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  1. Such an improvement. Im curious if you swap the black and gold on the number outline would it be even better? More like the nunber outline of the original Jags uniforms.
  2. These jerseys were such a downgrade over the previous set. However I feel a couple small changes could make them decent. For me it would be eliminate the ridiculous shoulder stripe which reaches to the front, and the word "Browns" on the pants. Just extend the pants stripe all the way. Next step after that, white numbers instead of orange on the brown jersey.
  3. 2003 Denver Broncos vs Cincinnati Bengals According to Gridiron Uniform Database, this is the first and only time the Bengals wore all black under their previous uniform set. Man I really miss this old Bengals look.
  4. Couldnt agree more. Any combo of their home/away with black or yellow pants was perfect before adidas.
  5. More Ticat stuff that bugs me. based on photos from their preseason game tonight, they have not fixed their awful road jersey under arm area. The way it sticks out like that. Maybe it's just me but this just drives me nuts
  6. you might be right. Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see
  7. Not sure if this is anything, but noticed this on the Ticat twitter feed. Looks like the player on the left has different socks. I think they need something on the socks, especially when they wear black pants/socks. Baltimore Ravens have the same problem. Looks like they are wearing yoga pants. Or a stripe on the pants. Anything. Just not solid colour with same colour socks
  8. Exactly what I meant. Thanks. Looking at their schedule, we may only see the blues on the road Week 4 against Dallas, and possibly Week 6 & 16 against Jacksonville and Tennessee. The rest of their road games are against opponents who don't typically wear white at home. I guess they lucked out a little bit
  9. I don't think this looks that bad either. However, I think it will look atrocious when they have to wear their blue "home" jersey. Might not happen too often but we do see more and more teams wear white at home early in the season.
  10. I'm sure this one has been posted here before so I apologize in advance, but does anything top this matchup? 1995 Wild Wing vs Burger King Bonus rare old NHL on Fox broadcast
  11. 2006 Ducks vs Capitals only happened one season before Caps total rebrand
  12. With Ottawa currently in the East final, starting thinking about their early looks. Their inaugeral road jersey with the red numbers only lasted one year. Difficult to find a picture of game action against another team. Best I could do was the Islanders, who would change their look a couple years after
  13. I thought for years they had worn this jersey for a Monday night game along with matching blue pants. Would have happened sometime in the early 2000's. I even recall going to school the next day and discussing it with a friend of mine who is a Dolphins fan. He had just purchased a Ricky Williams home jersey (normal green) and we had a discussion regarding teal, aqua and blue. Years later when I found sites like the Uniform Database, I tried looking it up and could not find it anywhere. Not until I just seen this post.
  14. 2000 St Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks First Year of Rams new look w/ Gold pants that no longer exist vs Old Seahawks look, two years before the rebrand Also this was before they were in the same division. Seattle still in the AFC West.