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  1. zoads82

    USFL Tweaks

    Silver accents would be better for the Knights
  2. zoads82

    USFL Tweaks

    I'm expecting Seattle and Portland to go "Full Cascadia" with their looks.
  3. zoads82

    USFL Tweaks

    As a former Shreveport Pirates fan, I am going with the Seattle Pirates.
  4. Did any of the Teams win the CONCACAF Champions' League or the FIFA Club World Cup
  5. Smythe Las Vegas Golden Knights Phoenix Coyotes Portland Wild Seattle Emeralds Norris Hamilton Bengals Indiana Racers Cleveland Lions Pittsburgh Penguins - moved from Patrick Saskatoon Eskimos Adams New York Islanders - moved from Patrick New York Rangers - moved from Patrick New Jersey Devils - moved from Patrick Philadelphia Flyers - moved from Patrick Patrick Tampa Bay Lighting - moved from Norris Baltimore Barons Atlanta Thrashers Dallas Outlaws Carolina Hurricanes (Charlotte) Houston Bulls Florida Panthers (Miami) New Orleans Brass Nashville Predators
  6. East - Detroit, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Louisville, Tampa, Ottawa, Memphis West - New Orleans, San Diego, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Phoenix
  7. San Antonio already has the Commanders. It would great to See the Omaha Mammoths and the Las Vegas Locomotives
  8. I was kinda hoping you base your design from the Shreveport Pirates Logo and Colors. But other than that, excellent design.
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