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  1. I think the only reason the NFL would consider purchasing the XFL would be as a hedge against smaller colleges/universities no longer being able to afford football programs due to the sudden expenses of having to compensate players. Sure, college football will still exist but suddenly you find yourself with a market where a lot of talented 18-22 year olds can't find a roster spot in college. Then the NFL might have the genesis of a minor league.
  2. It doesn't matter if the A's are in Philadelphia, Kansas City or Oakland, they're broke (relative to the rest of MLB) wherever they go.
  3. In Texas, 3/4 of all reported COVID fatalities have been over the age of 65 (79% in the US). While the disease could certainly mess up someone that is young and healthy, generally speaking, the risk of dying from COVID is minimal compared to senior citizens and people with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, HIV or Type 2 Diabetes. The players should mask up, but the stats indicate the risk is lower. If anything, the typical owner of an MLB team is at a far greater risk of critical complications/death from COVID than the players are.
  4. Yeah, there isn't a single group of people that would look good with no season. The owners would be billionaire misers who beg for a taxpayer-funded palace and then cry poor when it comes time to pay players and the players look bad because there's a 15% unemployment rate and not wanting to go to work when you're paid millions a year in a sport that a lot of people have to pay Little Leagues to get their kid to play makes you look like a whiny coward. Really, with professional baseball players tending towards being fit and young, the only legit reasons I can see for not wanting to play are if they are asthmatic or have Type 1 Diabetes.
  5. If it gets the Royals another World Series, I don't care. Seriously, this might be the big break a lot of these guys are hungering for. If they don't want to play, find people who will.
  6. And now Vince McMahon denies that he's trying to buy back the XFL. Does seem like he's setting things up for him to do so when he says "I hope somebody buys the XFL" but it seems that for now, the XFL will probably stay dead.
  7. Maybe they just wanted to have their playoffs like its the 70s and 80s for the lulz
  8. It's not ads so much as it is competing for donors and media coverage whether its traditional media or online media. And even if things have loosened up wrt sexuality in past decade or so, media companies aren't usually big on giving coverage to "porn companies".
  9. Seems like the biggest driver of these competitors is catering to non-mainstream political views regardless of what they are. I should've worded it a lot better but I've never been one for tact. However, OnlyFans actually has a good shot because you can't dismiss it as a cesspool for NEETzis. Might make Patreon better too now that they actually have legit competition.
  10. I miss steroids in baseball. Yeah, yeah, records, morals and all that but baseball was a lot more exciting when the best sluggers were roided up.
  11. From what I heard, OnlyFans is trying to move away from porn to be more advertiser-friendly (read: boring). Pornhub doesn't seem to have problems with money or traffic so it doesn't make any sense to me. But, on the flip side, if anyone is going to make a Patreon competitor that doesn't cater to fascist/commie kooks who got the boot for ToS violations, they would have the best shot.
  12. >Losing a draft pick because Atlanta fans are terrible and won't make noise on their own The absolute state of sports in Atlanta Inb4 "But what about Atlanta United?" If they're still selling out the GoatseDome in 10 years, they'll be the exception. For now, they're too new to really make a judgement.
  13. Didn't the Vikings allegedly do that a lot back when they were in the Metrodome?
  14. I used the Astros as an example not because I thought the Rainbow Guts looked bad (on the contrary, I think they're classics) but rather as a way of saying that newer franchises have more room to be creative without triggering a massive backlash that would poison the well before anyone would get the chance to appreciate said uniforms (see the Bucs and Browns former designs). As for the Rams new uniforms, I do like the new color scheme (aside from bone and the gradient), but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.
  15. I don't want to be that guy, but I was more looking for moments that happened that were amazing and spectacular but were then overshadowed. Like Jermaine Kearses's catch in Super Bowl XLIV that was then overshadowed by the pants-on-head decision to throw the ball at the goal line. And that's the last I'll say of it. I really should be appreciative people are posting at all IMHO.
  16. I don't miss the NFL blackout policy. I don't miss the Edwards Jones Dome being an NFL stadium even if St. Louis did get :censored:ed over. That place was a dump even in the late 90s. I don't miss the New Orleans Hornets. And I don't miss the Oakland Mausoleum being an NFL stadium. Like St. Louis, a total dump stadium in a total dump of a town. Although the Mausoleum was more of an upper decker than a dump
  17. I miss the Tony Gonzalez slam dunking of goalposts. Hell scratch that, I miss Tony Gonzalez. Thanks Goodell.
  18. I don't miss the idea that a national champion would be chosen by coaches and reporters. Say what you will about the BCS, but it was a step in the right direction, at least. Bonus: I do not miss these Bills uniforms at all. Jesus Christ, I feel bad for whoever was a sports fan in Buffalo in the late 2000s.
  19. 2000 is about 20 years that a way. Nah, but seriously, its less chasing "streetwear" trends and more people thinking that because they have more financial success than others that their opinions on everything is worth its weight in gold.
  20. I swear to God, the next time I get involved with fantasy football, I'm calling my team the Fighting Kefkas. Wait, different kind of fantasy....
  21. I get that there is structural changes in uniforms. No one can or should expect things to look exactly the same forever. Still, there's a reason (and a very good one) that the Yankees didn't have Rainbow Guts in the 70s and the Astros did. The Yankees even by the 70s had a strong identity while the Astros at that point were known more for where they played than what they played. Thoughtlessly mucking around with brand identity destroys brand equity and when you're a company marketing a product (and let us not forget for a second that sports teams are companies at the end of the day), brand equity is as or even more important than the product you're selling itself. And when you're a team that has as long of a history as the Rams have had, brand equity is going to be a lot more important than if you're the Houston Texans.
  22. At this point, it seems like he is fine with his demons. If so, then he can enjoy the Hell of his own making.
  23. I don't miss ties in hockey. I don't miss teal and purple being popular colors. Yes, as a 90s kid I know this is blasphemy, but y'all can bite me. I don't miss the NHL lacking a salary cap. I'm glad I never grew up when the NFL lacked a salary cap. I don't miss the Arena Football League. I don't miss MLS teams playing in NFL stadiums. I don't miss Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football. I don't miss being a fan of a team that always dominated in the regular season but whiffed in the playoffs. Derrick Thomas deserved at least one Super Bowl ring. EDIT: It's not something I don't miss (because I barely remember it being a thing) but until I saw games from the 70s and 80s, I always thought it was weird that my Dad would ask me what the score was. When I finally did see said games, it became a lot more understandable. Thank God for scorebugs.
  24. My guess is that while podcasts might decline in absolute number, local radio is probably going to get hit harder in percentage terms. Thus, even if podcasts decline, they are still more competitive economically than having to pay for a radio station and maintaining that radio station and the talent. Its like how even if blogs became less prevalent, it still didn't stop the decline of newspapers as the underlying economic fundamentals that caused such a shift were still there.