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  1. This is really for the person that said "bull riding is really big in Dallas, right?" yes, everyone in Dallas rides horses to work...as I shake my head in disbelief. Dallas is a VERY metropolitan, high tone town...as you should know from the last 50 years of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.
  2. wouldn't parents and husbands be afraid of their loved ones being murdered at a game with OJ ? KNIFE on the hat ? or a Heisman or Kato Kaelin pic on hat ?
  3. how about the Minnesota Musicians (a nod to Prince and mix in his symbols to their logo) or Twin City Toons
  4. Houston Canes or Houston Crushers -- as in sugar canes, since much of the sugar industry in the US comes from the Houston area of Sugarland.
  5. Des Moines would go good with Deer...a play off of John Deere tractors.
  6. I like the jerseys you have put together...I'd love to see more orange on the helmet. I was a fan of the Buccs in creamsicle days!!!
  7. both are pretty sharp...would have loved to have seen the Titans in a pair of red pants just to get some red in there...Dolphins could possibly have an alternate pair of orange pants to get that beloved orange
  8. Maybe could have put INJUNS or WAHOOS on the batting practice jersey..throwing creativity in wildly. When it's Rangers time...I'd love to see their old Cowboy logo show up on the batting practice jersey, and a more exciting hat (Expo's esc)...too good to walk away from.
  9. The Browns need to go with the dog head on their helmet...then it's supreme!!!
  10. I'm not a Cardinals fan, but that says even more for your work. The arch is a fantastic touch...the sleeve is terrific. Great series...really enjoying it.
  11. I like Las Vegas Gamblers...literally golden, as their color. As the league expands...south Louisiana...New Orleans Flambeaux = (flame boys) the awesome guys at Mardi Gras that walk around with fire poles and get money thrown at them!!!
  12. New York Gargoyles, I also think is awesome...with all the high rise apartments...they are such a prime thing. St. Louis Buddhas...as a play off of Billikens (good luck charms).
  13. Texas Armadillos is great...Texas Skunks...Texas Chupacabras so many wild animals that you see all the time out here all the time!!! Go creative of course...things you don't see much. Chicago Aldermen (Chicago's most powerful politicians) Las Vegas Bandits (one armed bandits = slot machine) California Quakes Boston Bruisers (black & blue) is good...Boston Beanpie (probably some historical urban dictionary slang there) St. Louis Sizzurp or St. Louis Sizzle
  14. It looks pretty good, I'm a fan of retro white sox clash I'm really impressed with everything you've put together on all of these! When it get's to Texas Rangers time...I hope you can work in the old retro cowboy hat into the crest and on the shorts.
  15. Don't like the Angels, but love the creativity of the Angels hat with a halo on it!!! Pure genius!!! I'd buy and wear that...since I'm an angel.
  16. Super cool!!! I wish my son was still little league aged...I'd totally sponsor the team and put this together for them...awesome stuff bud.
  17. I like the second of your Rangers, TEXAS fonts there from history...wouldn't be too against seeing it again...maybe bigger.
  18. looks good! that's the color combo (powder or baby blue with black) I'm wanting the Rangers @Rangers to go with using a tiny bit of red as a outline on things.
  19. I wish some teams would actually go with a normal uniform with stripes like this. This is unique and pretty cool. I'm enjoying this series as I look through it. I'm enjoying reading the information you're providing too...creative!!!
  20. Now with a domed stadium, the Rangers can afford to use the new black some with light blue and red...maybe even a brick red like our Frisco team uses. Obviously, I like me some change!!!
  21. I love the RANGERS, but stale uniforms is to say it lightly...I'd love a total re-do...going light blue, red, and black. Still would love to see the cowboy hat logo make a comeback on some of their logo'd stuff!!! Come on @Rangers @NewbergReport
  22. I wish the Browns would use that helmet logo...it might change their luck/history going forward!!!
  23. Probably would have gone with a Pistol Pete helmet for Oklahoma State. Would have gone with a black set for Baylor, since that has been their best for years. I definitely agree that your Iowa State set is possibly the best of all...it's a great look...love that helmet!!! In this day of the giant helmet logo, I would love to see the Longhorns go with a huge Bevo Longhorn on both sides to see what it would look like...would love it.
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