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  1. Amen!!!! I'm 45 and feel like a chunk of rock most mornings!!!
  2. In fact, this is how much respect (and hatred) l have for Belichek. Imagine Drew in Bill's system!! Brady and Brees are a startling similar pair of QBs. To me, they're almost interchangeable. Both prolific pocket-passers, such keen minds to quickly read and interpret a defense, and both so quickly adapt and adjust to changing defensive formations. Drew's won one, Tom now six?! System? Skill? I dunno?
  3. Do we tend to forget how extremely dangerous Drew Brees is? And can any of you pinpoint how he has fallen off? I'm waiting.....
  4. I didn't say that! But, pull up NFL QB ratings for 2018. Where does Mr. Brees rank? Wanna throw your QB against those numbers? And I hate the Saints!!!!
  5. What makes you think Drew isn't comparable to Brady?!! Brees at a year younger will still out sling 98% of the QBs the NFL has to offer! To think otherwise is logistical suicide!!!
  6. As a Steeler fan, it pains me to agree with you My current rendition of the Steelers is screwed!!
  7. And Goff is still on his rookie contract! Listen, l really don't know how to judge him. I actually think he can pan out, but third year QBs can jump either way. Based on what I've seen, he may be alright. But LA sold their souls to win this year, which sucks, because I tend to root for the Rams (St. Louis days, l'm from Missouri.)
  8. On top of that, Michael Thomas to me is an elite receiver!! And if Watson stays healthy, he's a mid level TE. The Saints are truly legit and extremely dangerous! And as someone who lives in Metro Atlanta, it pains me to type this! Curse Stinky Town!!!!
  9. Tom Brady is 41???? And the Rams dumped a ton of picks to win now. Do you trust Goff? I don't. As far as the Saints go, l hate them (part time Falcon, full time Steeler fan), but their duo at RB is unmatched in the NFL.
  10. With Brees running the show, and probably one of the best RB combos I've ever seen, the Saints will win the NFC title in 2019. I truly feel the Rams will decline. Watch the Seahawks and Bears, though!! The AFC is interesting. The AFC South is going to be a dogfight. Houston with Watson at QB and a Watt/Clowney led defense will be a force. Indy with Luck and a great offensive and defensive line will be influential, and I guarantee Tennessee will be very annoying!!! But, Kansas City is the best team in the AFC! Right, Andy?
  11. And, as someone who grew up in Missouri, l distinctly remember the Chief's futility in the 90s. Is this team cursed? I believe possibly yes, and with Reid at the helm, it possibly continues.
  12. Oh, God help us!!!! Here it is, my wife's prediction, Patriots win the next four Super Bowls and Brady retires as the best person that has ever drawn a breathMaybe she's not too far off?!?! C'mon Ben!!!
  13. Gronk will announce his retirement in a few days, watch, and it's going to hurt the Patriots quite a bit! Next season will still see New England winning the AFC East (duh), but they lose the Divisional round. The Patriots will be humming in 2020, though Ufff
  14. Brady beats Seattle SB 55, fulfilling my prediction of one more for Tom. Then he retires. Personally, l think the current win-now Rams are done!
  15. I want to hear if Vet thinks Andy can win a title? Like him, l have a lot of doubts on Reid's ability to manage a game.
  16. I'm gonna predict the Saints over the Chiefs 41-35. Brees will win his second, and last title. And we're going to see a lot of Kermit in the next several Super Bowls, he's the real deal. The Chiefs have to get a feature back, though!
  17. Granted, Chris Hogan fits that mold. But, l believe if Gronkowski leaves, Brady loses a key big target. Edelman is actually great in crossing routes, but Gronk's size is irreplaceable! And he moves like almost no other TE at his size. I forsee one more title for Tom. He'll play two more seasons.
  18. A neat little O/U l heard today, number of Super Bowls wins Tom Brady has left in him. The line is 1.5. I predict under. My primary feeling is Gronk will retire over the off season, eliminating a great over the middle threat for Brady. Your thoughts?
  19. My worst live game was a 1986(?) regular season game at Kauffman against the Twins. An unidentified Royal player raps a foul ball to my uncle next to me (we were first row, upper deck, third base side,) and a spirited Royal fan charges down and grabs the ball as he is going over the guardrail to certain death! My uncle's first instinct was to just grap him by his short's waist, his second instinct was to rap his temple a coupla times! My uncle obviously kept the ball and gave it to me. I have since lost tract of said foul ball, my bad
  20. Ha, ha! Nice job slapping us up side the head!!! I really enjoy your work I'm liking the number fonts with Rochester and Columbus! Unique.
  21. Yessssss!!!! Now onto wifey's leotards!!!
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