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  1. NAME: Preston Libby AGE: 24 CITY: Shreveport, LA BUSINESS: Owner of Libby Glass and Steel VOTING FOR: Professional Football League WHY: Allows an opened door for Canadian and Mexican Cities to have a Football team. Conferences can be arrange by 2 (North American Football League, Continental Football League) or 4(Western Football League, Eastern Football League, Northern Football League, Southern Football League) or possibly setting up Promotion\Relegation (PFL, PFL2, PFL3, PFL4).
  2. Is the Penultimate Division going to have 14 teams since two are being promoted from the Midwest and Eastern Region(Balance out the Leagues in the Future, I'm Guessing)?
  3. That sucks that New Orleans loses their team.
  4. I leave this post for 1 month and :censored: has gone sideways
  5. New York Dragons New England Steamrollers Kansas City Blues Seattle Warhawks Maimi MidKnights Orlando Swamp Dragons
  6. Crap, I completely forgot that the Raiders where in LA instead of Oakland. Disregard that comment.
  7. I take it when the Raiders move to Las Vegas in 2020, the Vipers will return.
  8. Indianapolis Firebirds Minnesota Legion (USFL's version of the Raiders)
  9. Indianapolis and Seattle Also, Since NFL Players are coming to USFL, you should do a "USFL Newcomer of the Year" Award to the best former NFL player who now plays in the USFL.
  10. You could play out how NFL's expansion to 40 could effect the USFL in this timeline
  11. So...that just leaves the domestic abuse, when Tom Brady goes to USFL, and the impending taking a knee during the national anthem