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  1. NGL, as someone who loved watching arena football since I first saw one of those tape-delayed AFL matches, it's sad seeing the sport as a whole fall from the height of....wait, similar instability but with a bigger budget. Just like the MISL in the 1980s based on everything I read about that league. Had fun going to watch the Brigade, though, funny enough in the same building where the Comets used to draw capacity crowds that wound up driving out an NBA team. Fun while it lasted and all, but I'm wondering what the next sport is that will get like indoor soccer or arena football that will soar like Icarus and crash really really hard?
  2. Maybe economically they were joined at the hip for a long time, but socially they were very far apart. Started with Minneapolis having mostly Protestants while St. Paul had a lot more Catholics and it continued until the 1960s to the point where said municipal rivalry cost them the Lakers because people in St. Paul weren’t going to support the Minneapolis Lakers. Which is why every team since then has gone with saying that their team is the “Minnesota” Vikings/Twins/North Stars/Timberwolves/Wild. Having a basebrawl between the minor league teams from both cities probably didn’t help either.
  3. The Sens really had a really great run in the 2000s too. Kind of a bold strategy to win back fans by making your uniforms three times as bland as other teams, but I’m not a bigbrain expert at owning a hockey team like Eugene Melnyk so my peon opinion means nothing.
  4. 16 teams, integrate the more relevant Bowls past the 1st Round, shutter the rest of Bowls, make the college postseason great again and not deal with a 6-6 East Michigan playing a 6-6 South Alabama playing in the WGAF Bowl
  5. And The Coliseum is an honest-to-God :censored:hole and not just because it’s in Oakland. As in, sewage issues have been chronic there for as long as I remember. And yeah, I know it’s a standard tactic but it always amazes me at its effectiveness. I guess no one wants to be Baltimore or Cleveland outside of the more mundane reasons they don’t want to be Baltimore or Cleveland.
  6. So the A’s owner was just rattling his relocation saber to get a better deal locally? I remember when Mario Lemieux did the same thing to Kansas City so the Pens could get a new arena in Pittsburgh.
  7. This was back in 1994, specifically for the Browns/Steelers Playoff game. Here's the video link incase you wanted soundbites or something from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX9GLtpYyWk NFL really doesn't want people watching clips.
  8. Maybe the new name ought to be the Cleveland Inferno because that team is a dumpster fire. You can even bring back the cursive I as a cap logo. Good thing they’re in the AL Central otherwise they’d have to think about blowing up the team.
  9. And said attic league is full of toys judging by where some affiliates were before the last realignment what with all the teams on the West Coast having their farm teams in New England. Or up until very recently with Vancouver having their AAA squad on the other side of the continent. I think the old NFL divisions pre-2002 made more sense.
  10. Was making the kid run laps, do bear crawls or Oklahoma drills not enough? That always got me and my teammates in-line whenever we would goof off.
  11. Let’s see, the Bills, the Chiefs, old Browns, Oil-er-Titans and new Browns are the top teams in the AFC right now talent wise with New England, Indianapolis and the LA Chargers potentially being dark horse candidates. Yep, sounds like a repeat of history to me.
  12. The real battle in the AFC isn’t going to be over home field advantage, it’s going to be over who gets sacrificed to Baltimore, Buffalo, Kansas City and/or Tennessee in the wild card round. AFC has less parity than the NBA right now. That’s amazing to me.
  13. They made a devout Jew eat a pepperoni pizza. I think this has gone from hazing to potentially a hate crime.
  14. So this as a business strategy:
  15. It's probably going to be the Washington Warriors. It was an option along with many other names in a list of names sent to Washington Football Team season ticket holders. He'll probably keep the logo that the Football Team has now, wait 5 years and then bring back the old logo as a giant middle finger to everyone who forced him to change the team's name in the first place. I don't think he bought out his co-owners just to sell it to Bezos, after all.
  16. Reading that article, it sounded more like the original USFL owners want to find out who just got loaded from selling merchandizing rights that they have no right to and are willing to work with Fox. I don't know who just earned ill-gotten gains but it should be interesting. As for reviving Firefly? That show is neat, but I liked it better when it was called Cowboy Bebop. Intro is amazing and there is no other reason at all why I'd post it.
  17. I watch UrinatingTree, Pat McAfee or various cable era sports pundits that post clips online for my coverage. Why pay over $1,600-2,000/year for basic cable and maybe 100 channels when I can pay less than $900/year for Internet while getting similar quality content? It’s a basic economic question and that will doom a lot of ESPN’s assets long-term.
  18. Site is pure bare bones and that is clearly an indication of a great start. Social media isn’t much better. Facebook Twitter Instagram And somehow looking at this operation, Fly By Night is the phrase I can best think of. And the song.
  19. Nostalgia pandering has gotten way out of control. Why can’t people just create new things instead of just rebooting the same thing over and over again? Also, alternative football leagues need like a million different things to go right just to get a foothold. The Spring League has a nice niche as it is, why are they risking that?
  20. Robert Kraft owns the New England Revolution. My guess for having them still play at Gillette is so he can fill dates where the stadium would otherwise sit empty. After all, he did fund Gillette Stadium entirely out of his own pocket so it makes sense he’d want as many dates filled as possible.
  21. If Horace Stoneham taught us anything, it’s that you should visit stadium sites day and night.
  22. NYCFC isn’t for lack of trying, though. Just a cursory look into the situation tells me I really need to look into that whole saga because it looks like one hell of a doozy. I don’t think NYCFC is in any danger of moving at all but it really is reminiscent of the DC United situation with RFK and that team’s near 2 decade long fight for a stadium site.
  23. Not to mention that solar powered desalination is becoming more and more of a thing. Granted what MIT has is merely a small-scale functional prototype but I can only imagine that the demand for something like this plus drastic upscaling as fresh water sources get harder and harder to come by will only get bigger. The conversation on water reminds me of what I heard about oil growing up and now the issue isn’t peak oil supply as it is peak oil demand. Difference in this scenario is that water is a hell of a lot more renewable than oil. You could probably repurpose those oil pipelines for water as oil demand keeps declining. Granted you’d have to clean the hell out of them but there you go. If Vegas is going to decline, I don’t think water demand or supply will be the main factor so much as it is Vegas (and Nevada by extension) losing its exclusivity on sports gambling and thus down the line it’s relative exclusivity on high-end gambling+entertainment. And as more and more states legalize sports betting, the countdown to that time has long since begun.
  24. I remember that the Royals were approached to move to the NL Central before the Brewers but they refused and then you had the situation with the Astros this past decade. So, the team would have to consent to relocating to another division or league.
  25. I was about to say, anyone thinking you could plop a place like Lambeau, Gillette or Arrowhead in the middle of a downtown has a couple of screws loose. Baseball or hockey/basketball? Sure, as long as the city in question has the infrastructure to handle transportation of people to and from the game and there’s a decent nightlife to be had after the game. Some places, however, would be disastrous to have a downtown stadium right now. Like Kansas City as the only mass transit we currently have aside from the bus system is a 2 mile long streetcar from the River Market to the WWI Museum. Trying to get 30-40,000 (maybe more like 20-30,000 but still) people to a baseball stadium for 80 or so nights a year would be a disaster right now so naturally the idea is under consideration. Of course, as for the Rays right now? Looks like Nashville is back on the menu, boys. If this move does happen, my guess is that the Tigers or whatever the team in Cleveland is called by then and the relocated Rays would switch divisions. First they need a stadium, however.
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