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  1. I love all of these uniforms so far. I am curious if you might do the former teams as well (Quicksilvers, Golden Orbs, Black Jacks, Team Momary, etc.). I will admit Quarantine really got me into this and I’m rooting for my Green Ducks to win it all. #QuackAttack
  2. Olathe and Arizona Tech look nice! Can’t wait to see who’s next!
  3. So glad this series is back, really excited to see all the non-football schools too! Also, are all the conferences the same outside of football? Like, are there new ones?
  4. I miss this thread. This was one of my all time favorites on this website.
  5. Yeah I guess that would make sense. Maybe you could post all the team names perhaps?
  6. I love this. I’ve waited on this for 3 years. I can’t wait to see your arena league or the other sports leagues. Should be awesome.
  7. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see this grow like the other two I’ve been following.
  8. Okay thank you. That was kind of what I was asking. So that’s good that they don’t show favoritism towards the bigger schools. And how many real-life schools will be in the league overall?
  9. I love this. Another fictional college football universe. I love it! That being said, I have two questions. 1.) what tier does each conference fall under? 2.) Coastal Carolina is missing from your logos, and is that the real life Coastal Carolina near Myrtle Beach?
  10. I like this so far. Can I ask you what the division alignments are? What cities got picked?
  11. So the Atlantic 8 is next? Also, yet another great conference.
  12. I like that. I think this thread has the potential to get more views than the original PDC. Keep it up JCR!
  13. I like the format for this one. If only the College Football Playoff could take this as inspiration. Also can I ask which one of these 10 are the champions of their conference?
  14. That’s nice. Can’t wait to see the last team of this conference!
  15. So, what was the bracket results from last year? Also, which conferences are considered the “major” tier and the “lower” tier?
  16. So will there be any other conferences after you’re done posting all the schools?
  17. Quick question about the majors. Since 10 teams have been added, how would the playoffs work? Would there finally be 8 teams for one league like the NBA?
  18. How many teams do you plan on releasing?
  19. I love the gradient design on the Pickles uniform. Can't wait to see you do my (almost) hometown Charlotte Knights!
  20. I've been following these series for quite a while. I have to say that I really hope this happens when Under Armour takes over MLB.
  21. Sounds like a slippery slope argument.
  22. Since you've had several teams with yellow, you should keep up the streak with UNCG
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