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  1. I don't know the story behind this photo, but it certainly looks like Buffalo's home prototype was just a Leafs jersey with the Sabres logo.
  2. Remember when Gretzky played for the Virtual Leafs?
  3. Before that, it was the Mighty Ducks template and after was the original Preds, but I don't think either ever matched the saturation of the Sabres template.
  4. The four stripes represent the four straight cups won by Moose Jaw native Clark Gillies. The Warriors desperately need slight modernization of their logo. They've had the same crudely drawn head for 30 years, while the wordmark has gotten progressively more Xtreme.
  5. The pizza looks like it's been impaled by the Brooklyn Bridge and now its lifeless body is just laying there, waiting the the vultures to start picking at it.