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  1. Thank you for bringing the AFL back in the spotlight love the classic, can't wait for more.
  2. There is a twitter post declaring that the Roughnecks are sewing in a field of their own. In other words, they won't be like the Salt Lake Stallions. WOO!!! HOO!!!
  3. How about? DC Spirit Chicago Red Stars (keep the name.) San Antonio Express (Generic, but works.) Alburquerque Celestias (MLP Reference, but I'm Drunk, so BUCK IT!!)
  4. I love it. I also have a feeling that FOX League and FOX Footy down under might get inspired from this.
  5. Imagine a Jehovah's Witness trying to preach the "Good News" to someone wearing a replica jersey of that.
  6. Are you changing the Las Vegas Logo, or did you forget to add the logo to the map?
  7. Congrats, you got a Houston Guy, to cheer a Fictional D-Town Team. #LetsGoMetros (forgot it was 1972, not 2019)
  8. Better not happen, Dallas deserves to keep its team.
  9. I feel ya...I'm generally at work almost from dawn to dusk
  10. It it used after the 3rd set and only when there is just one player remaining, if the ball hits the floor, it's ruled dead and can't be used for the remainder of the set. The Ball can also be knocked off during this and it can be ruled dead that way.
  11. I'd go with 2. You did not start the other 2 leagues and you're only 3 out of 40? (I pulled that number out of my flank.) days in the rookie league. P.S. Philly? I suppose it's a play on filly (young female horse.) But you do know I'm a stallion, (Adult Male Horse.) right? Maybe my pic is a little off since I'm logging on with my twitter account. Also I'm from Houston. (even though I might root for Atlanta a wee bit much.)
  12. That sounds pretty boss for the original rules, and much better with the modified, just a few comments. So you reduced the max sets from 7 to 5? I would personally keep it at 7 for more dramatic comeback, and not introduce the eliminator until the 3rd set, otherwise networks might not make about as much money screentime wise, not everypon- er I mean everybody has a DVR in their house, or can catch the game on time. It would suck to tune in after arriving from a late shift at work and find seinfeld re-runs of all things on my TV screen instead of the Alicorns whipping the Hound's flank like I expected. Also 6 hours to set up the court and decor in a big 15,000 plus seat arena for a 20-minute eliminator blowout?! I don't wanna sound harsh, but that sounds dumb, that's barely enough time to stand in line for a sonic-style chili dog. What about the big hyped-up ALL STAR GAME in atlanta, all the lights, all the glamour, all the celebs, all the scalpers (which I think is illegal in Georgia.), and all of the spectacle that makes the grand galloping gala or the stanley cup finals small in comparison, and the American Conference beats the Nationals in less time it takes to watch a standard nickelodeon show?! Let's not forget all of the people who took the time out of their day to enter an arena, wait on average of roughly 30 minutes until the game starts and the game ends via eliminator in the 1st set. To me personally, regardless of who wins, it's just a big letdown. Sure, at least the game won't be boring for 3.5 hours, but let's give the fans a little more awesome dodgeball action, give them what they paid for. Finally thanks for Two Houston teams, and the Alicorns. (You're The Best For That.) But what's with the Maine, Fargo, and Topeka teams in the PDC, and not the PDRL? I wouldn't expect a huge population or a big market for big time pro clubs in those areas, unless you plan on relocations in later seasons. If so, I suggest a Toronto team in the future for the men, 5 million plus population is a city much too large and a market much too big for toronto to only have a LPDC team in my opinion. Another Suggestion, Washington, DC. Canada's national capital has a PDC team, but DC doesn't even have a PDRL team? Once again, I love you, and this is just constructive criticism, but this is where I have no choice but to call BULL :censored:. Or at least have several neutral site games played there. What better way to play an American Sport than in America's capital, am i right? That's all I have to say, thanks for everything and #GOALICORNS!!!
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