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  1. Here are new Jacksonville Icemen Alternate jerseys. A little nod to their Jets affiliation with the logo.
  2. Some live shots of the new Brampton Beast jerseys and logo. The red is said to be the away and grey is the home jersey. Doesn’t look like they are numbered yet. Except in the one shot from NHL20.
  3. Should be some new team looks coming next season
  4. He he he... thanks all. Been a bit busy lately, but hope to be back on this soon and posting the newer concepts.
  5. Some updates. Now have all 3 jerseys for Milwaukee Brewers. 3 slight variations for the throwback alternate. Next i am doing a home/away for the Pirates to go with that throwback alternate.
  6. Thanks all... will see what i can do with the rest. Thank you for the feedback.
  7. I did a few other sport mashup concepts before, but thought i would get into the MLB and do some hockey uniforms for those teams. I got a few done already, just wanted to see what you all thought. Hoping to slowly make my way through the whole MLB. I am hoping to do a home/away and possible alternate for each. I like doing the alternate where it is influenced by a throwback look. So far I have done the Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers and 1 throwback idea for the Pittsburgh Pirates. For the Brewers I did 2 versions, one with the older Navy/Yellow look and one with their Navy/Metalllic gold look. Also, let me know if these images work. Had an issue last time i posted some stuff. Blue Jays Pittsburgh Pirates Milwaukee Brewers
  8. Now did a full set for Patriots and Eagles. The Alternates are based on some of their older jerseys. What do you think?
  9. In terms of striping, which Patriots do you think is better, the previous one or this one with added white stripe.
  10. Thank you. Agreed. I mainly wanted to use the logos as they were on the jersey without really altering them, but the word mark is an official logo. Also i was thinking of doing a full Home/away/Alt for the Patriots and Eagles and thought the Flying Elvis could go on the Patriots alternate.
  11. Oops... ok. Sorry about that, i usually share from photo bucket and have no issues. Looks like now i need to pay for the site to have it allow linking of my images.... looking into fixing this.
  12. Finally got some time to mess around with these hockey uniform templates. I thought I'd try doing hockey uniform versions of the 4 final teams in the NFL playoffs. Never did a mash up before so thought I'd try it out. Wanted to see what the thoughts were. It's the Patriots, Jaguars, Vikings and Eagles. I took various parts of the design from elements of the football uniform, IE: Pant shell stripes from pants, socks from socks or sleeve striping and jersey elements influenced by the elements on the football jerseys. Really enjoyed doing these and experimenting a bit. I didn't change/adjust any of the team logos. I just used the versions that the teams use in the NFL. Hopefully this works.
  13. Kodak is still around?
  14. Funny how some teams will take offense to concepts and threaten legal action to the people are doing it for fun and not looking to profit off it. When I reported an illegal use of an ECHL teams logo to the actual team, they didn't seem to care and the site is still selling the jersey with their logo on it. It's a US company selling it too, so its not like it is some company in China that you can do nothing about.
  15. Yeah this guy sucks. Stole a few of my designs too. If you call him out on it he really doesn't give a damn. He even used a cropped image of my actual jersey design when he was tweeting "new design coming soon" Noticed he changed the name a while back. Seems he is stealing the 501st legions logo too. I'm sure they would not be too happy about that.
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