldn't be too bummed out by the Browns winning so long as they go onto win the Super Bowl. If they were to then get creamed in the AFC Championship Game, I'll be pretty PO'd, though. Frankly, the Browns have a better shot than most people think. If they can use that ball-control offense to limit the number of possessions Mahomes has the ball, victory isn't out of the question. However, my bet is Chiefs 31, Browns 24. However, it's the kind of 31-24 victory where the Chiefs are going in the 4th quarter up 31-10 and the defense decides to take the rest of the game off thus pissing off gamblers who seem to miss the end goal of every football game: Whoever has more points wins.
  14. It's not Warren Moon's fault that Bud Adams spent more time bitching about the Astrodome than he did on making sure Houston had some kind of defense.
  15. It's like I've been saying: Chicago is where quarterbacking careers go to die. It's not Mitch Trubisky being bad, it's more that even Patrick Mahomes can't succeed in an organization stuck with Halas nostalgia.
  16. There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and Josh Gordon not being able to put down the bong.
  17. You know, I'm really happy with how Josh Allen has progressed. Bills-Chiefs is going to be the new Colts-Patriots. Book it. And frankly? I think there will be a lot more authentic excitement about this rivalry considering they are both small markets and until recently both hadn't been great since the 90s. No kidding. I'm worried Jackson is going to be worn out by the time he's 30, but something seems very different about him compared to other dual-threat QBs. His running style seems to reflect that he believes that he is a great throwing QB that can really run rather than someone out to prove that QBs can be running threats too. Maybe he lasts longer. Or maybe he went Super Saiyan when he took a dump in Cleveland and that's why he still looks like he's 100%.
  18. The Super Bowl LII winning head coach has just been fired after a 4-11-1 season.
  19. If you would've told me the Chiefs were going to play the Browns before I actually saw this game I would've been thrilled. Now I'm wondering if it's the Browns defense that is this good or if it's just the Steelers crapping the bed right now.
  20. Keep up the good work, Elway. You're totally not turning the Broncos into Mile High Cleveland and by that, I highly doubt the stadium is the only thing that's a mile high associated with the Broncos.
  21. Shane Doan, member of the Pheonix/Arizona Coyotes since 1996 spent his rookie season in the franchise's last year in Winnipeg.
  22. You can't be known as Chief Buttfumbler of the NFL without failing at failing.
  23. The Chiefs got lucky thanks to an AAF refugee shanking a field goal. That is all.
  24. Just go to 18 games like we all know you want to, Goodell. This 17th game idea is the perfect example of a compromise that satisfies no one.