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  1. I love Audi's logo!!! As an added bonus, they build beautiful cars
  2. As a diehard Ford fan (l own two of them) l may agree. To me, the Ford logo is beautiful, and the blue oval has stood the test-of-time for almost 120 years. But that Maserati Trident says so much minus any text what so ever!!! Perfect!
  3. I love Maserati's trident logo, and after talking with my wife, l learned her favorite automotive logo is Lamborghini's (she is a Taurus, though.) What about you?
  4. My neck of the woods, baby!! I have many friends who are Hickman alumni. Both colleges l attended were the Greyhounds, Moberly Area Community College (MO) and Eastern New Mexico University. A great high school mascot is Frankfort, Indiana, the Hot Dogs.
  5. Agreed, while I like the return of the block M on the helmet, just keep it simple!!
  6. Never mention the 1985 World Series again! Thank you?
  7. Let's build that proposed open air stadium on St. Louis' river front and lure the Jags out of Jacksonville. What could go wrong?
  8. Oh wow, thanks for the information, learning is fun? l, like you, dislike seeing the NHL below the Sunbelt.
  9. Another NHL point/question: is Regina a viable relocation option? I'm thinking it has about 110,000 people and is rather remote. I will admit l am not familiar with their arena situation.
  10. A point on the NHL: you failed to mention Carolina to Milwaukee.
  11. To me, the Rust Belt would just be Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo.
  12. As a Mizzou fan, l get the feeling our rivalry with Kansas is dying. I still dislike the decision to go to the SEC (money, money) but I will forever hate the Jayhawks?
  13. Aside from the rather generic (in my opinion) look of this league, l am really curious how the on-field product will look. Does anyone forsee a season two? I think the slotting of their season could be intriguing, not a lot going on post Super Bowl, but paint me pessimistic. But, oddly, l hope I'm wrong?
  14. I hear my Cardinals will introduce their Morse Code jersey next season, neat!!
  15. Agreed, this matchup to me was #1!! The Chiefs/Chargers always look great.
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