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  1. Thank. God. We need to use Shady more. No questions about that now. For now, it seems that Andy Reid is giving Matt Moore a prrrromotion.
  2. That's what I thought but its still nice to see a defense impose its will rather than look like a bunch of clowns pretending to be football players.
  3. After dealing with smug Donkeys fans for so long, I am looking forward to seeing how long this clown show is going to last. Couldn't happen to a better fanbase. Raiders fans are more tolerable.
  4. Mahomes hurt his right knee. On a QB sneak. Andy, why in the flying hell would send your best player who has a gimpy ankle on a sneak?! Why? On the positive side, the defense+special teams have stepped up big so far. Could just be the Broncos not being that good but I'll take anything. And Mahomes is out for the rest of the game. Way to go, you Robotnik impersonator.
  5. >Be the San Diego Chargers >Move to LA because bigger market, better stadium and blocking the Raiders from moving there >Raiders move to Las Vegas >Get screwed out of your own market by a team that is 3 hours away If they didn't deserve every bit of this, I'd feel bad for them.
  6. You are correct on this, but don't say I didn't warn you. Also, Brandon Carr is still in the league?! That is surprising.
  7. Not surprised Marcus Peters got traded. Not only because the Rams were getting Ramsey but also because Peters's IQ has to be somewhere between his shoe size and his jersey number. Good luck, Baltimore, you'll be cussing at your TV set when he follows up an interception with some aneurysm-out-of-sheer-stupidity causing nonsense the next play. He's going to cost you a playoff game. Probably against the Chiefs.
  8. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  9. Its Vegas without gambling and even more washed-up hasbeens. Yakov Smirnov has made a king's fortune there. Nuff said. Hell, my Dad got stiffed on installing awnings at Silver Dollar City back in the 90s. To this day he still calls it "Steal Your Dollar City"
  10. Rookie of the year odds, everyone. And to the surprise of nobody, Zion is the runaway favorite.
  11. Can you get me in touch with the Chinese consulate? I'm running a little low on dough.
  12. Commissioner Caillou has to make that big money while pretending to be a hero, donchaknow? What's a little thing like human rights or freedom to that?
  13. Stanning for Maoist China? I've seen just about everything. I mean, I thought "not real [insert ideology here]" was just a meme. No, its very much real and my brain hurts knowing that. Anyway, if I'm Adam Silver, I'm instituting a new media policy. Like, yesterday. The league is turning into a joke and all of his credibility that he's tried to build up over the last few years has gone out the window in just a week. If he wasn't bald already, he'd be bald from this. Remember when the NFL thought he'd be an upgrade over Goodell? Maybe he is still, but not by enough.
  14. [MOD EDIT: Profanity in the image] Meanwhile, at Nike Headquarters
  15. Just, to everything. Can we please get the season started already? Anything that isn't the NBA or its stars faceplanting on a bunch of tacks? Maybe this is the year Sacramento finally breaks through? Maybe Zion lifts the Pelicans up? Anything but this absolute clownshow? How many other leagues have had this bad of an offseason without labor issues? Also, a guy who probably hasn't done any kind of academic work since 9th grade (What, you think "student"-athletes are exclusive to college?) calling an MIT grad uneducated? In equivalent takes, I can beat LeBron in 1-on-1 basketball.
  16. I'd like to see the Chargers in St. Louis. Would be nice to have an in-state rival in anything for once. If only David Glass had decided to move the Royals to the NL when they had the chance. I'd like to see the source for this "strong rumor", though.
  17. Not stopping the run and not running the ball had more to do with us losing than a sketchy call. Yeah, the call sucked, but we should've executed. We didn't and now Chiefs Kingdom (btw, :censored:ing hate that astroturfed fanbase name but I'm using it here) is wanting Reid's head. Of course, if they beat Denver and Green Bay, the fans will act like all that anger never even happened. Oh well. Really, beyond anything else? I'm just tired of people screaming "Rigged!" when things don't go their way. Not you or anyone in particular. Just, in general.
  18. Whatever floats your boat, Oscar. Still, respect for sticking to your guns.
  19. Except for cost of living. Sorry, I like the idea of living in my own place and not living in a pod for the same price I'm renting my apartment in downtown Kansas City for plus parking. Seriously, there is no way that can be safe. Especially in such an earthquake-prone area.
  20. You have a lot more confidence in the Chiefs making a conference championship game than I do. I don't see them losing the West simply because the rest of the division is hot garbage but if they win a playoff game it'll be a miracle. As easy as it is to say fire Reid, my only question is who would actually be an improvement over him? He has some very glaring flaws but his unemployment period was very brief for a reason.
  21. Andy Reid needs to go. We need to have a more balanced attack to keep Mahomes upright and our defense off the field. I don't give a flying about any morality involved (football isn't a game that rewards morality after all) but Mahomes is going to be the next Marino if Reid still has a job. I used to think Eagles fans were nuts for wanting him gone. But now I get it. He'll blue-ball fanbases. And I'd rather go back to sucking than have that.
  22. I should've said the South but Texas almost seems to be a region unto itself. Still, that is scummy.
  23. Eh, football in Texas is a completely different animal to football anywhere else. We had Capri Sun and granola bars and everyone volunteered. Fascinating story, though.
  24. True, but what's a Pop Warner coach going to bribe a player with who injured another player with, a set of LEGOs? Not like anyone ever got killed playing Pop Warner or anything. The money is probably what put this over the top. Well, that and the whole "Might've denied the Vikings a potential Super Bowl" along with God knows who else.