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  1. I really like the look of these good job
  2. I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to concepts. So I was wondering how do you add stripes to the helmet that look good. I'm using photoshop elements 15.
  3. So I already posted the bio of my school but here is the full entry. Name of University: University of Spokane Nickname: Grouse Location: Spokane, Washington Colours: Chocolate Brown, Light Brown, Orange History Back in 1992, there was a man named Jerry Buckingham. He was 18 and had just graduated from high school and was looking to study in the arts of technology. The man was from Spokane and his family had next to nothing in terms of money. He was looking forward to university as he was a big strong football player but hadn't been scouted enough for any scholarships. He wanted to study in technology and have a future in a big company. At this time there was no where to study technology in the Spokane area and he didn't have enough money to live away from his parents. He was not able to attend college In 1994 Jerry had become a sculpture of sorts. He had sculpted an amazing replica of the Eiffel Tower that was 10 ft tall. He had become known for his skill in the arts of modelling and had a museum made for him and all his creations. He had earned millions of dollars from this place. About a year later Jerry Buckingham had become one of the most decorated sculptures in the world. Eventually the memory of not being able to attend college caught up with him and he decided to build a new university that was focused on technology. With Gonzaga already having tons of land in the Spokane area he decided to move east a bit into the Spokane Valley. After opening in 1997 the University of Spokane had become a very popular university. It only took the school a couple years to include an athletic program. When the news was announced to the school, it went a bit crazy. Many of the students wondering if there sport would be included. Also many of the digital artists had become very aware that the school needed an identity. The name Grouse was chosen because it is a very common bird in Spokane and just had a nice ring to it. The main sport focused on by the school is Baseball. They won the national championship in 2005, and 2007. There had been a year in between because most of the 2005 team were all seniors so it took a bit of time to get it back up. Men's Sports Baseball Football Basketball Hockey Women's Sports Basketball Softball Volleyball Hockey
  4. I wouldn't do a random number but have some sort of simulator because we should have some schools that aren't quite as dominant
  5. @Bruins I see where you are going with the bottom one but I don't think it quite works. My favourite is the top left.
  6. Looks like we could have a rivalry as my school is based in Spokane
  7. Name of University: University of Spokane Nickname: Grouse Location(City, State): Spokane, Washington Team Colours: Brown/Orange (#ad8001), Light Orange (#efbd31), White (If someone could help me create a logo that would be greatly appreciated)
  8. With the South African team I would maybe try yellow pants. I feel with the helmet and jersey being pretty basic if you add more colour it might look a bit better.