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  1. If someone who is good with photoshop is interested in designing one of these helmets for me, DM me. I would be willing to pay for your services. I am just terrible at photoshop. Please DM me if your interested. Thanks
  2. First time ever using photoshop is on this bad boy right here. My team name is the Kirkwood Yellow Jackets in the NFL simulation league I am apart of. Messed around with different color schemes and felt this one was the best. Any tips for any future work???
  3. windsorpg

    3D Helmet

    Hey guys, I've been looking at the stuff on these forums but rarely post. I'm in a fantasy league (on steroids) where we use helmets to brand our team. I discovered the 3D Helmet tutorial Davidson posted in the forums a few months ago so I tried it myself. After weeks of trial and error I figured out if your brand new to photoshop it's not that simple to use. I am wondering if anyone who loves doing this stuff and is good with photoshop would make me one. I am naming my team the Parlor City Phantoms. Probably a red/black/white color scheme but am open to ideas. You guys are the artists not me, lol. I have a few logos I found that are nice but can't figure out the helmet tutorial. If you are interested please let me know. It'd be really appreciated. Marc -
  4. That two toned helmet is so nice. Nice work!
  5. Just tried for hours to do this, lol. I still have no clue what i'm doing. I'm brand new to photoshop and would rather not throw my computer at the wall out of frustration. If anyone would be cool enough to make one for me that'd be awesome. Marc