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  1. watching this game versus the Lakers, you can barely notice the red trim on tv.
  2. the Giants without the underline, and Steelers are my favorites, but nice work overall.
  3. it looks like a blue flame is on top of his head, lol
  4. i like that jersey, but the side panels makes it look too busy. just have the panels on the shorts and now we have something!
  5. i think you meant to quote the thread starter? lol
  6. yeah, my first time seeing these too... and they're clean
  7. that uniform design should've been used for Clippers
  8. i agree with every post so far... thought it was that school from the ol' Big East.
  9. the blue sides on the Pacers actually look better than the real ones.
  10. in Madden '17, i mismatched the Giants Color Rush uniform with the their '86 helmets... and i it looked very clean IMO. the guy who did the Bucs just splashed anything together without caring about the aesthetics. edit: i also meant to say i used the '86 helmets with the current road jerseys, paired with the current home white pants too. same thing with the current home set, but switched to the '86 helmets.
  11. this version is much improved and cleaner. good job!
  12. pretty sure that's Sean Elliot behind him too.
  13. these are cool, but is there a white set?
  14. in no particular order these are my ten off the top (I'm accounting for both home and away sets): 1) 80's/90's Seahawks 2) 80's/90's Houston Oilers 3) AFL era Raiders: 4) 70's Bills: 5) 70's/90's Rams: 6) 80's/90's Patriots: 7) early 90's Falcons: 8) "powder blue" Chargers: 9) "silver and honolulu blue" Lions: 10) due to my homerism, i have to honor these:
  15. looks too similar to the Raptors court, but still an upgrade.
  16. these are fire!! the white helmet logo pops out more than the current silver helmet.
  17. the grizzlies are the best ones to me, and the spurs reminds me of the nets.