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  1. Agreed, gimme Rams/Chiefs! My wife is in her Brady get-up today, and as a Steeler fan, wouldn't mind seeing her heart broken later tonight in Kansas City
  2. The Saints will be the home team this season in the Super Bowl, we shall see. Would love to see New Orleans try white pants with a gold stripe with two black stripes bordering it at home.
  3. Has CJ Anderson found his perfect role in LA? His run in Denver was forgettable!
  4. My previous post caused a little marital disharmony Still, let's go Chiefs!!!!
  5. Oh yeah, fun later tonight Praying for a Chief's win to boot!!
  6. Yeah, you're properly right. Nike has nailed khaki!! Should the Saints experiment with white pants at home next season?!
  7. Ironically, my wife is wearing black yoga pants today (and also a Brady road jersey, uffffffff!) She does this look much better than Drew does
  8. And l feel the Rams look much better with the yellow horns as opposed to the white.
  9. The old Los Angeles Rams road unis, minus the St. Louis navy end caps.
  10. So we have the Saints and Rams in their Week 9 duds I personally would love to see the Rams with the yellow horns and the throwback whites. The Saints, just run anything but the leotards, yuck!!!
  11. C'mon, best lobster going!! I used to pull pots outta Buzzards Bay (south coast of Massachusetts.) I also discovered Portuguese food in New Bedford, MA, damn tasty.
  12. God help me!! At least we don't have Jerra as an owner My Patriot loving wife has enjoyed every moment this season in western Pennsylvania, starting with Bell onward!
  13. As a Steeler fan, watching the Ravens lose was tasty!! Alas, now have to deal with the developing soap opera in Pittsburgh next season again, ufff
  14. I almost always agree with your sense of style, Ferdinand. You're a classy dude. But that Maple Leaf example in all white seals-the-deal why hockey needs contrasting jersey and britches!!
  15. What about no helmet stripe and solid blue socks home and away?
  16. And on comparison, the stripes on the cuff allow the TV numbers to be on the sleeve, which to me, is always a preferred look.
  17. Huh, the stripes on the cuff is a nice look!!! Small details And of course marriage is a string of small compromises. My current wife (my first marriage was only seven months and a complete disaster) and l do have a great give-and-take. Her New England mindset works with my Midwest ways well!
  18. Holy heck, l could have used this face mask my senior year!! The summer between my junior and senior year of high school l wrecked my KD185 and low-sided into a tree. I layed open my chin to the bone and broke my jaw. After 72 stitches and wiring my jaw shut, this set up would have been ideal. I ran my normal mask, four horizontal bars and the middle bar with a modified chin strap and only had some bleeding every game my senior year.
  19. Stand your ground, 88! After 16 years of marriage, it frustrates my wife that when l know I'm right, l stick with it. She'll get over it And speaking of the Chiefs, l just noticed the blank bump guard last week against Indianapolis!! Wow!! Just slap the Chiefs wordmark on it and call it a day. And touch nothing else on their identity.
  20. I agree with you, hate the modern Falcons logo and this concept is a good compromise with the old, rather stiff logo. But, that split tail is bugging me.
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